Swing Out Sister - Breakout Lyrics

And breakout

When explanations make no sense
When every answer's wrong
You're fighting with lost confidence
All expectations gone

The time has come to make or break
Move on, don't hesitate
And breakout

Don't stop to ask
And now you've found a break to make at last
You've got to find a way
Say what you want to say

When situations never change
Tomorrow looks unsure
Don't leave your destiny to chance
What are you waiting for
The time has come to make your break

Don't stop to ask
And now you've found a break to make at last
You've got to find a way
Say what you want to say

Don't stop to ask
Now you've found a break to make at last
You've got to find a way
Say what you want to say

Some people stop at nothing
If you're searching for something
Lay down the law
Shout out for more
Breakout and shout
Day in day out


Don't stop to ask
And now you've found a break to make at last
You've got to find a way
Say what you want to say
And breakout

Don't stop to ask
And now you've found a break to make at last
You've got to find a way
Say what you want to say
And breakout...

(Don't) Lay down the law (stop)
Shout out for more (to ask)
Breakout and shout day in day out
Ooh, breakout



Lay down the law
Shout out for more
Breakout and shout day in day out

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Swing Out Sister Breakout Comments
  1. Corey Levi

    Yeah, I always wanted to meet this broad..... I'm gay, but hey.... y'know... Whatevs.... She's kyoot!

  2. Scotty Clayton

    Why did the blond dude leave the band soon after this?

  3. Carlos Soares

    Tem coisas que so os anos oitenta trás pra vc!!

  4. Esteban Cardenas

    Gran canción de fines de los 80s, me trae recuerdos de mis últimos meses de estudiante universitario...

  5. Antonio Munoz

    I love this song and this group. I feel so old

  6. kyus2001

    Coronavirus Jan 8th 2020

  7. Darrin Rychlak

    Just what the hell were they thinking back in the 1980s?

  8. Gamerbyg msi


  9. Mustafiz Rizvee

    Mind blowing song that fullfil with happy & gladness 🎼🎤🎷💐💚💜💛 from 🇧🇩🌹

  10. Jane Doe

    love this composition

  11. Mika Hikyuu

    her voice is like caramel!

  12. Jared F.

    Just wanted to say "Swing Out Sisters" is a name of a hentai sauce for any of you guys adding to our degenerate lists

  13. Roger A. Mueller

    I remember seeing this in heavy rotation on MTV in the late summer of 1987. I LOVE Swing Out Sister and was blessed to meet the elegant Corinne Drewery twice.

  14. ohh

    I hated for the song to end, it's so beautiful

  15. Marcos Antonio

    Parabéns pelo video pela música .me acompanha muitos anos

  16. C Stoff

    Why does anyone watch this and then dislike it? One of the most underrated groups EVER!

  17. Hebrew Sistah

    Who's still listening in 2020???????!!!!!!!

  18. Shannon Perdue

    This era need to bring back the 80's some way some how

  19. C Es

    Anyone else think she's cute with her pageboy hairdo?

    Dan 1

    Corinne Drewery is a beauty. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82MlCD1gsdM

    Gail Wood

    She is pretty with any hairdo but I think she is prettier with longer hair.

  20. clineshaunt

    When I first saw this video when it came out on MTV, the rhythms of this song left me thinking I had to hear this again and more from this band in general. And of course being a guy, my first impression was, oh man she's hot!

  21. Gino Barto

    When there was music with a positive attitude & message instead of the depressive stuff now ...

  22. The Only Separation


  23. Brandon Thomas

    I'd give anything to go back in time and to have experienced the night life in the 80s


    The nightlife in the 80's were amazing, great music and fashion -- IF Dr. Brown would ever finish that Deloreon time machine, I'd go straight to 1985 and stay!

  24. Mathew Reichardt


  25. Jennifer Jaybee

    I would have put solid money on this being Gloria Estefan/Miami Soundmachine...

  26. Julio Cesar Inzunza

    I live in the Western hemispher, sorry..!! Strange right...????

  27. luiz pedroso

    Aqui ouvindo esse grande sucesso, 20/01/2020.

  28. Edinho Vasconcellos

    Essa mulher é linda, além de cantar muuuuiiiitooooo 😍😘

  29. albert ng

    love 80's 😊💖💕

  30. seb agui

    The first time I went to a drag Queen show one of the drag was performing this song , was awesome 😎

  31. Renz De Alexandria

    ‘80s music is the BEST! Even in 2020

  32. Dac Tucker

    Too Good!

  33. Darryl Mundo

    Corinne Drewery- super cute. I love the way she looks at the boy when she is in middle singing. Never get tired of this song.

  34. Bacchus LAX

    God we had it all in the 80’s. Miss those years.

    Randall Terry

    It was a great time to be alive. I was in my 20s. I wanna go back!!

  35. yes3443

    This is just a great song.

  36. Kahleeq Bass

    This would make for a good anime opening song

  37. Kealani Williams

    Find memories of my husband and I starting out life together 1982 till he passed 2012 just made 31 wonderful and blessed years...RIP MY LOVE..😍

    Z Z

    Kealani Williams he’s listening to this in heaven

  38. Jim Fath

    Whose idea was it to bleach the color out of this video? Do yourself a favor and look this up on Daily motion (or here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzqm4XVkMJ4). It's super campy 1980's in it's glory. UBER colorful. This is a travesty.

  39. Galaxy Tab A

    Like si algún chileno escucha esta música

  40. hpiccov

    Me gusta el videito, precioso su corte y estilo de cabello.

  41. Droop Tha Gambino

    When I clock off get in my car and not think about work break out.

  42. steamyboy69

    I love Swing out sister and other sophisti-pop artists like Style Council, and Prefab Sprout.

    Orange Juice

    The members of Swing Out Sister are showing off their navel/bellybutton 😂

  43. Cak Redi

    *There should be a sophisti-pop revival in 2020.*

  44. non


  45. Fredd Gregg

    Corinne Lovely Sexy Beauty
    Kiss me

  46. SirKeith Vincent

    If you still rockin with this classic song in 2020 and beyond then drop me a flame emoji 🔥.

  47. Guilherme Huan

    Pose me trouxe aqui! Maravilhosa essa música e a série, juntas então...

  48. Nelson Hernando Bermudez Hormaza

    very good memories

  49. mark morelli

    probably the best pop song ever

  50. Aceof2Hearts

    My fav club song eva.....

  51. D- Onizaburou

    l love Corrine still!!!!!!

  52. Kens corner

    Best time ever, I absolutely loved this song as a kid.. took me to a happy place!

  53. mark ewings

    The perfect bob .. except for Louise Brooks

  54. MrRibby88

    Remember when we were teenagers and we laughed at our parents for listening to 30-year old music? Here we are.

    Vincent Ruvo

    Listened to their Greatest Hits album many times. Enjoyable retro music!


    Remember That!!!

    Margo Johnson

    MrRibby88 love this song. ❤️

    Daena Smith

    Hey, in my mind I'm still a teenager...my body would argue otherwise though....heh


    I never laughed, and still get down to it today. And even my grandparents music, too.

  55. MusicaMania!

    80's the maximum!

  56. Van Johnson

    This song is so close to my heart you would not believe it.jan2020.

  57. Rusty Shackleford

    I play 80s music in my house all the time. When my grand kids come to visit they ask me why I don't play modern music. I tell there isn't any.

  58. Tee Darnice

    Man I love this song!!

  59. Brian H

    People were happier back then. Now everyone has their noses up each others azz. Enjoy life, be happy, be nice and help others when you can.

    Brian H

    @Andre King Your ignorance is noted Andre.

    Barbara Allen

    Well put Brian H.

    Toby Morris

    If you were white male, yes. I'm one and yup, live was easier for me to be an a$$hole, now i'm a better man for having to watch my mouth. Trump is the ultimate male fantasy: say and do whatever enters your reptilian mind: someone will cover you

    Brian H

    @Toby Morris You are a racist and a mess Toby.

    Astuteous Maximus

    Nah it is just an illusion. There was no social media back in those days

  60. luiz pedroso

    Aqui em 10/01/2019, grande sucesso !!!!!

  61. Fernando Carillo


  62. Christopher Rivera

    One of my favorite 80s music. Cool!

  63. Ron McKelvie

    possibly the most perfect neck in the entire history of art...... discuss.

  64. TheMightyAntar

    This record should have a credit for her hairstylist - reviving the Louise Brooks style was inspirational.

  65. Kleytons


  66. Joe Thomas

    What happened ? I remember a lot of vivid color in this video.


    Maybe you're mixing this up with the video of All Around the World by Lisa Stansfield. Both videos have a similar look but Stansfield switches back and forth from b/w to color.

    Cholma LJ

    Nah, he's thinking of this color version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzqm4XVkMJ4 posted by "Tavo DLF".

  67. Liz Se

    Who else played this tune in orchestra back in school?? Love this song 💜


    G-D, I love the 80's!!!

  69. Peter Tottle

    The original edited version was far better in colour https://youtu.be/dzqm4XVkMJ4
    I should know I edited it

  70. Crisosiris

    Heard this on xm radio 80s on the 8. I thought it was Gloria Estefan.

  71. LT john

    Feel good music. 2020 still sounds great!

  72. gavin tifler

    She is a beauty have not heard this for 30 years time goes to fast

  73. M R


  74. あいあいあいあい


  75. THE BASSBAT 78

    41 years old, dam i miss theses days.

  76. The Tree

    This track reminds of my Nan because it was on the radio when she took me and my cousins to trips to Camber Sands in Camber. Miss you Nan x

  77. Theresa Jordan

    The best music ever
    Ya had to have talent and a great voice to be a star then.

  78. パプアニューギニア.


  79. なかざわしゅうじ


  80. retrogamer82

    Good old synths


    when you're already pretty and sings so cool

  82. erniebola

    Very underrated song, deserves more praise. And Corrinne's hairstyle hasn't changed all these years

  83. Alejo VM

    Like 2020 top 80s

  84. Ralf Engelbrecht

    Spitzennummer...damals wie heute..2020..!

  85. Lisa Banks

    Just woke up this morning and know i have to break out. I love this song . it's speaking to my spirit today. So glad this song was made . thank you. Will be on repeat as my mantra for 2020.

  86. Renaud Villacis

    She really likes those bracelets

  87. Chris Ranz

    Does she not look like a fashion model or what Well b as in May she truly is a remarkable singer plus I enjoy the MTV video if you agree with me give me a hoot y'all have a good day and by all means God bless the eighties

  88. Stephen McAllister

    this song plays on my stores radio. can’t stand this shit!!!

    John Jones

    slayer- live undead album, has bonus track Chemical Warfare in u.k release but not u.s release.
    Also, prodigy- breathe, should have been that Christmas number one, not RATM.

    John Jones

    28 weeks later kiss of death scene. 229 people got there from button moon theme and girls aloud- love machine to Clarksville (mash up).
    justin bieber- u smile 800% slower, is particularly eeeev'l says Dr evil in Austin Powers

    John Jones

    ... wait a minute ... wait a minute ..... BLEEEUuuuurgh.
    I just said the JB word... it made me puke!

  89. Bollani Bruno

    Ok vedo se ci sono novità vediamoci lunedì se ci sei fammi sapere

  90. Harry Moorehouse

    She has a timeless look... and those cheekbones are striking. Beauitful woman.

  91. andrea candelma


  92. SONNY da CUSE

    Whose listening this song in 2020 👍

    Vincent Ruvo

    This song puts a smile on my face!


    I listened in 1987 & i am still listening in 2020 !!!!


    From Syracuse I see.


    @jvrowe3 yes, go CUSE 🍊😊


    I was born and raised in the 315, Westside!

  93. Andria Knobel

    These songs make me wish I had a time machine.

  94. vornamen GST


  95. g dub

    I always liked this jam. it's cute

  96. Thisis Fun

    A remarkably talented band that has endured all these years.

  97. Ricardo Ang

    For the longest time, I thought the lead singer also played as George Michael’s model/girlfriend in his music video for “Father Figure”.