Swindell, Cole - Remember Boys Lyrics

Remember boys, never let a lady open the door
And be there with a lighter if she wants a smoke
Remember boys, never let her go to sleep crying
When she tells you about her dreams you gotta fill em up with hope

Cause I don't wanna be a "one night" boy
And I don't want to be an "ain't right" boy
I don't wanna be a "had a ball, waited out no call kind of love song" boy
I don't wanna be a regret or the one that she forgets
I don't wanna be a June till September
I wanna be one those remember boys

Remember boys, always open her beer first
And tell her that you love her, even when she makes you mad
And remember boys, no matter you make it work
you want her need and her and fight to keep her
let her know you know what you have

I don't wanna be a "one night" boy
And I don't want to be an "ain't right" boy
I don't wanna be a "had a ball, waited out no call kind of love song" boy
I don't wanna be a regret or the one that she forgets
I don't wanna be a June till September
I wanna be one those remember boys

No i don't wanna be a "late night" boy
I don't wanna be a heart break boy
I don't wanna be a "can't trust him with your love", kind of loser boy
I don't wanna be be a regret
Or the one she forgets
I don't wanna be a June till September
I wanna be one those remember boys

That's right...

I wanna be one of those remember boys

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Swindell, Cole Remember Boys Comments
  1. Laura Diener

    Cole just love your music come back to Massachusetts we love you

  2. Jamie Meylan

    Wow Alsome amazing great songs. 👍🎶

  3. Jamie Meylan

    Wow alsome amazing heart melts song s
    I love listening all your music and cds Cole Swindell

  4. Stacy White

    Does anyone know where this video was done at?

  5. Stacy White

    I have been watching this video every night before I go to bed.

  6. Stacy White

    2019 still love this song and video I wish I had someone like this.

  7. Amanda Jane DeWeese

    I don't wanna be those one night girls. I want be one of those can't forget her God I need her. I'm gonna be the first to reach for her hand. And make her mine and mine forever kinda girl

  8. Samantha S

    💕💕Cole, betcha you'll be singin this song to your son one day.😉💫

  9. Misty Dobbins

    Still listening to this SONG Oct 20th on my son's 19th birthday happy birthday Perry Allen being a single mother I raised my son to BE a remember boys I love YOU son and SWINDELL thank you 🎶🎶🎶❤❤❤❤❤

  10. courtney wolford

    This is exactly how every boy should be raised and every girl should be raised to look for this in men and girls should give men a reason not to want to be anything other than a remember boy. I fell in love with this song. And will do my very best as a mother of three boys to teach them how to become a remember boy.

  11. Kim Meadors


  12. Rhonda Hevener

    I have that remember boys and he knows who he is

  13. denise meacham

    I just shared this with my 4 Sons! Be good Men❤

  14. Johnny H

    Wow that’s has to be one of the most well written songs form Cole Swindell and it always makes me remember the song that’s for sure ! ! ! 👍👌😎😂

  15. Grinding Gary

    Cole Swindell is so sexy with his shirt 3 buttons undone. Wish he'd rock that look more ❤

  16. Rick Wigginton

    This was the frist song i sing to u i had roses sent to ur work with this on it god i no ill find somebody else and all that stuff but i dont want to i want her i dont want to move on

  17. Robbie Hall

    Sexy as hell such a great song See You in September boy

  18. Erin Cappoli

    No one wants to be a one time girl too

  19. stayzasj fryer

    AWW Cole, Your the kind the man that any woman can't forget!

  20. stayzasj fryer

    Oh Cole! All my favorite songs!!! Thank you!!! Love Ya!

  21. Ashleigha Brock

    This song may be old, but I love love this song!! Constantly on Replay!!!

  22. Teresa Sarah Stutler

    💙💚it's how U treat her!
    💛💜AlWaYs be a gentleman!

  23. Brothers of Panda

    I was watching this video at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019! 😁

  24. Brothers of Panda

    They're his Dad's dog tags...


    Real Love
    Cole 😍

  26. keely braun-johnson

    This song defines my bsf/brother Logan❤️

  27. Micah276

    This song definitely hits home right now. This describes exactly the situation I'm in. Keep the amazing work up Cole! Always love listening to your music.

  28. Donielle Barton

    Love this song more then any song ever wrote. Ya . Be a reminder boy . Boys . Need a lesson . U wanna think . Nah
    U are stupid

  29. Zackary Michael

    All of you saying you love remember boys. If you loved that remember boy so much than why did you let him go.

  30. Christina Howard

    I thank a man should be nice to a women and women be nice to him

  31. Kimberly Meadors

    Remember boys

  32. Kathy Ford

    Between that smile and the ginger beard! You are unforgettable

  33. Kathy Ford

    I’m sure every girl remembers you Cole! Adorable

  34. Chris Riddle

    My 8 year old loves his music and just informed me we are going to where he lives so she can meet him

  35. Mary Carpenter

    I really love this song.

  36. Misty Dobbins

    I love you Colden Rainey Cole Swindell your the best ❤❤💋💋💋

  37. Lynnemargaret Phillips


  38. Maria De Alba


  39. Maria De Alba


  40. Abhishek Tewari


  41. Maria De Alba


  42. Maria De Alba


  43. Laura Moffett-Larabie

    Me AND my mom LOVE your songs

  44. dulma Valencia

    Woow nice song 😍

  45. Kathy Ford

    Love you Cole!

  46. Kathy Ford

    Great song

  47. Maria De Alba


  48. Laura Marie

    Gosh, If I can only find me a remember boy :( Swear the honeymoon wears off too soon . I'm probably going to die alone. 35 and single.

    Laura Marie

    I'm good!

  49. Maria De Alba


  50. Itz Madison Duh


  51. Karen Wilson

    Sexy and sweet 💜

  52. Maria De Alba


  53. Alisha Feist

    beautiful song heart felt touchy

  54. Maria De Alba


  55. Mylie Dixs

    I love all Coles songs

  56. Mylie Dixs

    I love this song 😇😇😍😘💋❤💙💚💓💕💖💗💝💞💟

  57. Maria De Alba


  58. big swish vlogs

    Always rember thats y my girl is with me cuz i was there for her

  59. soccerchick9841

    There needs to be more men like this.
    Thanks Cole.

  60. Maria De Alba


  61. Beverly Oechsler

    Love this guys voice

  62. Beverly Oechsler

    I love all Cole's music

  63. Troy Pease

    I got ur notifications on cole

  64. Kimberly Shuemake


  65. Kimberly Shuemake

    Hey love this

  66. Jennifer Gilmore

    wish every man was a remember boy! this world is lacking in faithful true love now a days. hopefully all girls end up marrying remember boys!

  67. Jennifer Gilmore

    if I ever have a son I will raise him to be a remember boy. If I have a girl one day I will raise her to settle for nothing less than a remember boy!

  68. Jennifer Gilmore

    loving this song.....wishing everyman could be a remember boy! Got this song on constant repeat. I know remember boys exist in these days still!!!!!

  69. Timothy Goforth

    👍 song

  70. Arlette Allen

    Has definitely a remember, boy love Cole ,a great song and a great person...

  71. Maria De Alba


  72. Kimberly Shuemake

    That's right REMEMBER BOY

  73. Maria De Alba


  74. Kimberly Shuemake


    Kimberly Shuemake

    Love you Cole this Song

  75. Kimberly Shuemake


  76. Country boy

    I 💘 this song cole :) great song :)

  77. Brittani Makayla Barnes

    Love this😍

  78. Carolyn Fisher

    Most talented singer/song writer in country music right now! This is my fav song by far. Every guy should be a Remember Boy!

  79. Dessie Crowley

    Love you voice cause listening at it all the time.