Swift, Taylor - Firefly Lyrics

Someone struck a match against the night,
All I could see was you and I.
I was captivated.
A perfect little dream inside my head,
And then reality crept in, and erased it.

For a while I thought that I could hold you,
But you were just a temporary high.

Firefly you drew me to you,
Your beauty shines and lights up the sky
And you don't know it, do you?
I wish I could keep you, firefly

Something so beautiful and free,
Was as never meant to be caged in
I thought I had you in my hand,
I tried to catch you, but I can't
Chase the wind

And just as I reach out to touch you,
I remind myself you were meant to fly.

Firefly you drew me to you,
Your beauty shines and lights up the sky
And you don't know it, do you?
I wish I could keep you firefly

I like to think I'd be all that you wanted
Not even that is enough

Firefly you drew me to you
Your beauty shines and lights up the sky
And you don't know it do you?
I wish I could keep you
I wish I could keep you, firefly

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Swift, Taylor Firefly Comments
  1. Sarıı Sarıı

    Why am i must cry when i watch Taylor Swift?

  2. Anaamikaa

    Taylor is a living legend, her music a genre in and of itself and her legacy is emotional support to thousands of people across the world. 💜

  3. Harshit Chaturvedi

    One of thr best songs of the decade

  4. Lavar Ball

    Party City was playing this and I got in my feelz in the cups section

  5. Nilanjan Das

    You know what this song sounds like,

    It sounds like MAGIC

  6. Beatriz Nunes

    minha adolescencia todinha amo💗

  7. rainie bxtch

    Just here crying tryna relive the happiest memories cause music takes me back in time

  8. rainie bxtch

    Just here crying tryna relive the happiest memories cause music takes me back in time

  9. I live in TC

    I like this song so much. She is so young and beautiful. Red, Sparks fly, and Shake it off are my favorite songs.

  10. Marielle Andriano

    It's already 2020 but here am I still jamming to this song. This song never gets old, I swear.

  11. praewwa jaroensuk

    I still love you

  12. Ko Maw Si

    Best song ever

  13. Alicia Souvelle

    Keep streaming💙

  14. preow1

    Incredible! What a performer. The audience definitely got their money's worth at her concert.

  15. Ryan Luddani

    She wrote everything perfect in this era...

  16. Ryan Luddani

    She wrote everything perfect in this era...

  17. Laurel Johnson

    Her concerts look like they would be fun to attend.

  18. Rand R

    drop everything now !!!!!

  19. Natalie Seebaran

    I'm her #1 fan!!!!!!!!!

  20. Natalie Seebaran

    Taylor is my most favorite singer and she sang this song PERFECTLY! Now I love her even more

  21. radhikapradhan

    I remember dancing to this on New Years 2015...still am not over the completely magical tour that this was.

  22. Sprints William

    United Healthcare

  23. Sprints William

    You were Romeo

  24. 땅오이

    나도 저렇게 뛰어다니고 싶다..😍

  25. Tanya Watkins

    February 2020😊⚘🌻🎶

  26. JAG

    Wow girl you do so much for your shows. Hopefully I'll see one in the near future 😄

  27. Alex Gatica


  28. Jake Mazo

    67 446 841

    It's hard to think that no Speak Now video surpassed 500M, that LWYMMD alone outviewed all Speak Now official music videos. How I wish The Story of Us, or Mine or any single from Speak Now would reach a billion views before her retirement. She told us herself that this was her favourite era, her favourite album, I wish we would give her a gift for all she had taught to us💖💖

  29. Yura Nopico

    It was the dream to attend her concert. Everything was in pink and beautiful back then.

  30. GAV ELI

    this one makes me cry like each one of her songs lol

  31. Ken Franc

    Who here after miss Americana.

  32. Tamanna Tabassum Mim

    Childhood fav!❤❤✨

  33. Gamma Ray's

    Im crying. Thanks taylor.

  34. X Song

    Anyone?? 2020


    I really miss her country. Best music by far

  36. Naveen Dhanwar

    Then - wow
    Now - super ultra mega Wow.

  37. Bars Odtojan

    Is it only me that when ever I listened to this song I get this feeling like crying and I don't know why.


    *After 91 years*
    Taylor Swift - sparks fly
    ~ _100 years ago_
    Teenagers then: *_I'm sorry we dont have a Taylor Swift like this. Older generations were lucky to have her_*

  39. 龙杰


  40. Ken Fereday

    I've forgotten what we were talking aboot 🤔🤷‍♂️ love yewwww 😘

  41. Jake Mazo

    67 326 292

  42. Buzz Channel


  43. Mind Reader Mkn

    Now, i see you again.
    Very happy day.
    For You😍😘 and Me😍😘

  44. Thiago claque

    Linda eu amo você demais

  45. 1k subs with trash vids?

    Randomly on my recommendation

  46. Justine Advincula

    Hello 2020 ❤️

  47. GhoibDroid Test

    Country Taylor Swift fans: 100% love her.
    Pop Taylor Swift fans: 70% love + 30% like her.

  48. Areanne Sagon

    I was humming this song then suddenly I remembered this was ny favorite song of Taylor Swift when I was 10. Then now just wow! Still love it ❤❤❤

  49. Kris Perry


  50. Pk Roy

    Hey I am Rita from Mumbai I am very big fan of you...... 👌 😎

  51. Cherry Lee


  52. Rebecca Lundin

    We love you

  53. Tango

    is the rain real?

  54. narendra Kaushik

    Her angelic voice is everything

  55. narendra Kaushik

    My favourite line of this song : "take away the pain"

  56. Bherna Eduardo - Perez

    2020 ✨

  57. Dylaan Moon


  58. starry Star

    I just love this song .... My most favorite song ever... Precious

  59. MusiCaryl

    2020 anyone? :) <3

  60. Girl inthezone

    Sad that only a few can remember this ere
    I mean this is the best of hers.. and it was a fairytale that time

  61. Juan Manuel Mora

    💜Yo pienso q ya es demaciado tiempo q no estabas juntos ya desidete 💜

  62. Hayden Rose323

    Who came here in 2020

  63. MIRA

    *I was lucky enough to go on this tour and I still appreciate every inch of this era and appreciate how hard taylor have worked on this album it's a masterpiece*

  64. Saulito Bandito

    still rockin this in 2020 like it was 2008!

  65. Michelle Foucault

    Taylor should remaster this in 2020.

  66. Cecilia

    Yo how did I forget this song?

  67. Donna Briggs

    2020 anyone? Lol

  68. Q Liao

    Ever seen Taylor cry ???
    Me: nooooooooo 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

  69. mạnh Ji Nguyễn


  70. Lizzieplaysroblox S

    I want her to go on America got talent she’ll beat everyone

  71. drei笑


  72. mesfin desta

    Ollie's her music new for me I listen her she have amazing voice

  73. Arul Jebaraj

    2020 January anyone??
    No?? Only me??

  74. Sandrex Umaguing

    "Drop everything now. Meet me in the pouring rain
    Kiss me on the sidewalk. Take away the pain"

    Still the most Swiftonian lyrics E V E R !!!! ❤❤❤

  75. Ashlee Blakeway

    2020 anyone?❤️😭 miss this song!

  76. ExtreMe

    2020 anyone ? 😉

  77. Rocky Alex

    okay but like who’s here in 2020...

    Jacob Drain

    I know what year it is. Trust me, I'll be listening to Taylor for every year.

    R. L.

    Me! How amazing is she?

    Swiftie & Zquad

    R. L. Very very much...!!!!! Love her ❤️

  78. larita kordab


  79. Chaimae Hmami

    2020 ???

  80. zoé G1116

    I would've gone to this concert when I was about 6, my mom surprised me with tickets, i just found the shirt in the back of my closet this was the last tour stop she made before having to cancel some because of illness, this was absolutely magical, being close to graduating highschool now I feel that the way taylor swift really tells a story on stage has influenced my greatly in my interest in filmmaking and I cant wait to get a chance to see her in concert again!

  81. Maria Havryliuk

    2020 anyone?)) this song is already 10 years old)

  82. Cynthia Corcoran

    I'm Camilion

  83. meriam cobain

    Why am I crying

  84. sharmagne obaldo

    2020 anyoneeee??😭❤ miss this songg

    Paralleled Paradøx

    Here! Visiting every now and then aswell as her other songs like red, and story of us :)

  85. shania gillis

    2020 here loving it still

  86. Just Chillin

    She's just the best lyricist I've ever known. Made me fall in love to some imaginary green eyed man in my dreams

  87. Anthony Lopez

    2020 Anyone for here? I don't alone, right?

  88. Aida Mosnin

    2020 baby