Swift, Taylor - Can I Go With You Lyrics

Any day now, they're talking war
I can see the look that's in your eyes
They're not talking a week or two
Oh, daddy can I go with you?
Oh, daddy can I go with you?

You pack a suitcase, take a picture from the wall
I always knew this time would come
When I ask how long you think you're gonna be
You say, this crazy world's come undone

Summer's over and leaves begin to fall
And another winter's on the way
I knew I wasn't gonna take this very well
But I'd give anything to have you here today

Everyday now they're talking war
& I know this time is like it's never been before
We're not talking about a week or two

Oh, daddy can I go with you?
Oh, daddy can I go with you?
Oh, daddy can I go with you?

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Swift, Taylor Can I Go With You Comments
  1. Dinz Co

    If this isn't the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my life, then my life is a lie

  2. N M

    Girly girl girl song

  3. Mara Bon

    Hope all 😆

  4. Annalieze Stevens

    This is still my favourite from Lover along with Cruel Summer 💕

  5. gloriab22

    <3 LOVE !

  6. Janas Khan

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  7. Jaxon JS

    Ummm.. December 2019?

    Janas Khan

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  8. melisa chumbe

    Me encanta mucho esta cancion ❤❤

  9. andy

    I wanna get married to this song

    Frank Entsie

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    @andy what would it take to get your contact?


    @Frank Entsie confidence to ask

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  10. Gondal Mandi Bahauddin

    Who will like to be Taylor Swift's Lover ❤️️❤️️👇👇👇

  11. Gondal Mandi Bahauddin

    The person who like this will marry Taylor Swift ❤️️👫🤘🏻👇👇👇

  12. Gondal Mandi Bahauddin

    The person who like this will be a billionaire

  13. Gondal Mandi Bahauddin

    The person who like this will be a billionaire

  14. Bubble Crescent

    💫I love the way she says lover especially 3:01 she makes it so dreamy 💫

  15. A CH



    Aun puede hacer canciones decentes, vaya!! pensé que la fama ya le había robado el talento a esta mujer!!

  17. Jake Mazo

    91 326 953

  18. Jake Mazo

    3 versions of L💖ver

    original - Sweet
    with Shawn - Dramatic
    First Dance mix - Romantic

  19. krista Johnson


  20. Nolwazi Fairlady Nxumalo

    Some how I am sad that Taylor has grown😥 but I still love her

  21. Elizabeth Cooper

    this song reminds me of peeta and katniss

  22. Mk_15 Monkey

    Wow...taylor is it really you?!?!

  23. Jacob Drain

    *83K people are deaf*

  24. Francis Plajere


  25. Mike Segovia

    My favorite song

  26. stan twice

    meet wildest dreams' wholesome and festive cousin, lover.

  27. Benditø

    This song does something to you I swear

  28. seiji iwaguro

    Beautiful👍🤗Watch Later🗾 japan〜

  29. seiji iwaguro

    Beautiful song Video❣️ 👍🤗

  30. Belen Hernandez

    Who could ever dislike this song!??😠

  31. Rasos Garage

    Bo2 tranzit music

  32. Daniela Torres

    Hi, i have some covers on my channel. If you have some time please check them out! :)

    Villain V

    *You are not supposed to advertise your channel on other videos...*

  33. Khalid Juaksan

    Why swifties can't stream this?

  34. Mr Slimer

    No Taylor you are my lover ❤️

  35. ziad zika

    Subscribe to my channel to enjoy old love songs

  36. Sylvia v

    The girl is their daughter, yeah

  37. Anthony Clements

    Deff my favorite from the album


    I have to say this is one of the best songs of the decade.

  39. Maddie

    On the cover I thought this was a Anne-Marie song

  40. Dalia Castelan

    I love this song & video ❤

  41. Tahir Shahid

    Delete The Song !

  42. Tahir Shahid

    Delete The Song !

  43. Oda Mac

    I feel like the song is about Karlie. Just like the songs Delicate and Dress. Absolutely romantic.

  44. Jason Sam

    Who else was born on December me!

  45. Jason Sam

    Beautiful song

  46. Diego Avila Pérez

    You're my my my
    Oh, you're my my my my
    Darling you're my my my my Lover

  47. Lord Cold


  48. eddiek

    reddie vibes

  49. Alex Batonisashvili

    I hope this mv gets 100m views by the end of this decade!

  50. Shawn More

    Strictly brought me here!

  51. MontageBeauty

    This sounds like Mazzy Star's Fade into you....

  52. Gli Yazdan

    My friend: Old Taylor is gone
    Me: No
    Friend: Any proof

  53. Michael M

    I can listen this song 1000 times

  54. Bertrand Butler

    I do love you, you know that, right Taylor? it's not easy to say it because you only deserve the best honey x

  55. Valeria McLennon

    Pinche canción hermosa 😍

  56. S A D I O

    TAYLOR you win with this one.

  57. Tamires Castro

    I LOVE IT !!!!!
    And if you love taytay like me , please Go check my Pinterest ❤️❤️❤️

  58. Official_wesley

    Bo2 zombies transit

  59. ta_ inna

    OMG! The most beautiful song the world can hear!❤️❤️😍😍
    𝗘𝗱 𝘀𝗵𝗲𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗻: I will write the most beautiful song for the wedding
    𝗧𝗮𝘆𝗹𝗼𝗿 𝗦𝘄𝗶𝗳𝘁: look at this:

  60. ellielies2u

    Is this the start of a new country Tay

  61. elizabeth g

    I loved you 3 summers now honey but I want them all. OOF 😍💘

  62. Hamna Waqar

    Best song ever!!!🔥💕💕💕

  63. sade' allen

    Nice song

  64. Uzumaki Alyn




  65. Black Bangtan

    Love this song so much❤❤

  66. Tori Paige

    Am I the only one thinks her and him would make a cute couple or is it just me!?

  67. swiftie forever

    100M by the end of the year?🙏🏻keep streaming

  68. Ej Oliwka

    Karol ❤️

  69. مروان جرادات

    Эта песная очень круто и она ❤❤❤ самый любимый мне песная

  70. Kelley Karberg

    did anyone noticed that at 1:10-1:12 the board game names are lyrics in Cruel Summer?

  71. Muhammad Firdaus


  72. Jake Mazo

    0.75x is kinda weird, but just wanna tell y'all it's perfect for Slow Waltz

  73. Jake Mazo

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    goal 100 000 000 (before 2019 ends)

  74. Christian Orprecio

    Who's here before 100M?

  75. Jagruti Jayashree

    Dont have lover 🙋

  76. Mike Segovia

    I want you and yes we can always be this close take me cause my heart and your heart has been broke and yes I'll take you out

  77. Nikesh Shahi

    why this song isnt getting more views😭💔...? Lets get 100M views

    Jake Mazo

    promote it, tell your friends and relatives to stream the vid, post the link on your social accounts and state that they better watch this💖

  78. Berani Bertujuan

    Agnezmo feat Chris brown, Timbaland and French Montana ♥️

  79. Ece Burns Blue

    I feel like this is a bit of a P!nk’s “beautiful trauma” music video rip off with the colors. Is it just me?

  80. Alexandra Sanchez

    Beautiful song♥️

  81. Polo Jacobo Leyva

    Vamos por esos 100 millones SWIFTIES!!!

  82. Ribbon Teves

    December feels <3

  83. Wade Berroa

    Bestttttttt ❤

  84. Any fruits here?



    J’aime trop ce son là😏💖

  86. Rebecca

    This song just makes me love Taylor swift

  87. Sin s

    Strong Mazzy Star vibes

  88. Alyssa Pan

    I'm surprised this is not Mazzy Star

  89. Ku Mo Mi

    This is so sweet😫❤❤❤

  90. Zacarias Blanco

    Il be your lover Princessita ....thats how brown lovers talk

  91. Ghea Alfonso

    It's so nice i am amaze

  92. MAV woodshop

    I miss the old songs back in the day thisbis ok but you can never beat the classics

  93. Isabela Cardoso

    I love sooo much this song

  94. Tahir Shahid

    Delete The Song ! Welldone.

  95. Sophia Wasylinko

    Song’s okay. Love the music video.

  96. Tahir Shahid

    Delete The Song !