Sweeto, Jordan - Shooting Stars Lyrics

I awoke alone among the waves
In the corners of this blue decay
You and I were always there to stay
Couldn't guess how far I'll drift away
Passing time, so slowly passing days
You and I would always find a way

Maybe it's true
It only takes one breath to see
These stars around us aren't so far
From you and me
It's true
It only takes one breath to see
That in my eyes these shooting stars
Seem to describe us perfectly

If you're lost I know you'll find a way
Lay your tired thoughts out in the grey
And I hope we'll meet some other day
As the dusk begins to shy away
Let the hanging lights come out to play
Not like I could sleep now anyway

Maybe it's true
It only takes one breath to see
These stars around us aren't so far
From you and me
It's true
It only takes one breath to see
That in my eyes these shooting stars
Seem to describe us perfectly

I know you're with me though you're miles away
Trust that your senses lead you back to me
Reach for the sunset like it has no end
Our paths are destined to cross time again

(Maybe it's) true
It only takes one breath to see
These stars around us aren't so far
From you and me
It's true
It only takes one breath to see
That in my eyes these shooting stars
Seem to describe us perfectly
(Seem to describe us perfectly)

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Sweeto, Jordan Shooting Stars Comments
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    You could make an actual anime with this

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    You should make an anime called: Shooting Stars :3

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    Okay, now make an animated video but this time is Shooting Stars - Bag Raiders. Okay sorry, i was too greedy.

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    Best love story ever ;w;

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    The main character always sits by the window 1:10

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    No se si me vas a entender pero gracias la verdad es que tus videos calman mis "pequeños" ataques de ansiedad, pero a la vez me dan cierta melancolia o nostálgia no se el por que pero supongo que sera mi imaginación

  15. Camilo Martinez

    SOOOOOOO GOOD SINGING also nice animation

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    Me: watch out for the meteorite


    Me: I did try to warn you

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    I know I like gay more but that is so cute

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    Thats not wolfie!!! That girl has yellow eyes, YELLOW.. its not blue

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    I LoVE IT 🥰

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    Ooooooooooooo so sweet you have to kiss in the end

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    Who Knew The Blue
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  34. Ready Berg Studios // Anime & Real Production

    Based on a real Anime

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    My favourite part of this is that they are literately falling to their deaths and they smile to each other!

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    This needs to be an anime. It would be super good.

  39. Sieon Lim

    this is how the two legends, Wolfy and Jordan, met.

  40. Gabby V

    this was and still is the best song!

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    I love it

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    Because I’ve seen this can you make an anime series!!!

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    You should make a anime and this should be the intro song

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    Sweeto. I really love your songs, but I do have a question. How do you do it?
    I'm trying to write my own songs, but I can't think of anything and nothing clicks. Any advice on that if you ever got in that situation?

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    Woflychu and sweeto toons make a promise with me never break up!!!!! You too are so cute together in this video

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    It’s so sad that his girlfriend had more subs than him... it brings tears to my eyes.. 😭

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  94. Jordan Sweeto

    If you enjoyed this make sure to check out my other fully animated music videos on my channel ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQTSlAXZHKZceIeAr3IMiifQ7xY_Pm5Zp

    "Shooting Stars" available on iTunes, Spotify and more ► https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1455646811?ls=1&app=itunes
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