Sweet - White Mice Lyrics

Sweet woman, you know you're gonna give me the shakes
You know it's gonna be all right
It's gonna be all right
Oh, baby turn your back on me
Oh yeah, your back on me tonight
Yeah, it's gonna be all right
It's gonna be all right

White mice
Into your head
Out of my head
Gonna be all right (be all right)
It's gonna be all right (be all right)
It's gonna be all right (be all right) (Ah)

Pretty baby, gonna drive you wild tonight
You know it's gonna be all right
It's gonna be all right
Oh honey, gonna spend my money
Oh yeah, I'm gonna spend my money on you
I said it's gonna be all right
You know it's gonna be all right

White cat
Into my head
Out of my head
It's gonna be all right (be all right)
It's gonna be all right (be all right)
It's gonna be all right (be all right) (Ah)

Gonna be all right
It's gonna be all right
It's gonna be all right

Dear lover, gonna make you spread tonight
You know it's gonna be all right
It's gonna be all right
Oh baby, gonna paste your face
Oh yeah, face to face with you
It's gonna be all right
You know it's gonna be all right

White light
Into my eyes
I saw the light
It's gonna be all right (be all right)
It's gonna be all right (be all right)
It's gonna be all right (be all right) (Ah)

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Sweet White Mice Comments
  1. Billie Pulera

    How can any stupid fucker give this a thumbs down ? This kicks SO much Ass, fucking brilliant.

  2. Kit Walker

    1.05 we know where Queen's Brian May got his sound....

  3. Michael Quaglia

    Sounds like Sweet's tribute to highway star. Damn these guy's could cover anyone but I don't know of anyone that could cover Sweet. Amazing all around band!

  4. Kari Korkeamäki

    What can i say? This is bloody brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mike Poitras

    Bought this lp when it was current and I was 14. Wore it out and I grew out of the band. It sat around my place for a couple of decades. Rediscovered Desolation Boulevard in the early 2000s. I eventually sold GUAW on Kijiji about six years ago. Now I wish I hadn't. Some great,typically over the top 70s songs by a band that I came to think influenced a lot of others and may have been ahead of the curve. The punk thing is definitely there. Age does,I think(I'm 57),bring some wisdom.

  6. Laurence Levene

    The best band in the world

  7. Martha M Padilla

    Hermoso Tema😎

  8. Anders Eriksson

    One of the best albums ever, perhaps Strong Up is better...

  9. Valdenice Da Silva

    Sweet ist immer rhythmisch im Takt

  10. Popa Jo

    popa jo, a french child of sweet .20 years of musical compositions, sweet are my idols.I would like to be told if we find their style in my compositions

  11. Philip Harrigan

    Saw them LIVE in 77...one of the best concerts EVER!

  12. Henrik Persson

    Fantastic song, love it! 🙄

  13. Nikki black

    Motley cruel but no tattoos

  14. colemann76

    What an absolute lost classic

  15. Yulian Ganchovski

    simply... sweet

  16. Roger Massey

    One of my favorite bands in the 70s.

  17. Michael Allen

    Undoubtedly one of the most talented and energetic bands ever. Can't think of anyone who can drum better than the late great Mick Tucker, some maybe close but few are better. The so called "talent " of today would last maybe 6 months if they could be propelled back to the seventies.


    Michael Allen Very underrated drummer.

  18. John O'Brien

    great song from a great album no tour in the uk to back it or the singles did see queen before they were famous and thought they sounded a bit sweet and sweet thought so to,this song is about sperm.

  19. Boonyanut Suwannasan

    Miss you.The Sweet

  20. Earl


  21. Maurice Carrig

    what more does a band have to do perfection

    Maurice Carrig

    we are just so underated

  22. jeff abaray

    He who winks last winks longest

  23. Andreas Uhlbrandt

    Sweet - White Mice what the fuck, Beatles and Stones did it, but Sweet did it in their own way and recordin GUAW, with some coke hehehhe their best album ever + SFA

  24. Domenico Grossi

    Excellent rock song !!!!!

  25. Andreas Uhlbrandt

    BTW - Sweet made it before there wer DP// Zep.....listen to it...Zep 1 album is not orginal, but Sweet´s 1 is.....

  26. Andreas Uhlbrandt

    Fast sound of Sweet - Better then DP or LZ...fuck them

  27. Shuu Hei

    I hope all of you know that "White Mice" was deliberately chosen and is a synonym for sperm. Thank you and good night.

  28. Tony Powell

    Vocals are insane

  29. Larry Smith

    Top notch band.

  30. Rebecca Rogers

    You said it Christain Springer- Haslbeck! Sweet was an AWESOME group of their time!. They all sounded so great together. They can sure ROCK!!!!

  31. Russell Bieniek

    just cant get enough of those great high voices in harmony

  32. Russell Bieniek

    those classic 70s grrtar rips followed by a bonus verse.....and a great verse at that

  33. grueneswinkelkanu

    Helden meiner Kindheit

  34. Russell Bieniek

    "do ill ever gonna make you spread tonightt""??? yea its gonna be all right lyrical peak of song!!!!!!

  35. Jeff Endo

    How damn good is this!!!!!!!!!

    Anja Schmied

    Absolutely agree with you !!! Hammergeil !!!

  36. lohengrin17

    was für eine Power...der fantastische Harmoniegesang.... dazu Andy's Soli... das gibt's kein zweites Mal..die beste Hardrockband der Welt , habe diesen Song schon mindestens 100 mal gehört...

    Anja Schmied

    lohengrin17 Bin ganz deiner Meinung !!! Stay Sweet !!!!


    warum nur 100 mal?

    Anja Schmied

    Mein absoluter Favorit von SWEET !!!!! Läuft bei mir jeden Tag !!!!! Long live the fantastic music of the SWEET !!!!!

  37. Jack Sack of hairy tirds

    Why are people only talking about the drums?? I mean...they're alright, but that guitar playing?! That's a composition in itself, I just heard this for the first time today and I can definitely say Andy Scott was in the top 4 rock guitarists of the 70s (other 3 being ritchie blackmore, Uli jon roth, micheal schenker and), I wonder if eddie van halen listened to these guys because he was definitely doing some things eddie was doing years later

    bonzo dog

    Jack Sack of hairy tirds Dave Hill was shit hot too

    Vladimir Vladimirov

    Jack Sack of hairy tirds , абсолютно согласен):

  38. Doug Nichols

    Andy Scott: Master of the Stratocaster!

    Michael Nappert

    andy Schrott

    fmtf niuprog

    One of the best guitar riff creators!

  39. musikfanat

    Great band! Overlooked in the usa...

  40. Anja Schmied

    White mice is my favorite of all the great songs by Sweet !!!

    Mats Olsen


    Mats Olsen

    Love it memories from the seventeens

  41. WASPnation

    Far superior version of Burn On The Flame.

  42. Vic P

    id be a little tricky shifting gears with them boots on >>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<

  43. greg matthews

    one of my fave bands ever.....background vocals are sick/amazing

  44. Jürgen Wagner

    Es gibt keine wirklich schlechte Scheibe von sweet

  45. Jürgen Wagner

    sweet ist einfach Qualität

  46. Elke Pluntke

    fantastic Glam Rock song


    This is more like Hard Rock/Heavy Metal!

  47. Cl4rendon

    Love the ARP Synth solo in the end..

    Anja Schmied

    Cl4rendon love it too !!! Einfach genial !!!!!

  48. Christian Springer-Haslbeck

    How can a band, which did stuff like this, be so underrated...just brillant. Fuck the critics...


    +Christian Springer-Haslbeck I know right? Andy Scott's sound influences me more than even Jimmy Page.

    Energydrumbase Official YT

    +RBK2 I tozally agree with you......ich geh mal davon aus dass Du aus "Good Old Germany" kommst.....bei dem Namen......The Sweet waren eine "Hammer-Band"!!!! Sowas gibts heut gar nicht mehr.....eine Band die so Harten Rock spielt, kombiniert mit brillianten Chorgesang und zwar auf dem Punkt!!!.....dazu noch ein Super Frontmann Connolly....und das haben die "Cats" auch Live draufgehabt...ich hab die Band damals in Karlsruhe gesehen muss 1974 oder 75 gewesen sein, als sie auf dem Schaffenshöhepunkt waren, ihre eigene Musik betreffend natürlich...sie haben leider zu lange gewartet ihr eigenes Ding zu machen und das weichgespülte Zeugs aus der Anfangszeit....CoCo, Funny Funny etc.war halt dem Management geschuldet......wie gut diese Jungs waren haben damals wohl viele einfach ignoriert weil sie in ihren Köpfen immer noch die Songs aus der Anfangszeit drin hatten....für mich, der mit dieser Musik aufgewachsen ist und die Glanzzeiten mit erlebt hat ist es allerdings tieftraurig mit anzusehen wie Andy Scott mit jämmerlichen Besetzungen immer noch auf Tour geht und die alten Songs grausam zu Grunde richtet.....hat er das nötig? Finanziell bestimmt nicht.....Mit den "alten" Sweet hat das gar nichts mehr zu tun.......Keep On Rocking

    Christian Springer-Haslbeck

    danke für die ausführliche Antwort. Tja, die alten Zeiten sind halt vorbei und es ist nun mal wie es ist...THE SWEET gehören leider nicht "offiziell" zum sog. Rock-Olymp. Ich habe sie am 2. Mai 1975 live erlebt...im CIRCUS KRONE in München. War 11 Jahre alt und meine Eltern sind mit mir hingegangen.

    Darin Pearson

    I agree. Unfortunately, most people have never heard this album. All they know is what they hear on the radio.

    Georges FOTIC

    You are right. one of the best band ever with a incredible range of nice songs. many bands more estimated don't have so many good songs..
    Lately their music was used in some "blockbusters" movies trailers.. I lately heard that a collection is about to release with many records and a little book included. . Greetings from Paris, France

  49. Glen Carta

    Queen wishes..

    Philip Harrigan

    Sweet definitely set the template for Queen.

    Nick Jaramillo


    Nick Jaramillo

    @Glen Carta their musical styles are very similar

    Laurence Levene

    I always thought of queen as a load of crap, compared to the sweet, or Mott the hopple, or Slade etc . They are the most overrated band I know. Sweet had more riffs, melodies, and invention in one song than queen came up with in their whole career

    Dean VanDyke

    Sounds like this was a template for the song Sheer Heart Attack.

  50. Lisa Warner

    I can't believe Steve's vocal range. Most opera singers can't get that high, or the bass for that matter. Amazing. Bad luck all 'round for the SWEET.

    Mark Moore

    Don't know if anyone cares, not to be a smart add. The real high notes... that's Andy.


    Andy can still pretty much hit those notes nowadays too!

    Paulina Salcedo

    Totally agree with you!!

    Nick Jaramillo

    @metaldaduk the only thing is is when they do those high notes like that even though he hit some on a certain level in the background they actually use a machine to actually make it sound even higher than what it really is oh yeah for real

    STom DeNinno

    Andy scott sings the highest notes

  51. Lisa Warner

    Food is only good if it's SWEET.......YUMMMMM

  52. kitko33

    You don't get to hear 'modern' double-bass drumming on many recordings from 1975 :)

    Oh, BTW, do I hear Andy Scott tapping?

  53. 666BEASTY

    Give Us A Wink was considered the band's heavy rock album. However songs like this one, The Lies In Your Eyes, Live for Today, Midnight to Daylight and 4'th of July were absolutely f...... brilliant. I love this album. Maybe their best along with Fanny Adams

    Andreas Reinpacher

    666BEASTY i saw them vicking club canberra australia and got on stage with white mice im 54

  54. M&P

    One of the best (if not THE best) song they made. Bass, drums, guitar, vocals, intensity and rhythm all fall perfectly into place. Superb. 

  55. youandwhosearmy?

    i'm gonna chip in and say that the GUITARS are fucking brilliant on this track too lol.
    mick tucker was an amazing drummer but from a gutarists point of view there is only one Andy Scott x

  56. John O'Brien

    for me as good as the zeps purples and sabbaths they never capitolised after not doing charlton rock with the who in 74 no whistle test or reading rock i asked andy he said we were never asked big mistake they should have paid people to get this gigs down to bad luck bad managment and there own fault they didnt make it in this country as a great rock band hey but what a band

  57. Tim Penfield

    great players+writers. about 70 yrs before their time. thanks for da vid

    Terry Cohen

    Yeah this track is one of the best they done. Great little rock band

  58. dante segovia

    Lastima los productores de esta banda, como musicos son exelentes! Gracias por los lados B!

  59. Tiramisator

    You got it !! THanks !
    1976 he played that way !! , listen Thin Lizzys Drums or Deep Purple...MIck was far away the champ !!!!!

    fmtf niuprog

    Excellent Mick but Ian Paice was excellent too.!

  60. Tiramisator

    Yeahh Man , Mick was one of the greatest Drummers of all time.Thanks for uploading !!!

  61. Tiramisator

    The special thing about the DRum i , at that time no-one could play like he does.he was time ahead, played exactly that , what all are try to play today. I am a 50 year old drum teacher ,my english is fucking, but i know what ia m talking about.Just Fritz Randow ( Saxon, go for the solo,and VIctory, and Eloy) had same class at early 80s, believe me.Fritz Randow was Btw, first man, made a learning DVD for Double Bass Drumming.
    Both are excellent jugglers !!All todays great Drummers honor Mick.

  62. tommy bear bear


  63. kyrios beizanis


  64. Maru Taka

    yeah, this is the picture, was me send from DLF in the year 1976!!!! TOP!!!!!!

  65. Andrew Whiteside

    Great song! And yes, the drumming is unbelievable!

  66. grandeline

    nothing special about the drums! they are awesome! you either dont know, or play and cant play! button up dead shit, mick is a god!

  67. greenjudas

    Absolute cracking Sweet song. What a singer!!!

  68. MegaMickball

    sorry mate but theres nothing special about the drums anywhwere in this song !dont ghet me wrong i love the sweet but there just isn`t anything special about the drums !

    The Official Stormchild Channel

    You obviously know absolutely nothing about drumming!

  69. MickViking777

    Yeah, the drums are completely awesome!!!