Swans - To Be Kind Lyrics

To be kind, to be kind
To be real, to be new
To be sung by a song that's untrue
The falling sun, the fallen one
In a bed, painted blue, touching you
Listening, just listening
To the rain, to the wind, in the field
To be kind, to be kind
To be lost, in a bed, touching you
To be lost, to be lost
To be found in the sound of this room

"There are millions and millions of stars in your eyes..."

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Swans To Be Kind Comments
  1. akshay valle

    godamn you melon.

  2. Cody Owens

    1st listened to this while high and holy shit. I was fucking out of breath and my head hurt. This shit is insane

  3. Bill Field

    Very wholesome description

  4. Yeeboii

    reminds me of tool. fantastic

  5. L I L B L A R T

    So this is the Death Grip Anthony Fantano was talking about

  6. ANT

    This new Tool album sounds great

    Jules Gilmour

    Tool is garbage

  7. Christopher Reeves

    I hadn't heard of Swans until I clicked on a review by The Melon. I'm so glad I gave this a listen. Also, as a bonus, Swans has a ton of other albums just waiting for me to listen to them. I love it.

  8. SWAG_ Designs

    I sense some death grips vibes

  9. Hang Them All


  10. rellik009

    Love the music. Even the description is amazing.


    im forcing my self to listen to this shit just to prove i have a superior taste in music ;>
    just kidding this song is amazing

    Anonimoose A.

    Not gonna lie, that's how it started for me. I do think there's something to be said for cracking shells in terms of having predisposed ideas of what music should sound like and the freedom you gain from being able to listen to more experimental / abstract music.

  12. giorgio tsoukalos


  13. willy vlyminck

    To Be Kind belongs to my all time favorite recordings.

  14. Daniel Medina

    This music hit different on acid dude

  15. Broken Static

    Peeped poopoo (edit thanks for all the likes wow I’m famous)

  16. Conrad Dean

    My best mate saw this live with his dad and he said it was one of the best live performances he ever witnessed. What an epic song

  17. carcillian

    I’m perfectly comfortable knowing that most people will never know the glory of bands like Swans, Jesus Lizard, Cows, Fantomas, Battles, Boredoms, Crash Worship, Shellac, Big Black, Don Caballero, Laddio Blacko, Zulu as Kono, Brown Whornet, The Ruins, Quintron.

    LODER- X

    All these bands are great! I feel the same way about steel pole bathtub.

    Jules Gilmour

    There are shitload of great bands you will never get to know either. There's plenty of amazing music to be discovered and one lifetime is just not enough for it. You have to be at peace with that fact!

  18. ツLesKen

    Two bears hi-fiving.

  19. Chesapeake Wood

    Where are you at Fantano?
    This gets a score of yellow flannel.

  20. joga

    y-you too

  21. John S Rome

    Well, this Fantano dude must be a big thing if all you folk are getting stirred up about him. He means nothing to me. I'm way out of touch! I'm an old geezer from Scotland who found Swans over 35 years ago through the UK music press, word of mouth and listening to an English Legend called John Peel on the Radio.

    Anyway, that's beside the point, really. I just wanted to note that I've just played this track again for the umpteenth time and it still strikes the audio nerd in me as one of the most brilliant examples of stereo side mastering I've ever heard (as well as being yet another stunning Swans track). Man, when it all kicks in. Boom!!! You're surrounded.

    Who cares how you found it? Nobody lives in a cultural vacuum. Just appreciate it, you lucky young dudes! Cheers all!!!

    The Guy With Good Taste.

    John S Rome K People are just saying

    John S Rome

    @The Guy With Good Taste. Hey, that's cool. I'm not arguing with anyone. Just admitting I dunno who Fantano is! I have absolutely no opinion on arguments for or against.

    The Guy With Good Taste.

    John S Rome Oh ok just letting you know man

  22. Ashley Testerman

    Momento Mori

  23. Seba Zabala

    Have you guys read the description?

  24. Loth Broom

    The baseline triggers my fight or flight response

  25. Diego Rojas Sebastian


  26. Wil Anderson

    Am I missing something Anthony this song and album is what you gave Kendrick's last project

  27. theWhitestnerdEver

    I would have never found this album if Anthony didn’t give it a 10!

  28. Marq Mang

    Here, Now!

  29. Frank Albin

    What a great opening track. The journey begins.

  30. kummituspoukama?

    this is so magnetic

  31. Eduardo Luis Leyva

    Lou Reed vibes but still one of a kind. Cool shit

  32. D Wood

    Bring bag Jarboe!

  33. Gabriela Morosan


  34. This Is

    I'm younger, so I get how it can come across comparing an older band to a newer one. But Death Grips ( also Tool) has been like the soundtrack for me through 20-25 ( i'm 26 now). I am already coming into this feeling it like the same way death grips and Tool has affected me.

  35. Florencio

    Swans? More like Yawns. This music put me to sleep 😴

    TWL .v

    sick burn


    wicked roast my friend

    Karla Corona

    Florencio epic

    Mario I. Carrillo

    funny did laugh

  36. Guri Getsadze



    Guri Getsadze menacing

  37. Seth

    I blasted this record in my pitch black bedroom while laying on my back and staring at the ceiling. I was so involved that I didn't realize how loud it was. My mother came in and screamed at me for a good 10 seconds till I knew what was happening. No regrets here. Long live swans.

  38. Logan Perry

    This sounds a whole lot like "An Open Letter" by Saetia. I don't want to say anything was ripped off but there was definable some inspiration from that song in this one.

  39. Moe Salamander

    phenomenal record

  40. wiley man

    this was one of the few songs that makes me air piano

  41. Joe

    this makes me feel like im being watched


    Joe dude Same


    Gira is always watching

  42. 700 Megabytes

    I’ve been listening to you guys since 1986! You’ve been a big influence on so many bands and on me personally! You keep evolving and it’s awesome!

  43. Galen Kennedy

    michael gira is a fucking bitch

    turn off

    why is that?



  44. brian beaman

    Okay I'm here for this...lets see where this album takes me

  45. Captain Handsome

    This is probably the best opening track to an album I've ever heard.

    The Guy With Good Taste.

    Captain Handsome It goes hard

    Reformed Doomer

    Tpab has an equally impressive first track. Give it a shot.

  46. Raul Melgoza G.

    I did it all for the nookie

  47. Sam Chin


  48. Euan Mangan

    Only the coolest of kids are here from Brad

  49. nikolo makiaweli

    I beg you Mr. Gira, please do a song with Based God

  50. Seryigs

    What a song to kick off an album.

  51. Sai

    This whole song is like a build up to something that never drops

    4NDR31 Dlza

    It drops in the end tho

    Erline Andrews

    What's a "drop"? There's certainly a climax at the end. What's the difference between a drop and a climax?


    it fucking "drops" at the end, learn to listen


    It's not about droping, it's about reaching a peak and just being there


    This whole album is a slow build up

  52. Aridhay Meyenberg

    Michael Gira es una de esas personas por las que nunca dejaré de comprar discos. Es asombroso tener esto en formato físico. GENIO

  53. Pablo Laguarda Pozo

    Esto acabará en un museo,tarde o temprano.

  54. InBrooken

    fucking great

  55. James Guillory

    I genuinely believe that if Swans were more popular, their influence would be heard everywhere.

    toploz_ jr

    They don't need to be popular to influence artists I'm sure evry rock band from usa to russia heard this album

    james alsworth

    Theyve influenced a shit load of bands dude. Melvins, Godflesh (Broadrick in particular), Weakling, Black Flag, Black Midi, Tool, Neurosis(I think), Tom Morello

    so much for the tolerant left

    They're both popular, and have influenced a ton of artists and bands.

  56. Felsbrocken

    I missed Tool.

    Jeff Wrubel

    This is nothing like Tool.

    Travis B

    @Jeff Wrubel You're right, it's better.

  57. MirumExMachina

    swans does tool

  58. TheCandyHole

    Used to think this was just a neat song, recently started reminiscing too lovingly on the past & started seeing too bleakly into future, to the point where I was shifting hard between the past/future until I realized I _had_ to ground myself into the present, for mental survival. This song really captures that feeling well
    Idk if that was Swans intentions but it certainly feels right, thanks Mr. Gira for being... you

  59. Piers Keegan

    Gira is one crazy mf

  60. Slake Pliskin

    Published on my birthday, July 28th! An artist I really musically respect brought me here years ago...

  61. Elisa Gareau

    Il miracolo !

  62. ლე ლეი


    Luka Mullen


  63. Jibli

    Me: listening for the first time at 2am in the dark
    The bassline: RRRRRRRRR
    My mind: Ah wtf!!

    turn off

    damn just noticed that

  64. A Boii Called Sunni

    fucking love this dudes voice🖤🖤

  65. Jamie

    I have other stuff I really need to do but the music is so intriguing that I have to keep listening anyways

  66. Ebbtide42

    I love you too michael

  67. Ebbtide42

    The caption is surprisingly really pure

  68. ►Driver’s view►

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    └📁 Bad Songs
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    fanny tooth nana

    L📁YouTube Comments
    L📁Unoriginal Comments
    L⚠️This folder is 1.2 Terabytes.


    Public castration is a good idea has some pretty bad songs

    Bertina Salcedo Ramos

    Hahaha your comment is by far the best


    @owen not particularly. Public castration is doing very well if you compare if to the burning world

  69. Diego Rojas Sebastian

    The only acceptable way to listen to this is full volume, windows open, blaring it out onto the world.

  70. postmodern loser

    Holy shit.

  71. Mayur Vallabhjee

    I was listening to this for the first time just now and fr I was becoming 4D

    Cody Owens


  72. Fox Ferreira

    This reminds me of 46 & 2 by TOOL a lot, which means I love this.

  73. owen gambetta

    This is weird I don’t really get it. I’m not hating I’m just confused

    owen gambetta

    MirumExMachina I’m just confused about the meaning and the composition of the song

    garbanzo garbanzo

    start with "The Seer" album, it took me weeks to finally click and enjoy swans, until i listened to that album for the first time. Definitely not a band you will like so easily

    owen gambetta

    pirulo pirulito ok I’ll give it a try man thanks

    turn off

    @owen gambetta its probably kind of late but dont listen to that guy. The seer is a masterpiece but its not accessible for first timers. Id say to start from White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity or The Great Annihilator.

    Erline Andrews

    Maybe the problem is you're trying to "get it" on an analytical level. I feel Swans viscerally. The music, lyrics, vocals are like pure emotion. It doesn't necessarily make perfect sense.

  74. Sloop J Bingorino

    I like the bit were the bass goes *'dug dug diggididug'*


    its a better alternativr to brbr deng

    The Radium

    @Kamikaze Chivalry dong

  75. Ivonne Carcamo

    o no le ooo

  76. metalmoshingmad777

    Proud to have the triple vinyl with banner sized poster of this album.

  77. Caio StayGold

    This is really creepy. A scene that matches this sound for me is a abandoned warehouse with 1 person attached on a chair and a killer slowly cutting her skin all the way from her arms, torso and legs.

    The Lighthouse Keeper

    I pictured a fascistic leader slowly rising to power, and speaking at their cult-like rally as they are praised for promising a perfect world, hence “no pain, no fear, no suffering”, etc. Symbolic of the world descending into pure insanity

    Eduardo D. López

    You are fucked up, man

    turn off

    i truly appreciate the artistic imagination of swans fans

  78. Caio StayGold

    This is really creepy. A scene that matches this sound for me is a abandoned warehouse with 1 person attached on a chair and a killer slowly cutting her skin all the way from her arms, torso and legs.


    What I think instead is us discovering the outside of the universe and our brains not processing anything for we are only dust in full vacuum.

  79. LesManga Musique

    Would love to hear this in a movie trailer

  80. John the Pixelized Guy

    At first this sounds like Beware by Death Grips

    the greatest boy

    lmao no


    Not really....

  81. feroui hamza

    one the best things that happened to me while watching fantano over the years is discovering swans and death grips

    Lord Takyon

    @Splathermp Lmao butthurt little bitch mad that Lana Del Rey got a 3.


    @Lord Takyon idk who that is

    dont say the n word

    funny thing is, I first discovered death grips, then I started watching fantano, then I discovered swans, later I found out fantano gave them a 10

    Nexter Pl

    You make it sound like there isn't anything better, or at least good as those two.

    Mc Crappy

    dont say the n word Same thing with me.

  82. Asphalt Halloween

    20k sub

  83. Zunaid Chowdhowry

    How many came here after 🍉's review

    Loop Digga

    Zunaid Chowdhowry that’s not even a fucking melon

  84. Sam S.

    This is one of my favorite albums of all time. Can anyone recommend bands that are similar to this album. I've tried other Swans albums, but they don't impact me like this one.

    Evan Light

    I’ll check it out. Frances the Mute is an amazing album btw, Omar and Cedric said they’re going to continue the MV after they’re done with At the Drivein which I’m pretty hyped for

    Sam S.

    Frances the Mute is one of my all time favorite albums. That's great news that TMV are getting back together. I was underwhelmed by their final album. Here's the link the the album I told you about: Black Jazz the The Shining. One one of their albums they do a cover of 21st Century Schizoid Man the King Crimson.

    Evan Light

    Love King Crimson and The Mars Volta I’ll check it out


    The album Aenima by Tool

    Check out the songs 46&2 and Third Eye if u want smth 'weird'


    Try it with "Godspeedyoublackemporer!"

  85. mothbits

    Tight af.

  86. Andy

    Simply hypnotic。

  87. ApocalypseOfSpoons

    no dogs, no cats, no trees, no cows, no tune, no skill, no good, no how...

  88. Vitor Munhoz

    thanks anthony swanno


    Vitor Munhoz swantano

  89. E Z. Music

    I fucking love this album

  90. usetime1

    awesome terrible

  91. Miguel Díez Esnaola

    This song takes me to the seventh universe of ecstasy

  92. Ave Kek!

    Strong 10

  93. lucas step

    Playing this song in my jogging class as I only had 30 seconds to finish one more lap gave me more adrenaline than fucking meth

  94. Alfonso Caro

    Michthony Gitano