Swans - The Beautiful Days Lyrics

Y'know ...
Could do this for fifteen minutes or something
Talk to the man while he masturbates
You know, that was something I think I could, I could do
You know, and of course you don't even, you know, ever meet the man or see the man
You have to listen to him go on and say disgusting things
But I suppose there's things more disgusting if that's the way you're looking at it

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Swans The Beautiful Days Comments
  1. Kanga

    i believe i can hear the wailing synth from the chorus of tomorrow started by talk talk

    James Guillory

    The synths here sound like an actual woman's voice, while the Talk Talk song's synths sound exactly like what you'd expect a synth to sound like. They sound nothing alike.

  2. Alice Chies


  3. Red

    6:58 Ross Geller?

  4. DerDrache707071

    A Masterpiece!!!

  5. CB96

    I will never forget the first I listen to this

  6. VomeinsamenMädchen Sophie

    🖤🖤🖤 !!!

  7. Work In Progress

    I always hear the little girl as saying "cum inside me dad"

  8. yeag

    I space out every time the girl comes in. The beginning and everything before the girl I get chills

  9. Matthias Bangaard Jensen

    The synths at 3:13 are beyond words

  10. Fritz Bakshi

    this song is undescribable

  11. Mark Moreno

    I Still regret not seeing them in Providence at the Columbus Theatre.

    Fritz Bakshi

    theyd probably play newer versions of the old song but would mostly their new stuff, theres a video from 2011 of them playing sex god sex which came out in 87 its pretty good

  12. Hayley K. Stuart

    This is amazing 

  13. IHateGooglePlus

    I wonder if the older woman is suppose to be the little girl, and her voice is pitched differently to show how she's grown up and become someone the world has turned her into and not what she really was supposed to be (a girl who marvels at a sunny day).

    "The Beautiful Days" refers to childhood and how everyone is innocent until they are revealed to the cruel world. Just my interpretation.


    It's funny. I never felt innocent as a child, and felt that adults were projecting. I haven't met anyone as capable or contemptuous as people my age, no matter how old I might be.

    Leonardo Nolde

    @Zanziebar The innocence of a child lies upon it's freedom of thought and expression, the expression and thought of a child is (should be, at least) ubiased, so a child kills an antler, it's just her natural curiosity and behaviour, or when it lies is just for it's survival instincts.