Swans - Red Velvet Wound Lyrics

And what do I do
With the gift you held me as entered me
The one no one else would buy
They would not accept the filthy premise of your most terrible innocence
Oh, oh ho ho
So let them say, how were you wild
For what you really were was tender
Yes how you screamed, all through the night
Yet silent tears streamed down in morning light
Most beautiful, my lonely sinner

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Swans Red Velvet Wound Comments
  1. Piggons

    Who sings this?


    @Halonics Cheers

  2. ratdancer77

    Oh, how I love Swans :)

  3. Signor Pomodoro

    There's something truly evil about this song and album in general

    Fawkes The Phoenix

    Lol, people pick up these catchphrases about things and these slogans go around and get repeated to oblivion. I've seen this "evil" thing said about this album at least five times before in music discussion websites, with the exact same wording "there's something truly evil about it". So annoying.

    Fawkes The Phoenix

    Anyhow I've personally never felt this way, actually the opposite, it helps me cope with the reality of evil we live in. I know whoever coined the phrase probably only meant the ominous sound of the album but it bothers me to see the album referred to that way, call me stubborn or whatever.