Swans - My Birth Lyrics

Then I strangled your neck. Because I love you too much.
Then I kissed your red mouth, because I love you to death.
Now mother I need you- I need your claws in my neck.
Every breath that I breath in, feeds the life that I lack...

Now right here I was born, in the place where you kneeled.
In a burning white sand, in the blood that you spilled.
Far far in the distance, I hear the howl of the beast.
I feel his breath on my face. I feel the edge of his teeth...

And I'll swallow your sorrow, and I'll inhale your fear.
And I steal your tomorrows, and I'll inject your tears.
So please never forgive me, please spit on my name.
But I hold on to my memory, and keep me to blame.

Please need me to blame, need me to blame.

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