Swans - Minus Something Lyrics

There's been a lot of upsetting, very upsetting things that I can't allow to happen any more.
I have to be like a soldier and march away.
'Cause I'm very delicate in a lot of ways, and things get to me, and affect me in a very adverse... manner.
I don't need that; don't need that.
I feel now like minus something, you know, I feel faded; I don't feel like I'm all here.
I think it'll come back; I hope it'll come back.
There's a lot of color missing, from the way I feel, and from... my face, and, you know, just everything.
There's some kind of zest, or some kind of, um... life, you know, that seems to be faded temporarily,
because I've been so drained, emotionally, by a number of things.
That has to slowly build back up, and then it has to be kept sustained; it cannot be allowed to be diminished.

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Swans Minus Something Comments
  1. heavysmoker

    Poor person speaking, that is truly material for suffering. Only swans can express that feeling of emptyness.

  2. bobbob191

    I'm having a "minus something" moment, myself. Conceivably not what's talked about in this song. Similar in nature. Not what I want. How about a world with only "plus something" situations? lol It's too bad you never hear anything about the Swans in the education system we have in America. Swans are a good band who have an influential role in music. With the costs of education today you'd think there'd be a whole bunch of informative and uplifting content out there for people to be around and get to know all of art as it is in the world. You don't get stuff like that. It's not too awesome. We need a reformed educations system. Change it all around! If we can't recognize it, it's great. lol How about we start with education costs? Good start.


    Swans - Helpless Student

  3. Ferks

    sounds like a monologue from Slacker

  4. CB96

    This fucking album dude......

  5. T Boss


  6. PrinceJohnny


    eliminator jr.

    ​@Tana Mango A Trump supporter and Swans fan...wow

    Tana Mango

    @eliminator jr. ​ eliminator jr. assuming I'm a Trump supporter simply because I don't want cheap propaganda in my Swans, is exactly the kind of assumptions that makes me dislike this paradoxical movement.

    eliminator jr.

    Lana Mangoose *8 second long fart noise*

    Tana Mango

    @eliminator jr. that's hilarious.