Swans - Lunacy Lyrics

In the mind
of no one
Forming sun
Forming love
Break the chain
Hide within
Not innocent
In no sense
Eat the beast
Keep him in
Take the blame
Speak the name


Hide beneath
Your monkey skin
Feel his love
Nurture him
Kill the truth
Or speak the name


Your childhood is over (is over)

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Swans Lunacy Comments
  1. xopxon noxpox

    wise words from the author! very good song! ☻♥

  2. bailey h

    Is this what a heart attack feels like?

  3. manfred

    I can't believe SWANS wrote a song about the greatest FRC game

  4. mrlevinielsen

    If lord of the flies ever gets a good adaptation, they should definitely use this.

  5. Hawkeye

    This band has some weird comment sections, i was expecting to meet a bunch of metalheads, stoners, prog listeners and psychedelic dudes in here but no... its a bunch of what seems to be Shakespeare fans and meme kids.

  6. Chinois Vert

    There is some Pink Floyd in there , can you hear it ?

  7. Bi Ph Bi Ph Bi Ph Bi Ph

    LOONA found quaking.

  8. enigma4430

    The absolute state of the democratic party....

  9. MegaLakeStar

    thank you, mother

  10. YouTube Surgeon General

    This crazy chick named Ryleigh told me this was soothing music that would help me get to sleep. Fucking crazy Canadians. I bet I could take a foam bat and march into Canada and singlehandedly defeat their military, declare myself King and deport her to America. Yeah, I know what I'm doing for Christmas...

    Ryleigh S

    You're such a dork lol <3

    YouTube Surgeon General

    @Ryleigh S ♥️

  11. YouTube Surgeon General

    What does this have to do with Flat Earth? I'm so confused...

    YouTube Surgeon General

    Hello me, this song is cool. Fuck Flat Earth.

  12. Larens Golic

    come to Chile plisss!!!


    Un peu diabolique la chanson, non ??

  14. Ethan Childress

    This song actually terrifies me. Like I feel nothing but pure dread when I listen to it.


  15. Nishana

    Love you, Gira. Love you, Swans. ^^

  16. Jake Green

    Hail Macbeth !

  17. EvilWaffleThing

    In ̸t͜h͞e ͜ḿi̡n̴d ͟
    ̴O̡f ̀nǫ ̛on̸e̷
    ͘F͠all͏en͡ soņ ͢
    Fal̕l ̢i̢n͜ lo̡ve҉ ̀
    Breaķ ̨th͘e ch͜ain
    Hi̡d̕e͏ ̷w͏ith̵in
    Nơt in̵n̛oce̢nt
    ̀In̛n̸óc̶ent ̶
    ̕I̡n̢ ́t͜he ̶se̢n̡se ͞
    ̡E͢at ̨t҉he b҉east
    ̀K̴ee͢p hi̸m i̕n ͠
    ̕Ta̴kę the ̶bl̵am͝e
    ̴Speak t͡h͡ȩ n̨am̵e̡ ҉
    L͏un͟a͢cy͢,́ ͘l̴unacy, ̨luna͏cy̶, l͘u͢na̛cy̶.͡..͜.̶
    ͜H҉id͜e̛ ̸be̶ne͢ath͏
    Yơưr̕ m͠o͡nke̢y̶ s͠k͞in̶
    F͢e͞ęl hi͘ś lo̸ve
    ͞N͜ur͢ture ҉him̶ ̷
    ͝Kilļ ̨th̢e̷ ͟tr͏u̡t̷h ̢
    O҉r s͝p͟eaḱ th̡e͝ nam͏e
    Your ch҉i̕ĺd̛h͢o҉o͘d ́is ove҉r͠

  18. vasu nair

    Just discovered the absolutely brilliant "artwork" (the whole album) - music expressing all kinds of emotions of human experience!

  19. Antwan Adams

    Here from Chambers

  20. Means Of Egress

    Found them through my favorite band tool. The vocalist of tool states that this is one of the bands that influenced him many years before their band was created. Can see many parallels and influences from them.

  21. Jonathan A. Gimenez

    Who's here from Chambers?

  22. Анна Каримова


  23. Farrah Awry Iirises

    Where can I just donate to yall? I dont think I need a physical copy but I love your music so so much. <3

    turn off


  24. Piotr Sasor

    funny dog

  25. Vergil W

    Is this beautiful? Then let’s have this album. This is the way of answering for this kind of aesthetics. Of course I’ll buy too lol.

  26. hfs sfh

    1.25 speed

  27. shane lauer

    I’m watching the BTK documentary (Bind, Tie, Kill) and the Happy Death Day commercial came on while playing goth music.

  28. ToastyToads

    i came here because of greentext to hear what this sounds like and now i wish i didnt and i want to delete music now.

  29. LeRaptorFrançais

    >hang around on 4chan
    >see anon talking about putting The Seer on a overcrowded bar jukebox
    >know nothing about The Seer so go listen on youtube
    >comment section is talking about McBeth and childhood being over
    >I don't get the joke
    >I listenned to something totally new and I still don't know what to think of it


    >hang around on 4chan

    that's where you messed up, bud

  30. stephanie mancip

    Découvert dans l'excellente série "Il miraculo"... hypnotique!

  31. Mood-EBlueWolf

    I just noticed the picture slowly zooms out...

  32. Sloop J Bingorino

    I like the bit where there's music playing and michael gira is making vocal noises. Am I the only one?

  33. Roman Newaza

    Comple shit

  34. animal212

    Just made a tribute video with this song.
    Kylo Ren - Lunacy

  35. Minlo Wry

    Came here thanks to Johnkennmortensen

  36. Diana Laurencich

    Es parte de la Serie El milagro.

  37. LatissimusDorsiLoL

    Do people who listen to swans unironically hate themselves or what?

  38. Khang Lê

    Hail Macbeth!

  39. Moffstang

    Just heard this song the other night in the Australian movie, 1%. Great movie

  40. Jason Krug

    After devouring Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca, & Rhys Chatham for years, I can't believe it took this long to finally check out Swans. Very good stuff

    William King

    I love Swans and Sonic Youth, never listened to Glenn or Rhys before, will check out soon, thanks!

  41. Blue-Eyed-Crow

    I feel deeply intrigued by this music. Can someone explain why?

    Kool Legged

    Just go with it. Keep listening.

  42. D Wood

    Bring Jarboe back!

  43. slejdo1


  44. Gonzelletto

    the miracle.

  45. Mal Smith

    this track sort of pisses the wife off ,dunno why

  46. feroui hamza

    man this is the nicest description i've ever read
    i really wish i had enough money to buy the album and support the band

    Dead Children Playing

    absolutely! you are a young god as well!


    it's sort of nice but also sort of terrifying

  47. Alessandro M

    Il Miracolo.

  48. Michele Bertoni

    This tune’s at the end of episode 3 of “Il Miracolo” by Niccolò Ammaniti. Awesome & creepy tv series!

  49. Maracachucho

    A circle of turkeys brought me here...

  50. That One Guy

    Best opening ever

  51. Yaco Disorder

    kill the truth

  52. Luke Stubbs

    "I have given S U C C" - Lady Macbeth 1606

  53. jyhem vacarme

    Swans est unique . . . Swans est humain . . . Swans m'accompagnent dans ma peinture . . . Avec Swans ou on adore ou on déteste . Merci Mr Michael Gira

  54. Amnesiac Turtle

    This gave me both joy AND pleasure!

  55. Walden Beaudet

    I found this sacred band through "A Little God in My Hands" and hated it. Then I loved it. That's the way it goes with Swans. This is awesome. This is sacred. I love you!

  56. Alexander Chippel

    You can skip the first two minutes of this song and still get the whole picture.

    Daniel Dominguez

    Alexander Chippel no

  57. Alex Swedock

    bent down and grabbed some snow, just to feel it in my hands a minute ago. something tells me where I'm going I'm not going to feel the snow for a very long time.

  58. Stephen Romano

    One of my all time favorite desert island Albums

  59. Marc Wysocki

    Thank you for sharing your awesome music with us. You are excellent.

  60. Mitchell Studios

    A Captain Hydra Fanedit brought me here.

  61. Cagette

    Fantano brought me here

  62. oobalooba

    I'm pretty fat and eccentric, are you sure you love me? I won't be offended if you withdraw your sentiment.

  63. Matt Wallbridge

    this song does not help with my anxiety

  64. D J

    What's with that chant "Lunar Sea, Lunar Sea"???

    Lauren Alison


  65. Nate Lance

    meh, it was meh

  66. Samuelhonkman

    Your childhood, is over.

  67. Meresortsitar

    This is how I am feeling right now, lol.

  68. Martín Macías

    Heard this whole album while reading Blood Meridian. Needless to say, It's a religious experience.

  69. David Kutz

    Gosh, the artwork for this album is creepy... I love it!

  70. iz current93

    your medium.

  71. Hibah Mirza Chughtai

    All hail.

  72. Céin O'Brien

    Music for grown-ups!

  73. RT Elkin

    Thank you.

  74. RootDown18

    Hey Mr. Gira, Alan and Mimi are from my hometown of Duluth, Minnesota! So cool to see you have local talent features on your record! ❤



  75. depauleable

    Interesting choice of words in the description

  76. Kvkyoin

    this is so beautifully intense.

  77. capitantomate

    I love you too, Michael

  78. NotMara

    Hydra Cap brought me here.


    all hail to vordeel

  79. Borororong

    Better than Bohemian Rhapsody.


    Kyle Potato true that.

    Jules Gilmour

    Dumb comparison..


    Jules Gilmour Recently watched Bohemian Rhapsody?

    Vinyl Diary666

    @disappearer I saw, I didn't like what I saw.

    Jules Gilmour

    @disappearer nope.. don't care for queen. But the comparison is so fuckin dumb. Doesn't surprise me. Swans fanbase is full of total morons as evident from comments section!

  80. idk

    I fucking love you, /mu/

  81. Cassius



    all hail

  82. Lactose Tolerance

    Are they saying "Your childhood, is over" over and over towards the end?

  83. Steven Dormer

    Godspeed Swans and Neurosis top 3 bands since the 70s

    journ neyin

    Steven Dormer current 93

  84. Amedeo Zanotto

    I wish I was home listening to Swans.


    This party sucks


    Are they wearing abercrombie? plebs

    Костя Вассерман

    my feet hurts


    Amedeo Zanotto p

    William King

    I know it's a meme, but I blast Seer, TBK & TGM in my car every fucking day. I shake all of the cars within a 1 block radius during Bring The Sun and Frankie M. I fucking love this band!

  85. Jeffrey Margavage

    WOW... this is one of the most intense recordings I have ever heard. Seriously... this is amazing from a listening and creating the images in your mind stand point.

  86. Raul Rafael

    wise words on the video description, thank you too Michael

  87. Siddharth Tewari

    No wonder Mynard and Tom Morello used to take notes from Michael's music..! Its very inspiring..

  88. Federico Sereni


  89. fab kas

    I found

  90. stonercartoon

    dam this song is like taking a nice long shit DAM. lyrics are great. gira you a smart cookie, we all crazy or denyin it. you know it, i know it, lets go chill wit roger waters. the concepts of lunacy remind me of darkside of the moons concept but while dark side is more empathetic and like dam we all crazy look at ourselves, this is like DAM WE ALL CRAZY LOOK AT YO CRAZY ASS SELF its horrifying! love it. thats my thoughts anyway peace

  91. Patrick Bertlein

    This is the highlight of Swans era II for me.

    Patrick Bertlein

    I guess you could argue that. I never really separated pre-Jarboe from the other stuff. I've also only been a Swans fan for fifteen years, so older people will have different attachments to definitions of Swans.

    Delhi Delirium

    yeah, you certainly would separate pre - Jarboe Swans from what went on with her addition.

  92. Erwin Matejicek

    you guys make great music !

  93. Michał Kucharski

    all hail Mcbeth!

  94. Fuzzyballs01

    this is supposed to be music?


    Yes, what makes you think it's not?

    kevin willems

    Nice try fuzzy balls.

    Rob B.

    +Insanity5163 his shitty taste of music


    Fuzzyballs01 Exactly what separates this from music?

  95. themidnightbat

    I love how haunting and creepy this song is :D It just makes me so happy

  96. valeska meezs

    Me encanta!!! ❤

  97. Bjørn Vind Abildtrup

    Ok, gonna find out what these swans guys are all about now.

    Saray Norbert

    It will be like going deep down to your subconciousness...maybe not always a cheerful experience, but yours.

    journ neyin