Swans - Little Mouth Lyrics

Please open my mind and take what is left
Please fill this cup with senseless bliss
Let me sup oh let me suck upon that which does not exist
Teach the weak oh teach me please to cease to resist
Through halls of glass through tunnels of chrome
Through corridors of burnished stone
Through fields of crystal and the shards of my bones

May I open my eyes, but not see what I am shown
May I carry your burden may I follow you blind
May I burn your picture onto the face of my mind
Through endless pleasures, beyond all measure, shared by creatures most unkind
Through the hating and through the raging, through the years now left behind
May I find my way to the reason to come home
May I find my way to the foot of your throne
May I find my arms around your neck
And may I find your little mouth inside of this bed.

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Swans Little Mouth Comments
  1. heavysmoker

    and may I find your arms around my neck

  2. iCarly gaming

    little mouth strikes again

  3. Dave Malemort

    Beauty and perfection !

  4. emory0

    Well, Gira you gotta crank out some more viny, of this and To Be Kind!


    I am purchasing your new album to add to my collection.
    Thank you for the beautiful music you have brought into this world.
    we love you too.

  6. Vivek G

    I love you too Mr. Gira. Lots of Love from India.

  7. JeffAndersonMusic

    I like the description of this video, the message's real.

    We love you too.