Swans - Jane Mary, Cry One Tear Lyrics

I live in an empty house
There's no one there but memory and me

But I loved a woman once
One hundred years ago, for a while
When she left here, she was filled with hatred
And with a second child

Now, I heard nothing ever changes
But nothing I touch has stayed the same
Everything just turns to poison
That I have loved or made

So bury my children's children
In a deep and lonely grave
Anything is a cause for sorrow
That my mind or body has made

There's a fire on the water
There's a hole in the sky
There's the Devil coming down for me
To this room where I'll die

There's a man with a black heart
He's standing there up on the hill
He's lifting up with his burning hands
A fire that does not kill

He's calling down to me alone
He's calling down to me alone
He says, "Get down on your knees and cry alone
No one will cry for you"

So Jane Mary, cry one tear
Jane Mary, cry just one tear for me
Jane Mary, cry one tear
Jane Mary, cry just one tear for me

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Swans Jane Mary, Cry One Tear Comments
  1. A ber

    DAS Vinyl ist immer neben mir.

  2. Steel Fury

    *He is in dire need of a throat lozenge.*

  3. Selkie Lee

    this is an amazing song- actually i find the burning world a very good album all in all.

  4. Lars Røe

    A haunting and beautiful song. I am not a diehard Swans fan and I know that Burning World is considered to be crappy, but I find that the album has some great songs ....

    Marilynn Porterfield

    Never Understood the dislike for this Album,,,WTF....Fuccking Awesome

  5. Adann Smith

    Another "like" for this one. Y'd they have to go and delete -See No More- Though? THATS a cause for sorrow. I just cant see it! I have this CD though so i guess I can listen!

  6. Dorota Hosa

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  7. TheGreatOffender

    Indeed. Nothing more, nor less.

  8. drido

    figure of speech, actually.

  9. TheGreatOffender

    God is a superstition

  10. aviansoul


  11. meanoldmiser

    @katweasel "Abandoned Bodies in an Empty Room"

  12. Iskandar Soekardi

    By far my favorite Swans album because of the Laswell treatment.

  13. prg vidiot

    Gira may hate this album but after seeing their vid of Love Will Tear Us Apart and getting this album I have bought and will continue to buy everything they put out.

  14. AJtheory

    I would like to hear this album re-done by SWANS, without the Bill Laswell treatment...

  15. AJtheory

    This song is a moment for me:

    Rays of the morning sun

    Beaming through the window,

    Through the drapery

    Splayed on the floor

    A moment forever

  16. spuffchops70

    Nobody bought this album when it came out and Gira and Jarboe disowned it but but there really are some choice Swansongs on this disc. Inconsistent, but still well worth a listen

  17. Louis C.

    Fucking great song, carries a lot of memories

  18. katweasel

    Would love to get a live recording of this - do you know how ? please

  19. Ronan Glynn

    Phenomenal song. Am I the only one that thinks the pistil of the flower looks a bit suspicious :)

  20. Nevarwinter



    (old swans fan here. Thanks for posting)

  21. Alan Flores

    The burning world , what a nice album
    Giran`s way of singing is amazing!!!!!!!
    so deep, so WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. valhalla homebound

    i live in an empty house theres noone here but memory and me but i loved a woman once one hundred years ago for a while when she left here she was filled with hatred and a second child now i heard nothing ever changes but nothing i touch has stayed the same everything just turns to poison that i have loved or made so bury my childrens children in a deep and lonely grave anything is a cause for sorrow that my mind or body has made theres a fire on the water theres a hole in the sky theres the dev

  23. valhalla homebound

    I CANNOT believe this song only has 2602 views its a miracle !?!?!?!?!?

  24. jackkoffin1

    It takes something like to internet to bring a widely scattered group people together.

  25. fatmanosman

    Yeah this one stands out on the live recordings. I've been listening to it alot recently. Amazing stuff!

  26. valhalla homebound

    please upload turn to stone with swans thanks :-)))))

  27. drido

    God, I love this song. I have a live cd-r from the BURNING WORLD tour: its even more amazing live.