Swans - It's Coming It's Real Lyrics

In the place where you lay
In the shimmer above
In the rust and the oil
With your mouth full of mud
You run like a child
Through curtains of rain
In a room made of stone
Your future was made
There's nowhere to run to
You forget where you've been
Your shadow is shrinking
In the tightening lens
How many more years?
How much time is there left?
All the rivers reversed
While you counted each step

In the veins of the tree
In the strata beneath
In the polished chrome sheen
In the rebar and conrete
Reach up for the hand
Of the glowing half-man
Stand still on the edge
Of the greased precipice
Reach out
In a tunnel of steel
Fall through
It's coming, it's real
Breathe in
The glittering dust

Rage on, helpless
Reach out, sightless
Kneel down, fearless
Rise up, righteous
Save us, formless
Reach out, mindless
Save us, lightless
Leave us, soundless
Rise up, righteous
Save us, formless
Reach out, mindless
Save us, lightless
Rage on, fearless
Leave us, soundless
Leave us, soundless
Save us, lightless
Reach out, mindless
Save us, formless
Rise up, righteous
Kneel down, fearless
Reach out, sightless
Rage on, soundless

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Swans It's Coming It's Real Comments
  1. Y Yuhy

    Christmas zombie apocalypse?

  2. Peter Wesley Bastone

    VERY Nice, shared to Media Factory Show TV on FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/MediaFactoryShowTV/

  3. Jon Fischer

    Reminds me of Pink Floyd

  4. big Nutz

    So this is the Death Grip band, Fantano was talking about

  5. IbrahimAfify

    Wtf the words keep changing i just noticed

  6. Hermit Hermit

    pink floyd worship

  7. hwan Kim

    welcome back anytime. Canceling retirement is good choice.

  8. Erik Frost

    This should be in the new adaption of Stephen King’s The Stand, rather than that awful Marilyn Manson Doors’ cover

  9. ThisIsMyUsername

    If you listen to this while it’s snowing outside it’s somehow improved

  10. Robert Kallfelz


  11. Gonzalo Villalba del Canto


  12. brad jaggard

    There are a few select bands and artists that have played a huge role in shaping the way i listen to and enjoy music. SWANS are one of those few. Thank you for continuing to put out quality albums that enrich my life and edify my being. in other words: Intoxicating.

  13. The Was Bunny

    Hey M thank you. 🖤

  14. bada bing

    done w all these controlled oposition luciferian bands supporting the juice

  15. Alfalfa

    What's the hype

  16. goodycao also

    🖤🖤🖤 Beautiful !!!

  17. bada bing

    not too shabby ....but seeing MG gorging on porkchops kinda put me off

  18. Glen L Campbell

    Uplifting to say the least!

  19. The DeclaredStraw

    I will buy your tangible album. To buy tangible albums is to supposed art

  20. MusikKritik


  21. Jack Burton

    "i'm wondering what type of animal I'm supposed to sacrifice to this music" - Dad

  22. nwah

    those background vocals be smoother than a refreshing warm wind, i can feel it

  23. TheAnalPunisher

    Always chilling...

  24. Nessuno

    The cover art reminds me of a radiant Rothko's painting seen through Google Images' monochrome preview. Which is good.

  25. Joe M.

    Sounds like it'd play in a mysterious abandoned roadside diner after the apocalypse.

  26. Jack Burton

    This track title is much more menacing than the music

  27. Failing Novelist

    Yeah, I also like Leonard Cohen

  28. Jason Finkelstein

    Sounds like Pink Floyd

  29. Francisco Canas

    A bit repetitive isn’t it?


    hahahaha compared to Swans past work this isn't very repetitive. Go listen to the song Mother of the World if you want to hear what I mean.

  30. Lewis Wolfe

    This song sounds like David Lynch listening to Beak> making music that sounds like Pink Floyd, not knowing what Pink Floyd is supposed to sound like.

  31. 11 Publishing

    Fucking incredible

  32. Justin Kase

    Thank you for blessing us with another !!!!!!!

  33. Faze Man 2


  34. RefinedDuck


  35. Eduardo D. López

    Just WOW... It's amazing that in 2019 such wonderful music is still being made with such passion and genius. Wonderful but not surprising, coming from Swans.

  36. kennendo

    Holy shit! I didn't think anyone made music like this anymore. And the album drops on my birthday!

  37. NeptuneF

    The feeling of this song makes me feel like a Blackstar situation is going to happen again.

  38. Vladimir G

    This sounds like 13 Years of Carrion by Death in June.

  39. nage728

    This is so fucking beautiful. Gira has done it again!

  40. Jean Maurice


  41. Kitty Purrs


  42. old man

    Quite a-huh quite a-huh buhased if I do say so myself.

  43. AbstractCats Official

    Beautiful as anything they've done so far! And if this song is an indicator of the whole thing then it should be their most epic magnum opus!

  44. A. Vestige

    Thank you M. Gira. Been listening to you since the 1980s.

  45. Margarita M.

    "In the place where you lay, in the shimmer above
    In the rust and the oil with your mouth full of mud
    You run like a child through curtains of rain
    In a room made of stone your future was made
    There's nowhere to run to, you forget where you've been
    Your shadow is shrinking in the tightening lens
    How many more years? How much time is there left?
    All the rivers reversed while you counted each step
    In the veins of the tree, in the strata beneath
    In the polished chrome sheen, in the rebar and conrete
    Reach up for the hand of the glowing half-man
    Stand still on the edge of the greased precipice
    Reach out in a tunnel of steel
    Fall through, it's coming, it's real
    Breathe in the glittering dust
    Exhale, mindless
    Rage on, helpless, reach out, sightless
    Kneel down, fearless, rise up, righteous
    Save us, formless, reach out, mindless
    Save us, lightless, leave us, soundless
    Rise up, righteous, save us, formless
    Reach out, mindless, save us, lightless
    Rage on, fearless, leave us, soundless
    Leave us, soundless, save us, lightless
    Reach out, mindless, save us, formless
    Rise up, righteous, kneel down, fearless
    Reach out, sightless, rage on, soundless"

  46. airstrike


  47. Dustin Clark

    God I fucking love this song. Potential song of the year. Perfect chord progression!

  48. Jordon Leigh

    Michael Gira is RESPECTED. By ME.

  49. Taco Bell Valet

    My neighbors are going to be listening to a new Swans album this month!

  50. ソーヤーポール

    I love The Swans.

  51. Amph G

    This is pretty not good.

  52. Gustavo Tomas Orsi

    wow, Swans and the Hausswoff sisters...

  53. markatsvensson

    Youngsters: "Well it's no Taylor Swift."

  54. Nic Hill

    Seems like Gira knows death is approaching and trying to make sense of it all, attempting to find peace before his time comes.

    Francisco Medeiros

    You got it

    Erik Frost

    I mean I don’t think he’s that old but

  55. Martin Ruiten

    rivers reversed, wow

  56. Ira Yun

    This could be a soundtrack Satantango or any Bela Tarr film

  57. Sebastian Jones

    Can't wait for this album to cone out

  58. lucas salas

    coming out 1 day after my birthday. thanks mr. gira, i love you

  59. Pierce Wong

    Like Leonard Cohen took an acid trip with Michael Gira and an angelic choir

  60. João Victor Ventura

    Come to brazil papa Gira

  61. Faze Man 2

    ive listened to this too much already

  62. John Rickel


  63. Kalen Baker

    Friendship ended with circles...
    Squares are Michael Gira's best friends now

  64. Manel Navarro

    Master Gira seems to have tired of Swans' last Prog-Post-Rock-Noise overdose and comes back now to the Jarboe's Goth Folk chants with a reminiscent of Sigur Ros & Spiritualized nocturnal atmospheres. Great, Mike.

  65. Darius Lele

    Best thing in my life atm.

  66. gamex

    Reminds me of red dead redemption 2

  67. Albion Inmate

    Tell me about it Michael, I think we may be unlucky enough to witness the functional extinction of our species.

  68. Arcadian Muzique

    S U B L I M E

  69. Guido Barandiarán

    Swans 2019.

    I'm working on believe it


    Universal Emptiness - The Gothic Country of Michael Gira

  71. Juan Ciordia Yoldi

    1.outside vibes

  72. João Gil

    It's coming it's real. The last sunset beach event on Earth happening some hours before the apocalypse. If we would ever wake up tomorrow then we would feel miserable for wasting our time hoping that a sunset event would ever be good. But it's coming it's real. So even if this is just another shitty party, we won't regret tomorrow and that is the reason why we're celebrating the way we always did - miserably.

  73. Jac Kar

    I am surprised, listened The Swans intensely in late 80, then lost a bit but now they are still good!

  74. R Cautela

    The great annhiliator opens its mouth again! Rejoice!

  75. Soulfuc

    boring in comparison to the otherworldly to be kind stuff....

    Francisco Medeiros

    It's a completely different approach to their sound.


    @Francisco Medeiros yeah but Nothing Special...


    Soulfuc you can say that to to be kind


    @6026961 to be honest, I don't really understand that whole "the-swans-hype" raised by fantano,
    btw some sonic youth albums are much more interesting and outstanding than this


    Soulfuc I’ve been a fan since the great annihilator was released

  76. Cristian Ha

    Amazing. The backing vocals reminded me of Jarboe. She was very important to Swans and will always be greatly missed. This song sounds like a mix of WLFTMOI/LOL and TGM. I loved it

  77. GNARical

    Well this is smacky af


    ... I like it

  78. Willythewisp

    Saturday morning Lancashire England. This song will be forever this moment. Amen.

  79. Blinded Christian

    I really enjoyed this! Me and my contrabass friend made a Jazzy cover of this if you want to hear it!https://youtu.be/dWEgmirH5zk

  80. Jacob 96159

    god this is amazing. Reminds me a bit of Can towards the end, in the best way possible.

  81. Jacob 96159

    The story continues

  82. Guillaume Perez

    I'm getting strong Velvet Underground vibes from this song.

  83. coffee is a drug

    Everytime I listen to this I feel like everything around is burning and it will surely mean my end, but I am calmly laughing hysterically relieved everything will be certain in this life full of uncertainties.

  84. RCLeahcar

    As soon as I heard the intro I just knew this was going to be good
    ...can't wait to hear the full album <3<3

  85. LFleischman

    I wish we would sing this song in my church

  86. imagineophelia

    a ma zing!!! go gogogogogo <3

  87. Ruben Martinez

    Abandoning hellscape are we?

  88. Jakub Nowak

    living leaving

  89. Horsys Will Kill

    i wasnt sent a notification


    Post apocalyptic....?! No! Even though this song is awesome and its lyrics, truly, this is the song of the Damned!
    If you want to be saved, stop looking for salvation. This song is an empty haunting spirit of sad hopelessness. Echoing through every mans heart thru all of space and time. Who told you that you needed to be saved?! And, did you believe? The voices of demons and devils!


    ma'am, this is a Best Buy.

  91. Leafy147

    ¿Gira no había dicho que la formación de 2010 iba a durar hasta "The glowing man"? Igua,l, a esperar un nuevo álbum de dos horas.

  92. uber goober

    Feels like deja vu, nostalgia, and a deep, lucid dream all jumbled together. Otherwordly.

  93. Jamie Klein

    the city is an empty glass- wait wrong band

  94. Richard Bruning

    Have it on loop now. love it.