Swans - Inside Madeline Lyrics

The engine divine is inside Madeline
The stardust is yellow and red
And its mapping out of time inside of her head

Now there's always Madeline
Rising up from where our limbs intertwined
Now walking a random invisible line
Clutching like snow to the side of the vine

You are free, free to do nothing
You are free to drift across the sky
You are free to be a shape just becoming
Now you're free, inside Madeline

Dropping a tear in the palm of my hand
Making her mark in desicate land
Bring light to Madeline
Bring new life to Madeline

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Swans Inside Madeline Comments
  1. Rick C

    Like Nick Cave and Lou Reed had a baby that did *not* look like Winston Churchill.

  2. Stefan Burnett

    underrated album

  3. feroui hamza

    this album is really fucking great and pretty underrated in swans' discography

  4. Amy Lafont


  5. Eric Cartman

    Hey, thats pretty good!

    Austin Texas

    not cringe at all


    I'd never imagine an iDubbbz fan or a meme advocate to be listening to Swans. If I didn't know any better, I'd thing you were lost.

  6. ZDogMcSwigee

    Good stuff.