Swans - Celebrity Lifestyle Lyrics

The secret sign of a charmed existence
Is the shiny liquid on her lips
And the ecstasy that comes with her image grows
From the power that the money gives
And she's got a celebrity lifestyle
She's just floating in space
And she's got a celebrity lifestyle
All her children want a suck and a taste of
Oh, her celebrity lifestyle
Yeah, her celebrity life
And she's just a drug addiction
And a self-reflecting image of a narcotized mind

The secret wisdom of 120 days
Is hidden deep in between her legs
And sexual transcendence is reserved for the wealthy
But is only one joy that money can make, yeah
She's got a celebrity lifestyle
And she's got a glowing white face, yeah
She's got a celebrity lifestyle
And she ties her naked children up with wires and lace
Oh, her celebrity lifestyle is the
Product of a celebrity mind, yeah
Oh, her celebrity mouth is the
Perfect image of the end of time

Oh my celebrity lifestyle
Oh my celebrity fear
Oh my celebrity lifestyle
Oh my celebrity fear
Oh my celebrity lifestyle
Oh my celebrity fear
Oh my celebrity lifestyle

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Swans Celebrity Lifestyle Comments
  1. FelixFerret

    Yeah, this song it's about madonna.

  2. U.R. Kidding

    So strange.... I saw them at the 9:30 Club in DC in 1992... and then went to a music festival in 2014 and went "Why does this bands name seem familiar?" Seen them live 5 times since then and wondered about all the great gigs I've missed in between. But... slowly buying all the missed albums!

  3. Robert Rossignol

    Reminds me of early QOTSA/Desert Sessions

  4. Artyom Kolesov

    we are love you too, michael

  5. MrGrizzzlik

    It's just reeks this dirty New York vibe. This song is literally Abel Ferrara of songs lol.

  6. VomeinsamenMädchen Sophie


  7. eric bryant

    underbelly LA

  8. COwens

    Finest song written about Gira's ex-girlfriend (Madonna).

    Vinyl Diary666

    @Richard Roberson Really?

    Richard Roberson

    @Vinyl Diary666 Yes, just learned from the Swans book

    Vinyl Diary666

    @Richard Roberson I didn't have the idea ... it sounds strange, but Madonna in the 80s was an interesting girl.

    Richard Roberson

    @Vinyl Diary666 Ultimate bragging rights as well.

    Hayden Sloane

    @Vinyl Diary666 Actually, she was a material girl.

  9. eric bryant

    celebrity lifestyle and celebrity drugs

  10. coldwar1977

    why does this remind me of Sonic Youth?

    Vinyl Diary666

    Sonic youth and Swans hang together! amazing bands!

    low ceiling

    Gira's vocals sound kind of like Thurston


    Not in all the tracks, but in this album there is a strong Sonic Youth vibe. Absolutely great

  11. videopibedelosabados

    One of my swan's favourites

  12. Karel Hupje

    a great song from a great album.

    turn off

    a great song from a great album called the great annihilator

  13. neymar jr

    Common people this is the best music ever and Gira a genius. Period.

  14. Silver

    Lovely song!
    Very underrated
    lyrics are just perfect