Swans - Bring The Sun / Toussaint L'Overture Lyrics

Bring the sun, bring the sun

Toussaint L'overture!
Toussaint L'overture!
Toussaint L'overture
Sangre de Dios!
Hijo de Dios!
Amor de Dios!
Sangre es Vida!
Vida es Sangre!
Sangre es Amor!
Amor es Sangre!

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Swans Bring The Sun / Toussaint L'Overture Comments
  1. switch1e

    mom: one more song then you have to get off

  2. Eli


    [Verse 1]
    Bring the sun, spins around and around and around
    Bring the sun, spins around and around and around
    Bring the sun, spins around and around and around
    Bring the sun, spins around and around and around
    Is it mine, is it mine, is it mine, is it mine
    Is it mine, is it mine, is it mine, is it mine
    Is it mine, is it mine, is it mine, is it mine
    Is it mine, is it mine, is it mine, is it mine
    Spins around and around and around and around
    Spins around and around and around and around
    Spins around and around and around and around
    Spins around and around and around and around

    Sun, sun, bring the sun
    Sun, sun, bring the sun
    Sun, sun, bring the sun
    Sun, sun, bring the sun
    Sun, sun, bring the sun
    Sun, sun, bring the sun
    Sun, sun, bring the sun
    Sun, sun, bring the sun
    Sun, sun, bring the sun
    Sun, sun, bring the sun
    Sun, sun, bring the sun
    Sun, sun, bring the sun
    Sun, sun, bring the sun
    Sun, sun, bring the sun
    Sun, sun, bring the sun
    Sun, sun, bring the sun

    Toussaint L'Ouverture [14:42 - 34:05]

    [Verse 2]
    *Horse galloping and neighing*

    [Verse 3]
    Toussaint L'ouverture!
    Toussaint L'ouverture!
    Sangre de Dios!
    Hijo de Dios!
    Amor de Dios!
    Sangre es Vida!
    Vida es Sangre!
    Sangre es Amor!
    Amor es Sangre!
    Toussaint L'ouverture!
    Toussaint L'ouverture!

  3. Steven Zepeda

    This sounds like whatever was playing in the background in John Wick 2 when he was sent to kill that random lady

  4. Jim Bo

    This song is longer than most albums

  5. Nolan Jacobs

    i requested this at a wedding reception.
    they divorced by the end

  6. Crash

    holy shit dude

  7. David Kutz

    20:54 I've never been so captivated by a single note bassline before

  8. bad future

    that build from 18:30 to 20:20 is one of the most frightening things i have ever heard

  9. Gravity Goat

    the second half sounds like a cowboy film

  10. Dibrae Jarden


  11. Noli

    I love this. This song is fantastic!

  12. Isak Larsson

    When mom says "one more song before you go to bed"

  13. Y. Tawfik

    This really makes me imagine a scene where the entire earth is pulling a robe to brimg the sun closer to earth for some reason.

  14. E Czyzyniejewski



  15. Geeky Matt138

    And now a 'In Swans' studio conversation.
    Mike: 'Hey guys, so we're gonna need a saw, some wood, a hammer and a horse drawn carriage for the middle section'
    Band: 'Um, sure Mike. That shouldn't be a problem. Can we get a free jazz crescendo for the end?
    Mike: 'Well yeah... I mean duhhhhhhhhhhhhh.'

  16. Caverman

    The end by the doors

  17. xagutero thelonius coltrane

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-rWCgj5BZg Enrique Morente - Omega

  18. MR. SMALLS

    Im am an extreme hip hop head to the point that i only like 2 albums outside the genre but this is probably one of the greatest song ive ever heard it feels like a western with the extremly long build up and my god i never though a band could make a album lenght song and keep me entertained like swans did make this the 3rd

    Bobby Danger

    MR. SMALLS Yeah Swans are one of a kind. Very spiritual music

  19. Yottifferent

    I want David Lynch and swans to collaborate

    Bobby Danger

    Yottifferent They really don't have much in common. Jodorowski would be a better match

  20. 12345isabadpassword

    Tired of having to restart every 34 minutes

  21. Tom Rippleburn

    I’m only 12 mins in seems, like forever


    Youll get used to it

    Moe Salamander

    That’s weird, cause I feel the exact opposite. Twenty minutes can pass in a swans song and I feel like it was 5, but I still soak up every bit of the grandiosity and heaviness

    Jim Bo

    The difference between a patient listener

  22. Iromem Vids

    Dark souls

  23. georgeharrison70

    I wonder what Michael Gira would say about Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles.

  24. Axel Bergström

    This sounds like being indoctrinated into some sort of a cult

    Axel Bergström

    It reminds me a little of Midsommar


    Axel Bergström we have the same profile pic and your comment is almost exactly like a comment I made on sunfucker two weeks ago with any prior knowledge of your that’s a damn coincidence if I’ve ever seen one

    Axel Bergström

    @Jeff We're the same person so doubt about it

    Emilio B

    I think I just got sacrificed to the sun god

  25. CannibalWHORE22

    This whole song is a whole band’s album usually lol

  26. Nobody

    i ferted

  27. cphd

    My first schizo shift from auditory to visual was to this song

  28. The Salty Boat

    It’s too short

  29. matteo kurmaskie

    nice mate

  30. Marco Chies

    Fuck! This song is amazing!

  31. Holfisteng

    I tried really hard to finish it, but stopped around 13:00. Anxiety took me.

    andrew soudah

    This used to give me anxiety too but now i love it
    Come back in a few months

    Shane's Book Corner

    No shame in that. Swans’ music is deeply affecting. Give it another try when you feel ready, I promise it’s worth it.

  32. Selarom Ogeid

    when you need things to go from 0-10 in a damn hurry

  33. Lucas Oliveira



    I wonder what a Nighcore version of this song would sound like


    please no

  35. georgeharrison70

    I can only imagine what it would be like, to hear this song in a concert.

    Vinyl Diary666

    I heard the Knot, insane! Mindblowing

  36. Faze Man 2


    Lucas Oliveira


  37. Sidharth Soman


  38. Frank Albin


  39. Frank Albin

    Toussaint L'overture!
    Toussaint L'overture
    Blood God!
    Son of God!
    God's Love!
    Blood is Life!
    Life is Blood!
    Blood is Love!
    Love is Blood!

  40. dysperisenjoyinghimself.

    so bring the sun, i am the sun and god damn the sun? so we should bring you, even though you’re damned?


    there's another song for the sun on white light


    And now: Sunfucker!

  41. IDontNotDoThings

    0:00 Bring The Sun
    14:42 Transition
    20:54 Toussant L'Ouverture

  42. Saulo Costa

    That intro is one of the best things i've heard in music so far


    The Glowing Man is waiting.

  43. Guri Getsadze

    Such an incredible piece of rock music!

  44. Vojtech Balik

    I'm having trouble coping with the fact that I'll never hear this live.

    Just a guy with a YouTube chanel

    Fuck, now that's all I'm thinking about

    Erin Jackson

    Wait why, aren't they touring?


    @Erin Jackson Gira ended this incarnation of Swans (Seer, To be kind and Glowing man), he's touring with new musicians so the guess is that they'll play pieces from Leaving Meaning only

    Vinyl Diary666

    I didn't hear it live... but I heard live The Knot which is basically the whole culmination of the Incarnation in a 45 minute sound. The equivalent of big bang...remains one of the most overwhelming sound experiences I've ever heard.


    @Vinyl Diary666 sounds amazing.. I lost that tour sadly.. Looking forward to the leaving meaning date in my country tho!

  45. Isylumn

    This song starts as absolutely punishing. You have to be masochistic to continue listening, because you are obligated to turn up the bone-thrumming percussion. You are compelled to feel it. I mean, you have to really want to hurt yourself. Then comes the joy, a blessed peace where only a moment ago you could never forget what has brought you here.

  46. William King

    $2 at one of those online jukeboxes at my local dive bar. Best money ever spent.

    Troy Vassari

    I hit my townie bar with this and Glowing Man b2b. Cleared the place out


    You monster

  47. Nice Meme

    Baguette Gira starts at 22:53

    Theworst junkie


  48. ThomasKub

    Does this awesome song have any connection with The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine’s Toussant?

    turn off

    only in the national culture that it's reffering to


    Not even that. Toussaint L'Ouverture was Haitian, not French. The name itself is just French for "all saints."

    Марцус Åкерман


    It’s referring to a leader of the Haitian revolution. How could you believe it would be a reference to a video game? Lol

  49. adorno_gang

    François-Dominique Toussaint Louverture (9 May 1743 – 7 April 1803), also known as Toussaint L'Ouverture or Toussaint Bréda, was the best-known leader of the Haitian Revolution. He was a leader of the growing resistance. His military and political acumen saved the gains of the first Black insurrection in November 1791. He first fought for the Spanish against the French; then for France against Spain and Great Britain; and finally, for Saint-Domingue against Napoleonic France. He then helped transform the insurgency into a revolutionary movement, which by 1800 had turned Saint-Domingue, the most prosperous slave colony of the time, into the first free colonial society to have explicitly rejected race as the basis of social ranking.
    t. wikipedia


    Look at the glorious shithole that island is today. Truly a great and righteous struggle

    Марцус Åкерман

    ValkiryeMax you don’t know anything about Haitian history if you say something like that. Truly ignorant of their struggle. How outside forces has worked against their development and the tribulations they have faced and how much the environmental disasters has held them back. To be against the revolution is to be for slavery. You must be a true fascist.

    R B

    Haiti is in poor shape today because France put incredible debts on them that took a century and a half to repay, along with a lot of other shit the imperialists have done.

    Bobby Danger

    ValkiryeMax It's a miraculous story of the human spirit triumphing in the darkest of places against all odds

  50. Skylar?

    Nons of this anymore. K? :)

  51. Roberto Barrera

    what an experience.

  52. Nathan Bartuky

    I feel like going on a crusade now



    Colton C

    Sighbot2966 kill the infadel*

    C R

    God Wills It my brothers

  53. New Banana



  54. New Banana

    I really love how dramatic Gira's voice is

    He sounds really serious

  55. Joe M.

    Holy shit that huge chord around 14:40 fucking cleaves me in half

  56. michael aryn

    Love this record. Great production. Great songs. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing them since '99 or so, but I have seen them live on three different occasions. Cathartic is the best description of "feeling" them live. The last time I saw(felt) them was at The Fenix in Seattle ( a club that was destroyed in the 2002 earthquake). I went w/ my friend who was one of the guitarist's in the metal band Sanctuary. Half way through the set he disappeared and when he came back I asked where he went for so long. He said he went out to the parking lot and threw up. No alcohol, he doesn't drink ; no drugs involved. Just a cathartic reaction to the intensity. For me it was a positive release of energy. I love them. Thank you Swans!

  57. raugusto0

    this is the apex of modern music.

  58. Daniel Green

    Damn this song is long

    turn off

    you havent listened to the knot my man

  59. ComputerHeadGFX

    Never heard of Swans, never heard of this type of music, never fully listened to a half an hour song.

    but this is very interesting and i'm absolutely loving it

    brad taste in music sent me here lol

    the emphasization on the buildup is so long and dragged on which makes it literally unforgettable. it is also extremely layered with just a chaos of noise such as in 19:25 where it's just an organized mess, and i love it. other miscellanous sounds (otuside sounds like the neighs) really immersed me in the song. my only complaint is that i had to pull up the lyrics seven times to just understand what he was saying lmao.

    all in all, i might listen to this album (if i have the time, this album is literally two hours lol)


    It was a combination of Brad Taste In Music and Anthony Fanfano who sent me here, definitely don’t regret it.

  60. David McKelvey

    I did a paper on Toussaint L'Ouverture back in 9th grade.

    The Will of G

    You still have it?

    C L

    Paper sucks my ass!

  61. Jacksonrox13

    I've been listening to this album for the first time and have just finished listening to this long piece, and so far I've gotta say... I'm a bit disappointed. :/ I'm not trying to say this isn't bad Music: it's still miles above the countless Post-Rock bands ripping off Godspeed. But compared to their earlier work (e.g. "Soundtracks...," "Children...," "White Light...") it just doesn't reach that same level of epicness and quality. I'm hoping that the rest of the album might change my mind though...

    fanny tooth nana

    Jacksonrox13 this doesn’t sound like godspeed at all what are you on


    +fanny tooth nana I never said Swans did. I said other bands who rip off Godspeed did. Read it more carefully before coming to conclusions.

    fanny tooth nana

    Jacksonrox13 oh you’re right lmao. Love u bb


    fanny tooth nana Thank you for owning up dude. Not many people on the Internet seem to be capable of that.

    Also: in case you didn't know, Gira just released a remastered version of "Soundtracks For The Blind" on both CD and Vinyl. The CD version comes with a bonus/3rd copy of "Die Tür Ist Zu," and Gira said that he will soon release that separately for Vinyl too. I just bought the CD version a couple of weeks ago and it's absolutely beautiful. Same artwork as the original 1996 version too! The Vinyl version costs quite a lot though due to how heavy it is and how many records it contains, but it looks even better than the CD version. If you already knew this because you also shop on Young God records/follow Swans on Fb, then my apologies for the repetition.

    Now if Gira could just rerelease that giant compilation of his early albums again, my collection of Swans will almost be complete...

    Richard Roberson

    This band was doing Post Rock way before Godspeed. Also Godspeed sucks not gonna lie.

  62. Ludvig Stadler

    That build up from 18:18 all the way to 20:20 is absolutely jaw dropping. That part and the outro of to be kind are by far the best parts of this damn album, an album that I so far have only listened through once, but that has already given me an unforgettable experience. Everything seems so emphatically complex and difficult to put together, but it's executed in the best way possible. Must have taken years to produce.


    It's also my fav part of the album. The way every instrument layers and crescendos on top of each other help create this image of a violent and abrasive beast, leashed by the fortification of and synergy of Swans.

    Bob Muncher

    The first time I listened to that part in Toussaint as well as the ending part, I was stoned out my tree and was utterly terrified and mesmerised by such intense out-of-control chaos. The same goes for the middle part of the song where there's all those swirling head-bending sounds being made by guitars which I would've never thought was even conceivable nor humanely possible.

    Francisco Medeiros

    @Bob Muncher its both fast and heavy but in a seemingless manner

  63. 無知な

    Great piece, although the French is spoken with a horrible accent


    He just said 3 lines and honestly they didn't sound bad



  64. HerrTelef

    The bass at 8:20 .....The whole song is a killer and the reason why I am getting deaf more and more.
    At 12:00 is the smash-ur-head-against-something-part.

    Karol Chmielewski

    this is a song worth getting deaf by

  65. Andrea Marcano

    when hablas español y te da mucha risa como pronuncia las cosas :v

    Adrian Abarca

    deja el falseflag y vuelve a hispachan lmao


    No usen el packman hijos de puta, gracias.

    Fernando Garcia




  66. Garrido

    The perfect soundtrack for a trip on datura.

    Francisco Medeiros

    @HerrTelef bad comparison, but in this case it would teach you how to open the door instead of running head first. Bad trips, at least for me, have helped me understand more about myself and the material world surrounding me.
    One trip in particular was so inspiring, that it made me enter med school (wich I am doing currently) to do research in the neurology field.


    @Francisco Medeiros
    I know what you mean and imo my comparison is not really wrong.
    Was it the expierence of a bad/horror trip for your decide of a med school?

    Francisco Medeiros

    @HerrTelef Yes. I became obsessed with the human brain after that, and I already knew about the sheer density of studies already made in medicine about neurology. I couldn't scratch this itch by trying to learn what I wanted from the internet, or by merely studying human psychology


    @Francisco Medeiros
    To answer Jimi Hendrix question: no, I'm not experienced. I have to much respect to this substances. Although I heard very interesting stories about it, but also bad ones.
    I think neuroscience wouldn't be in this status today as it is without these ones.
    May the success good with you.

    Persistence is all.

    Francisco Medeiros

    @HerrTelef Thank you lots for this inspiring projection. May wisdom and introspection guide your journey through time and space. So long

  67. BearSpecimen


  68. Djrojasw

    lool I listened to this song many times without noticing it has lyrics in Spanish (I'm native Spanish speaker). His pronunciation is weird, especially in "Dios".

    John the Pixelized Guy

    Holy crap I didn't realize that either 😂


    The French is even worse (speaking as a non-native of either)

    Aesthetic Virtuoso

    He obscured his vocals he does the same thing in English

    Genesis Vira


  69. Kim Cringson

    T-thank you swans for m-making my exam anxiety vanished. I uh... can finally face the test today

  70. Dardargo




    John Smith


    MusicMan 655

    Bring the Sunn O)))

    Gabriel Thompson


    Sander David


  71. Guillermo Ibáñez Gómez


  72. jyhem vacarme

    Toujours aussi Humain ! quand on sait qu'ils ont influencé tant et tant de personnes et de groupes depuis toutes ces années ! Swans m'accompagnent dans ma peinture au même titre que : Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Jesu ( Justin Broadrick ), A Silver Mt. Zion . . . Merci à Michael Gira .

  73. iamQuiliamQuil

    This has to be one of the most difficult pieces of music I have ever encountered.

    Jaroslav Fedorčák

    Difficult in means of listening or performance? If you mean the former, have you heard Schnittke?


    I did mean the former, and thank you very much for the recommendation! All I've heard of Schnittke as I am writing this is is his Concerto Grosso No. 1, but there are a few things I'd like to bring up about the differences between the types of difficulty on presentation in each piece. Schnittke's use of 20th century harmonies is obviously not hospitable to the average music listener, but the thing I find to be so utterly monstrous about Swan's music is not the sound, (through at points in this piece they certainly approach the blistering dissonance of classical atonality) but the structure. Swans' music is repetitive to such an extreme extent. I was listening to this song on a train a few weeks ago with nothing to pay attention to but the slow build of Bring the Sun and I felt like I was going to have a heart attack by the end of it. When Swans aren't preforming one of their extremely long groves in this song, it often boils down to music so structureless and minimalist that the listener feels almost stranded between the larger events of the piece. Scnittke's music becomes easier to listen to the more attention you pay to it, as the atonal melodies become more understandable through development. Swans' music is the opposite insofar as I can tell.

  74. Random Random

    The song is cool, but what the fuck why Toussaint L'Ouverture ?


    From a 2014 interview: http://thequietus.com/articles/15163-michael-gira-swans-to-be-kind-interview

    "Well, Toussaint was the guy who pulled together the revolutionary impulses and forces during the Haitian revolution, and he was captured at the very end of this exquisite adventure by the trickery of Napoleon's forces, and went to France and died in prison there. So he didn't see the final liberation that Jean-Jacques Dessalines ushered through in 1804. But Toussaint was the fella who pulled it altogether, and he was a former slave who had been freed. He was educated, he read military tactics and enlightenment philosophy and was a really great horseman. He pulled the forces together in this really complex, bloody and trying revolution.

    I'm not a scholar but I just ended up reading these books about Toussaint, just randomly came across Madison Smartt Bell and read All Souls Rising, which I found to be an exceptionally moving book; a historical novel about Haiti. And then he wrote two more volumes in that trilogy, one of which is called Master Of The Crossroads, and the other one which is called The Stone The Builder Refused. It's an incredibly tragic and apocalyptic history. More recently he published a straight biography of Toussaint and it made for a really incredibly fascinating story.

    As I was reading it we were developing this evolving orgasm of sound, that came out of the song 'The Seer' live, it became it's own song, I just started shouting "Toussaint, Toussaint!" I was reading that book and I just started grabbing phrases that seemed to evoke that moment. And actually I just started feeling inhabited by the spirit of that time, which was very bloody and very cruel and very desperate, but also it represented some of the best human characteristics as well: heroism and triumph. I'm fascinated by Haiti because its history contains the worst and best of humanity. Currently, right now, it's a devastated place."
    -Michael Gira

  75. 2 flowers

    Dam this just turned eatin my lunchable into a spiritual experience

  76. Jerkhov


    rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrico suave

    Gabriel Duran

    Jerkhov BR aqui?

    Jimmy Neutron

    I'm going to game end you

  77. Ryan Holiday

    Broughthony Meheretano

    jubjub 86

    Melon is a legend...He is the sun for underground artists 😎

    Mr. Froglegs

    I wish I could say the same, but I knew about the swans previously from my digging into sludge metal

  78. VerdantAssassin

    0:00 Bring The Sun 14:42 Toussaint L'Ouverture

  79. zeitok8

    me encanta esa mala pronunciación

    NotYour RealDad

    Do you mean the french parts or is there spanish I just don't get? He pronounces the title "Toussains l'Ouverture" wrong but who could hold that against him, it's really a weird sound to make when your first tongue is english. Plus, he makes incredible theatrical cosmic prog rock.

    Fernando Garcia





  80. luccacamillo

    Is that a fart at 25:06? Like an inside joke from the band: "let's make this super complex and powerful 30 minutes piece of art-rock music and sneak a fart sound in the middle see if anyone'll notice"


    I've listened to this song multiple times religiously, and I can honestly say that now that I've heard the alleged fart, I will never not hear it every time I listen again. *BBRRRAAAAPP!*


    fuck you ill never unhear that god

    CS Jones

    That's a pick scrape on a bass.

    Souce: Am bass player.

    Aesthetic Virtuoso

    Its a bass guitar string sharting in its pants

  81. Flawless9183

    Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven.


    Well, Lift your skinny is not so easy to listen too. Except the first part, maybe, Storm. And then, an album is not always "better" because it's too hard to listen to.


    @Arkhir true


    @Flawless9183 /mu/ is the music board on 4chan. Neutral Milk Hotel and Godspeed are treated like the greatest bands of all time there. Some people on mu try to be like hipsters and say that they suck. If you ever go on mu, I bet that you'll find at least one person praising or shitting on one of those bands.

    Aesthetic Virtuoso

    Lift your skinny fists is far more disturbing and odd. Thst makes it deeper and more hard hitting for me, but this is a lot easier to digest.


    Man, seeing someone lie about their shitposts that obviously makes me nostalgic for when I was 16. Obviously only someone that actually frequents futaba boards would see "/mu/" and think to change it to "MU" to feign ignorance. And of course only someone who frequents /mu/ would think it was funny to call Aeroplane better than anything.

  82. Peanut Butter Pikachu

    It's like an orchestra piece but it's rock.


    Progressive rock

    Wilson The Coconut

    That’s what post and prog rock is fool

    El Fenomeno

    Wilson The Coconut This isn’t progressive rock tho, bruh

    Gianni Carlotta

    ThatKidWhoLiesAboutHisAge OnTheInternet uh


    It could be.
    Prog isn't all just crazy time signatures and weird lyrics.

  83. Sophy BJJ

    If you don't know who Toussaint L'Ouverture was, you don't get this song.

    Whited Out

    Wasn't he called Louverture?

    Jean-Philippe Grondin

    People care about lyrics? At All?


    @a b r/iamverysmart


    @WalterWhite r/whoosh

    Orbital Butt

    @a b You sound like an insufferably smug prick. That being said people should probably know who Toussaint Louverture is, in the sense that more people should have a reasonable knowledge of basic history

  84. Aboood165

    Praise the sun

    Nyquil Severe

    Aboood165 \[T]/



    Los Pollitoz

    \ [ T ] /

  85. Alejandro






  86. preoccupied_

    They just straight up released Filth, To Be Kind, and The Glowing Man overnight. Woah.

  87. MrMeepbeep

    Well, it seems they finally did it.