Swallow The Sun - Plague Of Butterflies Lyrics

[I. Losing The Sunsets]

Cold was the air that the evening wind brought
Silent and so quiet were the woods
On the eve of that night
Don't know what I stayed there for so long
So long that I could hear that voice
The whisper we all avoid
Sound from within, the quiet truth

I felt my blood slowly turning cold
Turning cold from waiting
Hours I spent there awaiting
Hoping for someone to come
To silent the voice that felt like thunder

Evael is the light, the white light
In the chill of my world, she is the one
She brings the butterflies, pure light
When ever she comes by
The darkness steps aside

But I felt my blood turn cold
Hours I spent there awaiting
Watching the light fading

You're losing the sunsets, you will never get them back
The days you spend in loneliness are seconds in shades of black

Winter was cold, but summer is even colder
Nights have been longer, they have made me much older

You're losing the sunsets, you will never get them back
Every night you spend in loneliness are years in shades of black

Years pass, but has time stopped on me?
Morning always arises with vaster pain
And then it is sunset again

We weep the winds for your loneliness
Choir of broken dreams for the love you had
But now she walks forever lost in gray and woe
She's not forgiven, she's the one for winter to own
Not yours, old man, never again

She's the one for winter to own

[II. Plague Of Butterflies]

Silent people walking by
They are leaving, again someone is living
They don't seem to be well
Quiet death on their faces

Buried a few of them today
The children and the old by the road
I could give them shelter but they decide to go

Village is empty, dead, cold, empty
Only frozen bodies greet my arrival
Tortured by the plague, a ghost town

But her face I could not find
I searched for her in the woods again
And kept a light on my window, for anyone to come
But when even the trail of dead ended by the road
I gave up waiting, hoping

In this kingdom of my loneliness
On this throne of my thoughts

Maybe I'm the old one, sheltered by these woods
And when I lay my body to rest
I watch the ballet of shadows
Dancing through the flame of a candle
Taking me to sleep

But the night trembled my heart
For black wings moved upon me
Hoping for my time to come
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath
But like every night before, death did not come

The wings, they moved and danced
As a butterfly, they kept dancing
Dancing around my candle
But why are you here when Evael is lost still?
(But why are you here when Evael is lost still?)

The morning came with its cold caress
I curse your light for waking me again
The candle burnt down, and the burnt wings beside
Is this a sign of Evael, I arise

I opened my window, painted by thick ice
Took a deep breath and whispered her name in the air

The freezing summer burned my lungs again
As I walked through the snow
Looked deeper into the woods
And the trees waved their heads in sorrow

[III. Evael 10:00]

Cold, oh so cold is this air that the night brought
Silent, too quiet are the woods in the eve of this night
Once again I lit the candle on my window
And... and waited, waited for the sleep

Evael, my dream has been so alive
And this plague has cleansed this world for us
So please, release me now

Sink deeper to your loneliness
And you will lead her to your grave
She's lost in gloomy light
Still trying to hold her flame
You're losing the sunsets and you'll never get them back
This life you spend in loneliness is forever in shades of black
Wake up, old man, let it go, let it go

Was it a weak sound on my door that woke me up
Or the trees sheltering me from the night?
I kept my eyes closed but still felt the light
And the room was filled by butterflies

I rose with my heart beating
For the weak hope of the midnight's hour I prayed
And opened my door to the winter night

And she fell
She fell to my arms
In tears I carried her
And laid her down to sleep
Her eyes frozen from the thousand nights alone
She trembled and whispered

"I was lost in the woods
And the trees kept me away from you
For I brought the plague with them
With the butterflies"

Hush now and let it go
Close your eyes now

And we drift away, together away from the pain
Deep in this sheltering night, to a forgiving dream
Until one minute past midnight, the room was filled
Filled only with butterflies

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Swallow The Sun Plague Of Butterflies Comments
  1. Michael Tuttle

    Much more original and beautiful than that Seattle grunge! Wow!

  2. Steven Groom

    So many people say that sad and melancholic music only serves to harm people or make them more depressed. So many people have a massive misconception. Music like this that speaks from the pain of someones soul can really resonate with people. It shows others hurt like you and its okay to be sad, its okay to cry, and its okay to be dissapointed with the sad state of life. There is something empowering in that, something that helps heal, im not sure what it is but just the fact that its okay to not be okay is a massive step towards repairing or reconciling with the damage and self loathing. Be strong everybody because as terrible as it is there are others who feel the same way. You arent alone

    Marcus Tiefenberg

    Ever wondered why True Metalheads... especially death and doom... are usually the most peacefull and calm people? You just answered why... It is also a thing widely misunderstood by the majority of people unrelated to the scene... Its like... "Oh Death and Doom... he/she must be evil or have issues"... True beauty lies in the eyes and ears of the beholder...

  3. Max Maxed

    How can music possibly be so phenomenal.

  4. четыреста четвёртый


  5. Abdallah Hariri

    The first couple of instrumental minuetes are heaven

  6. spurqz

    The outro of Evael always destroys me

  7. Luke Gallegos

    SOS never ceases to amaze. This shit is transcendent.

  8. Evoken

    Очень сильно! я просто рыдал при прослушивании

  9. Kurtis Holtz

    Whenever I close my eyes and listen to this song, the places it takes me are incredible... I only wish everyone could appreciate how amazing this truly is.


    Amazing record!

  11. 505Legion

    At 12:10 I was like "Well, another slow song". In the next 10 seconds it scared the hell out of me :D I bloody love it!

  12. xTransfeerx

    2017 still the best

  13. Marshall L

    I first heard Swallow the sun at a concert when they opened for Scar Symetry. Swallow the sun was the best band playing that night. Been a fan since.

  14. chuck gardner

    beautful to this more varied music freak

  15. Kyle Taylor

    One of the most epic and beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard.

  16. Attila Felföldi

    Thank you Swallow The Sun for the song and thank you Rixin Wang for uploading it. This song helped me through some bad times. This is just so majestic. The lyrics are so beautiful, the riffs and the melodies are amazing, and the vibe of this song is so good. And how the voices change. It's awesome. This is like a 1000 times better love story than Twilight

  17. varez1

    i always have goose-flesh when listening to this masterpiece

  18. Nicklas Savanen

    This song is my life

  19. SiGhast


  20. Attila Felföldi

    3 people got the plague. But there's a very nice difference between likes and dislikes... for some reason......

  21. Attila Felföldi

    This is just magical

  22. Erin Coley

    Love this 😊

  23. Wings Unfurl

    chug beer to this song

  24. Crandaddy

    Greatest metal love song ever written.

  25. samuszerosuitsamus


  26. Kagome Kitty

    I've fallen madly in love.. with this song ;___;

    Charlie Susterich

    Pretty damn incredible, huh? I haven't listened to it in so long and it still holds as one of the best single song record.

  27. bonza haja

    Kiitos Suomi.

  28. Teresa Easley

    A Canticle of Light

    I bathe in the reverie of your impassioned allure,
    And whisper fervently to the Seraphim:
    For she, enjoined by the indulgence of such feral a dream,
    Hath forsaken mightily the baldric of her Heaven’s idyll,
    To sing enraptured the timeless praise of love’s first gleam

  29. Attila Felföldi

    This is a fucking masterpiece

  30. gillywibble

    One of the most majestic pieces of music I've ever heard.

    Jack Simpson

    +gillywibble listen to symphany x, that is majestic


    Majestic? Symphony x is great but majestic? We can all have our opinions I suppose.

    Jacopo Tiberi

    symphony x is the worst music ever

    Filipe L.M.

    symphony x lol... so teeny

  31. Daniel Clapp

    27:43 is just amazing

  32. 4d4d4d4d4d

    What is 'doom' metal ? Loved this album first time heard got recomended. 🔜❤️

  33. Amanda Eschmeyer

    Best way to kill 35 minutes. 1st song I've heard from Swallow the Sun, I loved all 34 minutes and 37 seconds.

  34. Augusto Oliveira

    grande ep!!

  35. A Z

    I was reading Schopenhaur and his thoughts on music and it seems like this song is a perfect example of this: "We could therefore just as well call the world embodied
    music as embodied will: this also explains why music causes every painting,
    and in fact every scene from real life and the world, suddenly to emerge
    in a state of heightened significance; and of course the more so the greater
    the analogy there is between the melody and the inner spirit of the
    given appearance.". In light of this song everything I see becomes so much richer with meaning and significance. The world is no longer the same after I found this song.


    hm, interesting. I would like to hear Schopenhauer's ideas on Anal Cunt

  36. Symmetric Asymmetric

    The most beautiful Doom Metal song ever

  37. Vladimir Melikyan

    read Evael in reverse, sounds pretty conceptual

    Tuomo Koskinen

    +Vladimir Melikyan And the last parts name in reverse is "00:01 Leave" as in "one minute past midnight the room was filled only with butterflies"


    Thank you both for such a smart and detailed observation! A subtle, yet outstanding example of congruity of form and content. Furthermore, it can be noticed that since the last word is pronounced, the guitar melody lead lasts just 1 minute more (between 33:10 - 34:10) until the outro kicks in.

  38. 666soccermom666

    One of the most beautiful songs ever recorded... I'm going to name my daughter after Evael

    J Ahmitti

    @666soccermom666 i decided so as well since the first time i've heared this heaven of album .... i wrote a story named Evael waiting on for a girl to be named so !!

    Michael Mark

    @666soccermom666 I love your name!

    Julian Soriano

    +Michael Easton haha thanks im a guy by the way haha just wanted to joke around the whole satan mumbo jumbo with something completely ridiculous


    im gonna fuck your daughter



  39. paulo doom

    lindo som

  40. Byron Maximilian Torres


  41. Mike Woodbury

    Every time I hear this I love it more. I've gave it away. Told people to buy it. Good stuff!

  42. Jussi __

    How the hell this has only ~250 likes... Pure masterpiece, with somekind of "freedom" to do things little bit different this time. Don`t know how to describe it. Just perfect..
    Losing the sunsetsin alku & loppu: eräänkin kerran ollu karvat pystyssä. Hirvittää...

  43. Пиздулатор Припиженый

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YO ALL SUKA 

  44. EnvyMachinery

    A friend of mine left this world last night. This was his favorite song.

    Edward Kenway

    @Michael Easton this is how it always has been for me as well, I hope everything works out for you


    hope his journey was swift and with minimal pain

    Jorge Leiro




    Spicy Dragon

    Chaz Martin I wouldn’t recommend to continue being apathetic as it is a horrible personality trait.

  45. James

    @1:40, is that in Shenandoah park, Virginia? I think I remember that exact tree over the dry creek.

  46. salak 82

    almost 35 minutes and still too short :)

  47. Zac Brown

    Of all the genres, artists, and songs I've been fortunate enough to come across―the latter numbering at least ten thousand, I would suppose―this ranks easily among the top twenty or thirty. The last two stanzas in particular, coupled with the melody that brings this piece to a close, are damn-near profound. 

    I'd like to thank this band not just for kicking ass, but more specifically for their contributions to my soul.


    That's pretty well-fucking-put, brother! I have seen them play parts of this song twice, now. Anyone who knows the group's material goes nuts.


    It should be at least top 10 im curious as to see what you would rank ahead of it

  48. mancho747heavy


  49. Marcin Wrona

    but it sounds like evil when he sing it :P

  50. Ben Kuettel

    What a masterpiece

  51. whisk

    pretty sure evael is the name of the girl my friend

  52. Grzegorz

    what does evael meen?

  53. SanityTheorist5

    The two Crimson songs by Edge of sanity hold the attention equally well.

  54. Caine Cox

    Makes me just wanna go deep in the woods in the middle of fall and just relax.. this is just so godlike..

  55. Johan Aronsson

    so much Beauty in this song

  56. Kevin Samuel Haber

    what People Say that? lol
    Pink Floyd Echoes, Genesis Suppers Ready, InaGaddaDavida, Zeppelins Dazed and COnfused and Stairway to Heaven, YES Tales of topographic oceans, and now SWALLOW THE SUN - all have epic long songs.

  57. Andreas Aune

    I'm a big fan of Swallow the Sun, but this song is terrible... so much sour vocals here and there.

  58. LibertarianPersian

    Could be among the top 10 in my list ;) \ ,, /

  59. FrosToes

    could it be the greatest metal song ever???

  60. Richard Cam


  61. eaglewings

    And people say that you should only make 4 minute long songs because that's the attention span of a common listener. Well I'll be proud to say that I'm not a common listener of music and sit through the 35 minutes of epic doom metal, and enjoy every minute of it!

  62. Stacey Ireland

    27:41 is amazing.

  63. Christopher Anderson

    Swallow The Sun's first album was the first metal album I had heard that I could truly describe as "beautiful" and "haunting". I think they sort of peaked with that one and had a slight decline in quality after but this entire piece stands up there with it. Gives me chills every time...certainly one of the best doom-inspired bands of the last decade.

  64. WouldYou Kindly

    I've never heard of this, and it just popped up on the side while I was catching up with Dir en grey's newer stuff. Someone please explain to me why the hell this band has never been on my radar before.

  65. AtrocityEquine

    FINALLY,Someone UPLOADS the entire masterpiece. Thanks man :D.

  66. tarpiddia

    i have heard this song before but never with lyrics. it was amazing then and now with having read the lyrics along with the song. im blown away.

  67. sizo duke

    thanks for the upload

  68. LibertarianPersian

    This is a pure masterpiece a fucking great piece of Metal, Persian salute to the great black death\doom Finnish band " Swallow The Sun "

  69. hprdevon

    i will find you in the woods i promise

  70. Ximena Melodeath

    So much beauty.

  71. Gulacha Eons