Swallow The Sun - Abandoned By The Light Lyrics

I anchored my heart into the depths of this sea
With this ship made out of fears
Its crew plagued with the curse that comes with the daylight
And pours its black flood on me when the night arrives

On this sinking hearse I stand, made of bones, blood and horns
Sails of this ghost ship left at the mercy of these storms

I tore the demons out of me
But the night always brought them back
They painted my skin with their shadows
And cut me with their blades

I was drowned under their will
Until I knelt like a sheep under wolves' eyes
They made me stare straight into the fire
Until I heard all the cries of pain in the aether

But in the flame I saw myself burned alive
Burned alive with her

Please, save me Saint Peter!

On this sinking hearse I stand, made of bones, blood and horns
Sails of this ghost ship left at the mercy of these storms
Flags ripped apart by the winds that felt like thorns

No land, no home in sight
I am abandoned, abandoned by the light

The purest form of pain
My heart pulled apart by ebony horses
Unaware of their powers

Gentle in their calmness
Until their eyes lit up like the fires of Hell
Or was it just a reflection of mine?

On this sinking hearse I stand, made of bones, blood and horns
Sails of this ghost ship left at the mercy of these storms
Flags ripped apart by the winds that felt like thorns

No land, no home in sight
I am abandoned, abandoned by the light

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Swallow The Sun Abandoned By The Light Comments
  1. FrankinChicken B

    So glad this was reissued on LP again. Just ordered yesterday :)

  2. Ørjan Gert Olsen

    To slow for me. Sorry.

  3. Marc P.

    Do you Guys feel the Wind @4:45 through the leaves? It's a very dark, emotional Song, like "The Empire Of Loneliness". STS never disappointed me, since 2003 "The Morning Never Came". True Death-Doom Masters.

  4. Hans Jakob Strai

    Very nice ,..

  5. Luis Martin

    Amazing band. Probably the heaviest song ever recorded...

  6. plantsinspace

    so much doom in this

  7. Francesco Procacci


  8. Anhedonia

    im speechless....

  9. My Melancholy

    The WHOLE 3rd disc from Songs From The North, is a complete Masterpiece!!! I really hope they continue to write more in this style because STS totally nails the vibe!

  10. Marcin Kaczmarek

    I am abandoned, abandoned by the light ...

  11. E Renn

    That won't be necessary

  12. E Renn

    Damn can you play any slower??? This track if played quicker would be a standard 3 to 4 min track. And btw he sounds extremely constipated!


    Play it on 1.25

  13. Thibaud Dulong

    STS un de mes groupes préférés avant d'entendre cette chanson et ça ne risque pas de changer après... du funeral doom dans son expression la plus pure... Les mélodies, le chant... ça prend les tripes ! Cet album est une merveille !

  14. Edward Ruff

    D O O M ...................................

  15. Marc P.

    Disc III from Songs of the North I, II & III is the blackest Bird.... \m/

  16. Lauri Mikkola

    Way better than the pussy shit STS has been doing in the past, correct direction

  17. lebanese metalhead

    I feel like i'm in a nightmare every time i listen to this song . Badass song i like it .

  18. Up the Jolly Roger

    31,7 Bpm

  19. AssChavez

    I can't believe Swallow the Sun pulled this triple album off. Especially disk three. This is some of the best funeral doom I have ever heard... especially the song Empires of Loneliness. This song is amazing also.

  20. fogrekjetter

    They're playing this one on the tour just now. Best song of the setlist!

  21. Scarecrow

    im sorry but the vocals are wayy to slow, i like the dark ambient sound but the vocals are 100% shit.

  22. Viktoriya Cherkasski


  23. Alexandru Grecov

    no doubts...a masterpiece

  24. Tom Shustack

    I love the looks people give me, with being 63 years old, and cranking stuff like this. Love it.

    Trexpelia Helvetios

    Tom Shustack Keep rocking sir !

    Marc P.

    Keep it going, Tom! I'm hooked since when "The Morning Never Came" was being released - back into 2003....and i don't care about what ppl think about my music. MeloDeath-Doom & atmospheric DSBM, it's my thing.

    Malcolm Seager

    Tom Shustack likewise, going on 62. 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  25. The Hermetic Gnostic

    in my opinion this is a little bit toooooooo slow

    dark Prince

    +Leo Bury i guess you know nothing about doom metal then

  26. theeparasite

    This is so gay


    This shit is gay as fuck.

    rpg-7 to all trikshotters

    +theeparasite ironic how you describe the lyrics to this song as being 'written by an overly depressed 15 year old' then proceed to say "this shit is gay as fuck". That's pretty stupid.


    That is a wierd attempt at an insult. But good effort. This music still sucks.

    rpg-7 to all trikshotters

    @theeparasite wasn't even insulting you, just pointing something out.

    Albroz 67

    +Alex F Don't waste your time men, now we know who is the true 15 years old here . And he really looks so fucking immature with his answers. If you don't like a certain type of music you just simply go what you like.

  27. Napalm Tomahawk

    Why so glum...

  28. Orhun Dursun

    i feel the dark

  29. Mike Gamache

    swallow the sun just keeps exceeding my expectations of greatness. songs from the north is fantastic

  30. DadoMuerto

    Man... the whole song is amazing, a masterpiece, but the melodies at 1:53... literally bring me tears when I listen to it. You know a song is incredible when it can make you feel like this

    Dimassa 19

    +DadoMuerto I liked to know.


    +Dimassa 19 open your heart then (uoooooooooooooh rekt)

    Dimassa 19

    +DadoMuerto Right!

  31. Vlad Dracula


  32. RatioPerfect

    what is this satan music

  33. Rod Jubair

    Welcome to part 3 of the new album. Dark Funeral Doom <3

  34. Iñigo Urrutikoetxea Gamiz

    On my knees...
    Hail DOOOOOM

  35. ryan adams

    its just a bit too slow for me tbh, i mean i like draconian and theyre quite slow, but this is just TOO slow. any songs that are slightly faster i should listen to?


    +ryan forget Pretty much all songs on their earlier albums, Emerald And The Blackbird and backwards from that, are faster than this. You should listen to their first album, it has plenty of great songs.

    imstill notusingmyname

    lets put it this way, this is their first funeral album. see "hope" for polar opposite

  36. forrest705

    Ahab?  Shape of Despair? No...........Fucking Swallow The Sun!  Doom to perfection.... Thank you STS.

  37. idonotownthismusic

    My fucking god this is just.. awesome!

  38. Peera 1975

    That voice is too damn hard for understanding what did he sing... - -"

  39. Neverbloom

    Holy shit, this is pure funeral doom metal. Pretty much the heaviest song they've done.

  40. Precious Metal Trove

    I still can't get over when they said it was going to be a triple album... TRIPLE!

  41. doomsdayblasphemy

    I missed Swallow the Sun, doom metal at its finest.

  42. Dimassa 19

    Jesus Christ!

  43. Patriot 76

    X2 speed feature required.

  44. Yogsoggeth

    oh my god hurry the fuck up....

  45. Ambar

    That's how doom is made.

  46. やんぷー


  47. G T

    I like it. It's got a good balance between the beat and vocals.

  48. Eveolution

    well... i guess Satan needs music too.


    No, that's black metal.

  49. tenofswords618

    damn this is as dark as the void itself

  50. Schall und Rauch

    Sunlight? Where we´re going we don´t need light.

  51. pancakerepairman

    third rate my dying bride. yawn.

  52. Alex

    Not digging the deathcoreish vocals.


    Never mind, I'm a fan now.

  53. Alex Gonzalez Urquia

    Because of STS, I'm neck deep into Doom

  54. Rhys Sadler-Price

    This is bordering on funeral doom, I fucking LOVE IT.

  55. Shawn Jones

    century media isnt as bad as roadrunner label and this other label i just unsubbed from (moonspells new label) where they only have one good band; but this helps prove they are pretty fucking close to a one hit wonder label.

    Shawn Jones

    @henepee I dunno who kataklysm is with now but they seem to have gotten good again. They are from Nuclear blast when I first heard em. Amorphis went to shit, but were good at first on Nuclear blast ( i assume since they sold out they went with a higher paying pop label to do so).Sinister is pretty good sometimes and I first heard them on Nuclear blast. Thats like the first couple bands I remember off one Nuclear blast cd so there is probably more


    My bad, Carcass isn't shit, but the rest is. Also those Century media bands you mentioned; Insomnium, Dark Tranquillity, Arch Enemy, were once good but turned to shit and Lacuna Coil and The Agonist have always been shit ;)

    Aria Isara

    @henepee For fuck's sake. Insomnium turned to shit?? LOL.


    +Arya Isara Maybe not completely shit, but they made same fucking album 3 times so I don't find them very interesting anymore.


    +Arya Isara Songs like While We Sleep sound familiar even tho I have never listened to it, that's because they already made 100 songs with the same chords on last 3 albums.

  56. Beard Banging

    Ireland, please

  57. Ahmed Bahaa


  58. Fahad Adnan

    Best Death/Doom band At All time
    hail to swallow the sun from Jordan 😍😍

  59. cosma cosmic

    this is spirit of doom metal totally dark lyrics and music

  60. Mikkoztail

    The best was absolutely saved for last. 'Nuff said.

  61. Lord Articus

    in FUCKING love.

  62. Jon Stallan

    Brutal, atmospheric and fucking evil. I love it! Eagerly anticipating when the triple CD/5 vinyl/tshirt combo arrives in the mail!

  63. akhiloose

    It was 5 years ago when I saw their supporting for Katatonia in Poland. At that time I said to myself, damn these guys are masters and this song is the most proof for my thought! They are my top 2 after Agalloch for all time, cheers STS and lovely Finnish people! BTW, this year is one the best years for Doom metal: My dying bride, Ahab, Draconian, Kauan,... and STS

    Just 4 Run

    +akhiloose don't forget Monolord and Screaming at the sun

    Jon Stallan

    +akhiloose Monotony Fields by Shape of Despair is an incredible doom album from this year to check out as well if you have not already :)

  64. Tanyą Şągenëv

    ¡They are mozzart of Doom Metal genre! :')

  65. Tanyą Şągenëv

    Mikko voice is perfect, so much feels into his song. :')

  66. malteadotas4


  67. Megumin

    Awesome! Awesome!! Amazing!!!

    P.S. My screen is suddenly white

  68. the gaze

    why can't I find this song when I search it directly in the youtube search? it's not even to be found in the recently uploaded videos from Century Media Records... I guess that, if it was easier to find, many more people would have given it a try and listened to this masterpiece so far!

  69. SeffoRG


  70. Mohammed Alameer

    Fucking brilliant. Speechless

  71. Tech Today

    Lot better than the previous ones . Hail STS

  72. Gabriel Maco

    Of the three songs they shared, this one is the best. The other two songs were boring.

  73. Adam Mohamed

    swallow the sun = gods of doom metal \m/


    +pascalirinel Candlemass*

    Khaled Eissa

    +Adam Mohamed Gods of doom metal O.o , how can this be

    Adam Mohamed

     اسمع وانت تعرف :D


    +Adam Mohamed nope. black sabbath

    Joseph M&F

    LMTR14 nope
    anathema (the old anathema)

  74. Cristian Ramos

    holy shit!!!!! this is DOOM as fuck! this is how u do it!

  75. Metalurgy995

    I love you StS, I fucking love you...
    What a perfect song, I am at a loss of words, so dark and eerie, yet beautiful...

  76. Angel Garcia

    Blast those asses ! This is a killer new album. Cheers guys.

  77. Vikingvesk

    I thought I was prepared for their third album after listening to the new songs of the other two .. but this ..
    This is just fucking amazing. A masterpiece if I ever heard one.

  78. Blackwood Drummer

    Like I said on facebook; I can even feel the cold from standing on a black ghost ship, with an empty stare straight ahead, sailing through the vast nothingness on a dark, never ending sea...


    +Feskprins Thats pretty fucking awesome. thanks for the image

    Romario Lopes

    amazing image in my mind


    Draconian - Empty Stare... :)

    Blackwood Drummer

    One of my favourite songs. Seeing them in two weeks!

  79. Khaled Eissa

    Holy fucking shit , Mikko kotamakii must be a funeral doom vocal !

  80. Ode For Cruelty

    Damn, this is fucking _dark_. Amazing. I love the contrast between this and Pray the Winds to Come.

    Bruno Carvalho

    +Ode For Cruelty different parts from the triple album :D the first part it's swallow the sun old style, second part semi acoustic songs, third part funeral doom like this one :D

  81. Omar Marquez

    Epic!! Very Epic Doom!! The best band Doom of the world!

    Tanyą Şągenëv

    haha donde te vine a encontrar xD

  82. Aurorae

    masterpiece.... :')

  83. Tiina Susanna

    Awesome. Awesome. Something awesome. Absolutely worth of waiting. Masterpiece.

  84. Patrick Gagnon

    Now your [email protected]!ng talking. StS is back!

  85. danomanno747

    that dragging, hellish doom sound....StS succeeds

  86. Gulacha Eons

    HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!

  87. heretic124


  88. Jack Dotas

    This is as Decibel described it, a "Nine minute stare." What an amazing, well written, masterpiece. Swallow the Sun never cease to amaze me.

  89. Neutronpomm

    Only one word comes to my mind - Amazing!

  90. Dahemoth

    Holy shit.

  91. DoomTobi

    After the first time listening to this one, I would say, it is one of their best songs.


    +DoomTobi This one and Empire of Loneliness are my two favorite of the third disc. Botha bsolutely amazing songs


    +DaimonoZ Yes, you are right. And the third CD is my favorite from the album

  92. George Bachoshvili

    DOOM For True DoomSTERS!!!

  93. Sanskar Wagley


  94. FifthAngel81

    Gonna be one of the best releases of 2015...even with so many great ones out already!