Swae Lee - Won't Be Late Lyrics

[Swae Lee:]

Tell 'em again, tell 'em off
It just dawned on me, this right feels wrong
No, no wingman, that's only my A game
At this game, two can play
Kill your vibe, they don't have the right
Baby, don't fight it, you're givin' me life
Take your time, set the mood right
Settle down, skeptical at first but now I'm not

Won't be late, won't delay
Won't be late, won't delay

Yeah, yeah, saving my time for you
Suddenly I freed up
Freezin' my times with you
When I'm lonely I can bring them up
Closed off my line for you
I'm better when I'm just on my own, girl
Standing in line for you
Standing here for I don't know how long, girl
Things I wrote, lengths I go
Let you know that I want you
Words we spoke, things you wrote
Let me know that you want me too

Yeah, ikebe
Pressin' on me heavy
Pressin' up against me real close
Bakasi, moving on me wassy
Time is moving real slow

[Swae Lee:]
Won't be late, won't delay
Won't be late, won't delay
Won't be late, won't delay
Won't be late, won't delay

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Swae Lee Won't Be Late Comments
  1. Nafiz Uddin

    Came here after the acoustic version man... acoustic version was way more better without autotune

  2. Mx Fire

    this song maybe Will be my favorite song ¡¡¡¡¡
    in this gaaaaaaaaaame 2 can play.....kill u.r vibe.....they don't have the right......

    Swae lee rocks

  3. Muhammad Ziya Ahmad

    "Two can play this gaaaaaame" 👑 2020👌🏻

  4. Tom ____

    It's catchy because of the beat behind it! Sending out good vibes straight away

  5. jabrildagod legend

    Y no video

  6. Ozzy Green

    I’m gna b late soz😘

  7. Quan Askew

    Still here 2020, peep my most recent instrumental (Drake Type Beat) & subscribe !

  8. Martin mardones

    vine aqui por el gianluca aklslksjdlj <3

  9. Lea Dorsey

    Papi!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  10. Varo Kobarz

    Damn I’m late ☹️

  11. Keegan Spada


  12. Viniamin Pugachev

    Как же это пиздато !!!

  13. Draco Gamer

    Wanna kno how did shit gone be gas’s cause the title of the video rymes

  14. Joey Boulevard

    This da shlt!!

  15. Sensei Jonathan

    Should have been on More Life

  16. Andrea !

    I’m vibeing

  17. Tima Idrissi

    This song is for ever


    In shortage of naijaboy wizkid

  19. Y Y

    Official video please!!! Swae Lee

  20. Liam Button

    No auto tune 😍


    This song is good how people not like it

  22. Shana Abrams

    I can't wait to clean my house with this on BLAST!! 🔊😆

  23. Second

    He sounds awful with that much autotune

  24. K L

    Why did this not blow up?

  25. Theophilus Toruvanda

    2020 chill vibes

  26. A.P.Kamesh

    This is how the summer be sounding

  27. Whoopty Whoop

    2 pack of ass

  28. apps !!

    -confia en quien tu eres-

  29. 100- Cœur

    When the official clip

  30. esolent

    this song will be on On My Block, i can feel it

  31. David Holland

    Just heard it in Raising Canes I had to pull it up

  32. Zack X

    👍🏾Thumbs Up this comment if your a musician with dream ⛅️

  33. Stephan Garcia

    2020 vibes..

  34. KuKi_ monSTAH

    4.6k suckers🤭🤭🤭

  35. adedeji daniel

    The Afro beat is lit.


    Why people hate this song it's chill af

  37. Micah Hogan

    Pure Afro beats

  38. Desmond Divine

    Dope af 😎

  39. Rick Kore

    The good Afro Beat ! Nice , i love it

  40. pintoq697

    At this game two can play :-) I love this song.

  41. bom kit


  42. Joseph Vernon

    Swae Lee doesn’t include Drake in the music video

  43. Breno Arcanjo

    Que dlç de voz e que vibe boa

  44. Antx Jewel

    All I see is hate for Nigerian culture una fada nawow always de hate on they Nigerians ah you de craze for head the bible app de free appreciate the music nawoooowww wonder shall never end .

  45. chewysearjulie

    Afro beats 😍

  46. Ketsia AMBOKA

    Trop bien cette chanson on a danser sur sa à la danse

  47. Emeka Anachebe

    Nigerian vibe and slangs ❤️❤️. The world is a global village now. Naija to the world!

  48. Ролан

    Drake fucked the beat up with his howls

  49. Mr400Bhp

    The most chill song of 2020

  50. Kepr Sounds


  51. gary miller

    Drake used Nigerian slang 😂 Ikebe and Bakasi. Who else heard that?


    culture vulture

    Oloye Sky

    We are coming to re-colonize them


    When Drake *verse starts you go on mind trip*

  53. JLT Music Productions

    When the teacher says don’t clap yet :

    The whole class:

    Demi Sullivan


  54. Tony Bret

    Je suis pas le seul français

  55. Physiq -

    So cool and love you

  56. 에에헤헷

    이거나 들어라 어리석은 막내동생아

  57. benbelap

    Listen to this a couple of days before 2020. Hope y'all have a good one

  58. ITS DIZ

    Ⓘ ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ⓣⓗⓘⓢ ⓢⓞⓝⓖ

  59. ismaila amadou

    All this time. I thought it wizkid lol

  60. Olu Vlog

    Drake is officially Nigerian

    That’s some slangs yo. 🤣🤣🤣

  61. David Jesse

    Swae Lee tryna be Wizkid with that Afro beat..

  62. Reagantos B

    Shout Out 🎷🎵To Alhaji Tekno👑👑 For The Mad Beats😎🙌...#AfroBeats🔥🔥🔥

  63. Marc Hueber

    super bon son


    1:03 💓❣

  65. Omar Walters

    love this nostalgic Vybe.

  66. Phoenix Wemp-Buffalo

    what happen to Rae Sremmurd

  67. Zakaria Mohammadi

    Mega Hammer
    2 0 1 9

  68. Asayo Ayari

    Fire fire fire fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  69. modibo afri-pub

    Nice song

  70. Apostolos Vlachos

    i love this song TOLIS

  71. daríooo -.-

    igual esta + pulenta la version del gianluca😔👌

  72. Nicolás Morales

    Who going for g a luca?

    Rap por la noche

    G AND 1000?

    Nicolás Morales

    @Rap por la noche gianluca

  73. El Marselo

    Quien viene por Gianluca?

  74. CamfoodTv


  75. Levina Ortiz


  76. L4 Music Tv

    https://youtu.be/2fNPzxhCWxQ swae lee beat free

  77. Narkyz Aitore

    Same bit as in "Take care" song ._.

  78. Kidson Monteiro

    Afro beat in the house 🤘🤜🏾🤜🏾🤜🏾🤜🏾🤜🏾💣

  79. QdsWhhj

    Dude been making the same song for 3 years now

  80. Queen Lazy Bandana

    Sounds like a Sexy Drake song

  81. Linda Lopes

    I love the voice the Drake put in this song

  82. Idka hype

    The beat is amazing🤯🥵🔥💎

  83. Swaggy P

    Omg this is lit as hell. I will get high tonight and listen to this song stoned as fuck.🔥

  84. Munchies

    S/O to Nigerian producer TEKNO. Afrobeat to the world. Ikebe. Bakasi

  85. Laetitia KY

    This is litteraly a naija song 🤣💖💖💖💖💖

  86. Kauka on The Track

    your favorite boy tekno on the beat

  87. titi titi

    J'adore like avec moi si ta pas trouver de français

  88. carly.desteny Cervantes martinez

    Me encanta esta cansion por q le sirbe mucho ME relaja cuando ago tarea o cosas asi me encanta esta cansion❤❤❤

  89. vicious

    Drake just copy & pasted the flow from "Controlla"

  90. 7일 1비트 7days 1beat for free

    This song is perfect for hotel room w/ gf

  91. Deepika Mehta

    The starting just starting of this song...I've heard it somewhere I can't remember... Somebody plz let me know

  92. Feddy

    Wizkid gave away his beat. Big ups African beats.

  93. Jo Bad

    Iskaba - wande coal x Dj Tunez

  94. MeZOx

    Like african songs

  95. don teuni

    This is some real nigga nice music