Swae Lee - Diva Lyrics

A late night creepin', I found me a young soul stealer (Stealer)
Keep one of my own, a queen out the kingdom (Kingdom)
I want to put a crown on
Spending my cash just like ride on
She shake like a pompom
Take one and we take off (Yeah)

Push up if I need to (Whoo)
Lookin' for a carefree diva
Drowning the butterflies inside your stomach
Every time that you drink up

Di-va, diva
Di-va, carefree diva (Yeah)
Lookin' for a carefree diva
Di-va, diva
Di-va, carefree diva (Woo)
Lookin' for a carefree diva

I got no rules tonight boy, I rule your kingdom
Shaking my good 'till you enjoy, I feel you linger
I want ya, I want ya, I want ya
You know that, you know that I love this
Feeling my skills, I let 'em show, licking your fingers

La isla bonita
Let me be your carefree diva
Drowning the butterflies inside your stomach
Every time that you drink up

Di-va, diva
Di-va, carefree diva (Yeah)
Lookin' for a carefree diva
Di-va, diva
Di-va, carefree diva (Woo)
Lookin' for a carefree diva

Thanks for never leaving me concerned (No, no)
Low key, she's hating me love her (Yeah, yeah)
Good fuck and I have you covered
Passenger side for your comfort (Comfort)
Marriott fresh, had you over
Saw you clearer than color (Hey)

Push up if I need to (Whoo)
Lookin' for a carefree diva
Drowning out butterflies inside your stomach
Every time that you drink up

Di-va, diva
Di-va, carefree diva (Yeah)
Diva, lookin' for a carefree diva
Di-va, diva
Di-va, carefree diva (Woo, yeah)
Diva, lookin' for a carefree diva

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  1. Shubby D

    This song is soo underrated

  2. irwan lengkas

    Tove Lo🤤🤤🤤

  3. Ameilia Lawrence

    Thanks 1million dance studio for leading me here

  4. Kreena Believe

    Queen Tove Lo!!!

  5. Maksuda Chowdhury

    Who came becouse of the dance from 1milliondancestudio?
    Couse I came becouse of that reason and song is realy catchy

  6. jessy

    Omg my puppy 's name is diva

  7. Lola Aj


  8. 413 Felix Ortiz

    WepA wOw wOw 💖 iTTrue story NiCeLy dOnE 🎉👏👏💨👏👏👏👏💖💯🌌🚀

  9. Marcus Paul

    Love sway Lee and Tov lo

  10. Sami Shafizad

    diva . diva. diva

  11. Sami Shafizad

    fucking amazing

  12. SønixSøn

    sounds like gyal. nice track

  13. Émerson Neves

    Swae Lee you the best❤️

  14. Yash Bais

    There. Happy. Give a like

    Yash Shekhar


  15. Nélissa Boisrond

    J'adore 😘

  16. jose blaise

    I love Aazar😍🥰🤩

  17. Jose Arroyo

    25 seconds and I get you the Like cause this is the Lee that I Love 😂🤗

  18. Dvj Mullah

    "looking for a care free diva".>.<>. 14th of December 2019 anyone,,hit like before year ends...

  19. Jews Trojan

    Editing skills are just 😍😍😍💯💯👏👏👏

  20. Lost Kid

    di-va di-va

  21. Eden Twix

    Swae lee u rock it bro

  22. Dray

    Im here for Aazar lol

  23. Jedida Wambui

    This is a heat

  24. Joe Thuo


  25. Mariama Abdou

    Im diva❤️♥️

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    Lucien is the Diva in'da House

  27. myckael ribeiro


  28. MR. S

    2019:Diva (Gyal)

  29. chenoa

    i love how swae lee wearing native clothing, it's beautiful!

  30. Bora Thy

    Name.in the cambodian. Bora.+855885540905

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  32. Anandhu Prasad

    2:44 literally good.....

  33. Allan56 Allan56

    Three things happened today
    1.My friend said he hated this song
    2.He got hit by a car
    3. I lost my car license

  34. Musical Vibes

    T o v e lo is a queen 🔥🔥❤❤

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    🔥 Aazar feat. Swae Lee & Tove Lo - Diva [2019]
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  37. Sagar Debbarma

    My Diva TOVE LO 🖤

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    Fdp 15 balles la prevente cest nul

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    Fav Tunes 😍❤️😍
    CHEERS FROM Cairo Egypt 🇪🇬😘

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    💖iT WepA NiCeLy dOnE 🎉👏👏💨👏👏👏👏💖💯🌌🚀🤤

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    Gyal was good enough by itself!!

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    Awesome I like your music swae lee

  46. Osama! Sam#07

    *Dope🔥!! Love it!♥*

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  48. Edwin Kandjii

    @2:51, Swae Lee didn't even crease his shoes. LOYAL TO THE GAME

  49. Jules Chouake

    No doubt that's swae lee's

  50. Kesheni Chella

    Swae Lee never stops to rock...n he won't cause that's his swag 🔥🔥🤙🤙

  51. krishna poojari BJP


  52. Jj Shiku

    I have not stopped listening to this song ever since I heard it.Dammit!!

  53. Gaurav Netam

    Passenger seat for your comfort

  54. Mickael Deschamps

    On retrouve un maillot du PSG lol

  55. Dev PS

    We already knew that Swae lee gonna rock this song along with Tove lo. But can we just appreciate the music and melody created by Aazar🤩

  56. Foster30

    I love this song should be a hit 😎

  57. Some Evil Shits

    :0 ly shiit

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    You people must check out the Kingdom 93 edit of this one.

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    Swae lee x Tovelo!!!

  60. Aaron Marchioro

    who is the girl at 47 seconds ???? NEED ANSWERS LOOKS FAMILIAR

  61. Mohamed Adnane

    I love to listening and waching this video music so much i can not stop...😁swaelee voice it very amizing😍for me he is the best. He have never disapoint me.👌💖😊

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    0:14 iphone 11

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    Azar means bad luck in portuguese lol

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    Where is Jimmy???

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    Slim jimmy

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    nobody hits them choruses like the sensei SWAE LEE!!!!!
    If you wanna make a hit collaborate with Swae

  68. prxgy

    Severely underrated banger

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    Ohhhh.. The beats are lit.

    LA isla bonitaaa

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    0:52 ICI C’EST PARIS ! 🔴🔵👊🏾

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    J'adore !!!!❤
    Looove !!!!❤



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    Only 5 million views? Like what???

  80. Dj LixzeriouS

    Deserves An Award 😳

  81. Jessica Wilson

    What the hell is the meaning of this video?

  82. Juveriya Rockzz

    Diva = Tove

  83. Nah Panda

    What is the music I’d tho

  84. Rodrigue Gaetan

    Diva tove lo

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    Guys please help me I listened to a song on the road like reggae it seemed him sing like I don't know the lyrics well but it sounded like"I want the feeling like..at the end he screams tataaaa 😂😂please if you know the song

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