Susan Tedeschi - Share Your Love With Me Lyrics

It's an evil wind that blows no good
And it's a sad heart, that won't love like I know it should
Oh how lonesome you must be
Tell you it would be a shame
If you don't share some of your love with me

Oh, it's a heartache, when love is gone
But it's bad, and even sadder, when it's not returned
Oh, and there is no other, no other love, if you won't see
Oh, it would be a shame if you don't share some of your love with me

I can't help it, if he is gone
I've got to try to forget him, because I've got to live on

And it's such a sweet thing, to love someone
But it's bad, and even sadder, when it's not returned
And oh, I said, how lonesome, oh how lonesome, you've
got to be, oh you must be, and if you know
Oh, it would be a shame if you don't share your love with me, darling

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Susan Tedeschi Share Your Love With Me Comments
  1. ROL G Songwriter - No ads in here !

    How come she's not famous?

  2. Saad Mahgoub

    Susan Tedeschi is not like any singer Susan something different. Susan when she sings singing from har atmosphere . When she smile and sing she give all the feeling of joy and happiness and when she gets angry and she sings give you all the feeling of pain that it is the talent of true revelation ..

  3. leukat11

    Doyle Bramhall with a curious tele left handed body and rigth handed neck ...

  4. Tina

    If you play this for your man and he doesn't melt, get rid of his ass, he has no soul!!!

  5. SuperLindy1962


  6. Kit Carson

    Oh yes ! Soul !

  7. Evan Flynn

    one of my favorite songs she sings.

  8. Quincy Peabody

    beautiful soulful voice. .. reminds me of Bonnie Raitt

  9. Katie Barry

    Can someone upload the original recording?

  10. susan parrisdh


  11. Don Bastian

    I'm pretty sure this was 2006, and she and her band were performing at Austin City Limits.

  12. Andrew Franko

    Bonnie Raitt use to make me cry...But you, Susan Tedeschi, leave me in a quivering mess. Thank you anyway.

  13. doorbell5

    just love her!!! ~share some love

  14. QAPete

    Susan is one of the best singers of her generation, male or female. She's simply amazing.

  15. K Boudreaux

    all the guitarist are left handed

  16. hawkrider88

    A Blues Angel.....arrgh, what a voice.

  17. james madison

    Cleveland on saxophone ladies and gentlemen...

  18. Detla Dreg

    Ha, you did!

  19. bobollie

    yeah man, love how he just smiled and kept the other strings bent to stay in tune until he just turned himself down a touch. Amazing control. And of course I came here for Susan...

  20. scouse2606

    I've seen a band I love over here in 2011 and the founding Lead Guitarist Steve Cradock's string breaks at the beginning of the track on his 1974 Cherry Red 335, so he quickly swaps it for his spare it!! I'll link you the video someone posted of it! Genius

  21. Marcus McLennan

    Love this girl

  22. onibakemono

    Ron Holloway!!! The Man.

  23. BoXian Ong

    Gotta love the expression of the keyboardist in this series of performances

  24. sonwamac

    I disagree with you. No one can touch Bobby "Blue" Bland who did the original but this is a very creditable version...and I think this singer 'specially considering a non-Black singer has a great deal of soul and grit. I've heard some of her other songs...she's good

  25. Nicholas Walker

    Susan just love your interpretation and spirit, just beautiful to hear such a voice, thank you very much for sharing the gift..... Nicholas - New Zealand.

  26. darkenski

    He's doyle bramhall II ,great guitarist and singer !

  27. darkenski

    Doyle Bramhal II at the guitar solo !
    Great Music (Y)

  28. Ka13Bang

    That guitar player's guitar is strung right handed and he's playing it left handed.

  29. Mark Brandt

    The guitar player is cool playing a Left handed body w/ a right handed neck

  30. DESILAS38127

    Good singer. However, she lacks soul and grit which are the elements needed to sing this song the way it should be sung.

  31. 3chrds

    oh wow, didnt know doyle bramhall was in her band, cool

  32. grievousangel09

    Yes, it's just light. If it had broken the string would be dangling from the neck and obvious. Also cut to 3:58 and 4:07 and you can see it still strung.

  33. Kristy Landry

    Absolutely amazing!!!

  34. John Gable

    Who is her piano player?

  35. thedukewestern

    hey doyle - thanks for being a lefty who plays with the high e on top...

  36. Beecher72

    @paulrwyo It's not fair to compare anyone with Aretha! She's a goddess. Susan is great, nevertheless.

  37. 777philgood

    @Hope6sic6 dude i think it`s only the reflection of light,not a broken string ;)

  38. blondstallion

    @Hope6sic6 Wow, if you saw that string breaking at 2:34 you must have been watching the whole thing picture for picture..

  39. Michael Lamper

    i wonder if derek knows shes cheating on him with anouther guitar god haha just

  40. Shane ofEarth

    @SRVblueshero1 I'm surprised you don't know who Doyle is? His dad was Stevies writing partner, Doyle Bramhall (we call him Big D) He co-wrote a lot of songs with Stevie...including a rewrite of "I'm Crying" which became "Pride and Joy"

  41. Marcus McLennan

    Susan, ditch Derek................... and me

  42. Daniel Stuart

    susan tedeschi and the left handed upside down guitarists (doyle bramhall ii and the bassist who i dont know the name)

  43. 929charlene

    I like her singing on here but also really like the piano on here!

  44. Mike Notyourbuisness

    anyone notice when doyle's E6 string brokes ? 2:34 :P

  45. zxzxzxr

    @RetroJenny AGREED ;)

  46. RetroJenny

    I admire women like Susan Tedeschi keeping the blues alive and ignoring the mainstream scene. She was blessed with a soulful voice.

  47. tony milano

    @SRVblueshero1 Doyle Bramhall II on guitar....he is a bad @ss. Check out his solo stuff or Arc Angels. He also toured with Roger Waters and Eric Clapton.

  48. SRVblueshero1

    upside down guitar and bass? cool

  49. grandbbq

    @joethepainter90 I was just thinking the same thing

  50. Nathan DiGesare II

    @joethepainter90 Yes he is

  51. senseijosesuave

    Largely ignored by the mainstream...because she is pure and will not dance with the devil. Thank you Jesus.

  52. Carl Holsher

    Janis Jopnin's in the house only much much Better look'in and plays blues damm good on her guatar.

  53. Kate Juin

    Love Doyle's face at 3.29.
    This is smoothness itself.

  54. Nathan DiGesare II

    @joethepainter90 yes he is


    i love this susan i love ur voice.i wish i could have a voice like u.mwuaaah

  56. Laura Rebollo

    incroyable.. :)

  57. Myrna Halla

    Susan looks like she's pregnant. Anyone heard anything?