Supremes, The - Your Wonderful Sweet, Sweet Love Lyrics

Now there's a theory
That everybody has a love somewhere

(Somewhere) Yeah (Somewhere)

But I had begin to believe
That mine wasn't there, oh, oh
Oh but then, you came to me and proved the theory
And all of my days
I wanna have you near me with a...
Your wonderful sweet, sweet love
That's all I need now
Your wonderful sweet, sweet love

Oh, oh I'd been searching here and there

(Oh yeah)

Seems you came from outta nowhere

(Oh yeah)

With the kind of love I wanted to share
I feel good now, oh, oh, oh yeah

Ah, before you came along
I had some sad and lonely nights

(Sad and lonely so sad and lonely)

I thought it was gonna take a miracle to make things right
Yes I did now
Oh but then you came to me as if by magic
And ended the loneliness that was so tragic with your...
Your wonderful sweet, sweet love
Sweet, sweet love now
Your wonderful sweet, sweet love

Ooh yeah!

Your wonderful sweet, sweet love

I've got to have it

Sweet, sweet love, yeah, yeah

Your wonderful sweet, sweet love

Sweet, sweet love

You know I need it now

Your wonderful sweet, sweet love!

Oh! Everyday I had cried so much
You came to me and you showed me such
Tenderness with your loving touch
I feel good now
Ah baby yeah, yeah
I need, I need, I need, I need

Your wonderful sweet, sweet love

Your sweet loving

Your wonderful sweet, sweet love

It's getting so I can't be without you
Wanna tell the whole wide world about you
I'm talking about your sweet love
Your sweet loving
Talking 'bout your loving

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Supremes, The Your Wonderful Sweet, Sweet Love Comments
  1. Bradford McGlone

    Jean Terrell did very well with The Supremes but, Diana Ross was better I think. Overall, though The Supremes was and still is one of the best song groups in music history!! I enjoy all their hits!!

  2. James Elliott

    This, in comparison to Kim Westons version is pretty poor really..

  3. Ann-marie Clarke

    If Berry Gordy heard this music now he would be shaking his old ass.i hear a symphony,baby love etc is very moderate in comparison to this 'WWIICCKIIDD' tune.

  4. Micaï. Claude.

    Motown=Very, very Best.

  5. Kenneth Robert

    l like that song

  6. Tim Harris

    LOVE!, LOVE! LOVE!!!, They were so much better without Ross!!. and that's why Berry Gordy had to silence cruel

  7. stephanie stoner

    Go girls!

  8. Walt Gekko

    The interesting thing about the Supremes to me is I thought their best stuff came AFTER Diana left and Jean Terrell replaced her as the lead.  This song that is I.R.S. ("It Really Shoulda" Been A Top 10 Hit) and should have been a much bigger hit.

    Ann-marie Clarke

    Walt Gekko I agree 101%,when Berry cannot have his way,he resorts to stifling.

  9. Heather Ferreira

    Twist and Shout, La Bamba, Louie Louie, Wild Thing, Your Wonderful Sweet Sweet Love, so many more - every pop song with this specific three-chord pattern (I - IV - V - IV) as its chorus becomes a hit.  Every single one.  There's many more singles that prove it, and I bet you've heard and you know them all.  Test it out!   You'll see it's true,  Root - IV - V - IV.  For whatever reason: mankind's favorite chord progression :)

    Now if we can just find a music theorist here on YouTube to magically show up now and explain WHY.  Yes, thank you SupremeScene, for sharing this gem!!!

    Edited to add: the Alphabet Song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star also share this same chord progression.  What is it about I - IV - V - IV that hooks us so?  :D

  10. hollidayevery

    If you're implying that Smokey's songs don't make sense, I have to wonder why you would think that. Smoke is a very poetic, literal, lyric writer.

  11. DetroitLives313

    The Supremes at their best y'all!

  12. Anges TrulyBlessed Johnson

    I LOVE IT!

  13. theSUPREMEscene

    thanks so much! i'm so glad you enjoyed it! 

  14. Louis Wendruck

    Besides the song, I love your slideshow. You're very talented. I remember when the song came out. I was 15 years old. Just to let you know though, my favorite new Supremes song is "Nathan Jones." And we used to call them the "new Supremes" in 1971 when Diana Ross left.

  15. theSUPREMEscene

    i'm so glad you enjoyed it!! 

  16. Louis Wendruck

    Great, great, great post! Thanks.

  17. theSUPREMEscene

    i'm so glad you enjoyed it!!

  18. 5urrealk1ller

    Excellent sound quality. Thank you, very much, for sharing this.

  19. theSUPREMEscene

    i'm so glad you enjoyed it...

  20. 34airflow

    This is my third favourite '70s Supremes song after "Stoned Love" and "Nathan Jones." I've been hooked on it since I first heard it. (Cool graphics, by the way.)

  21. cottagechskitty

    This is the most non-Miracles Miracles song there is. :) And I've never been able to confirm it, but I think the obscured male voice in the background is Smokey. He wrote it so it'd make sense