Supremes, The - You've Really Got A Hold On Me Lyrics

She's alright
I don't like you
But I love you
Seems that I'm always
Thinking of you
Oh, you treat me badly
I love you madly
You really got a hold on me
You really got a hold on me, baby

I don't want you,
But I need you
Don't want to kiss you
But I need you
Oh, you do me wrong now
My love is strong now
You really got a hold on me
You really got a hold on me, baby

I love you and all I want you to do
Is just hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me

I want to leave you
Don't want to stay here
Don't want to spend
Another day here
Oh, I want to split now
I can quit now
You really got a hold on me
You really got a hold on me, baby

I love you and all I want you to do
Is just hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me

You really got a hold on me
You really got a hold on me

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Supremes, The You've Really Got A Hold On Me Comments
  1. bernie bernido

    I can hear Flo and Mary in this track so clearly

  2. Manuel Esparza

    Diana and Supremes sound
    S e x y

  3. Zev Feldman

    supremes covering smokey robinson

  4. Hammy Cats69

    Flo was so beautiful. 😢
    Flo is so loud on this, haha, love her. 😍

  5. Hakim Ogunkunle

    These ladies can sing!!!!

  6. Bill Reid

    The Funk Brothers at their finest...listen to the sway in this track, the counterpoint by the guitar players...

  7. Ernesto Claudo Dip

    Florence should sing this song, she had the blues feeling for it, not Diana.

  8. skitsy17

    great photos

  9. Shirley Crooms


  10. Rahmaiya Lewis

    good music

  11. Joe

    I had a crush! on Diana...LONDON, ENGLAND

  12. yogi yogi

    this is great music America needs more of it

  13. Brad Bradshaw

    I love her fine ass.

  14. Sierra Douglass-swanson

    Fuck diana she wouldnt be shit wout her group just like bea

  15. eric rowell

    Lovely pics

  16. Centrist

    evrything the supremes do is class

  17. Centrist

    they beat every girl group

  18. Jonathan Bohler



    Very Sexy!!!!!!!

  20. MotownMaster

    Really? i love that album Sunset is a good song, so is, The Man With The Rock and Roll Banjo Band

  21. BroccoliQueefed

    No, the worst, was that Country and Western album they recorded. I couldn't even get through that one. It was terrible with the exception of 'Funny how time slips away"

  22. Jonathan Bohler

    #classic .....I love this song.

  23. frankie hunter

    Much better than the original.

  24. sprinkklez

    Screw u, "Mr. Daft Punk"!!! ___ SIGH = :)

  25. MrCapi55

    Holy Jesus Individuell86!. This Video really Got a Hold on Me, in my soul and mind. Thank you. Thank You Very Much.

  26. mizzfoxy9

    Detroit Rules,Supremes Rule

  27. Terrilliser

    A very demure version of Smokey and the Miracles song by The Supremes!..

  28. coolsweetgroovy

    love this cover

  29. MotownMaster

    I always thought "A Bit Of Liverpool" was the worst Lp the Supremes ever released

    bernie bernido

    MotownMaster they had rushed the making of it, but I love it due to the fact that they seem to be singing equally

  30. Elizabeth Roberts

    @huge10inchdick you surely must be referring to yourself?? i mean, look at that username??

  31. vivien darnley

    @IdealThinker beat them at what and wheres the contest ???

  32. Hershey Gregg

    @huge10inchdick TAKE THAT!

  33. John Rant

    Kool! Motown at least on record was rock and roll!

  34. OropherThranduil

    no, linda wrote the song, that's a fact.
    it's not like the house of the rising sun.
    it's well documented and you can'

  35. John Mcsorley

    Listened to this by quite a few different artists, haven't found better than the Small Faces version.

  36. OropherThranduil

    those newly written lyrics to Mbube where the Lion sleeps tonight, the complete melody of the song is taken from Mbube.
    you can find it on youtube.
    the tokens recorded Mbube with the newly written lyrics and title.

  37. OropherThranduil

    no, "Mbube" (Zulu: lion) was written in 1939 by Solomon Linda and performed by his group, the Evening Birds. "Mbube" became a hit throughout South Africa: it sold about 100,000 copies during the 1940s; and it lent its name to a style of African a cappella music which evolved into isicathamiya.
    then Alan Lomax brought the song to the attention of Pete Seeger of the folk group The Weavers around 1950.
    then New lyrics to the song were written by George David Weiss, Luigi Creatore and Hugo Peretti.

  38. OropherThranduil

    i also like the Linda und The Evening Birds and the weavers
    they made the first recordings of lion sleeps tonight in africa and the weavers brought it to america i think.

  39. OropherThranduil

    listen to good vibrations, with sometimes 4 seperate vocal lines singing at the same time, and still it all blends perfectly together.
    also the everly brothers were huge pioneers of harmony singing, just like the four freshmen and many many more.

  40. OropherThranduil

    well, the beatles could sing any genre they wanted.
    they have some of the best vocal harmonies in rock, but noone compares to the beach boys, brian wilsons vocal arrangements put phil spector to the wall.

  41. CheckMate657879

    Great pics! Thanks for posting.

  42. Roxy A

    lol, enjoy, hehe

  43. Nora Enciso

    You know what? I would hurry home from school just to catch them on their time slot on the radio where they would play a lot of their songs.3 of their songs played in an hour would make me extremely happy! Then I would just content myself listening to the radio hoping the next time slot would play even 1 song of theirs! Crazy isnt it? We do a lot of crazy stuff when we are young!

  44. MotownMaster

    This was the only decent track from A Bit Of Liverpool, that Lp never should have been released, i love The Supremes but that was just an awful album

  45. Frusciantelandsk

    are you sure it isnt originally theirs? the beatles loved their version of this song

  46. blmnml

    That sound like a good memory. Especially sliding down the hill on you bottoms.

  47. blmnml

    It sounds that your family has traditions that they follow for Christmas. I'm glad you will be spending time with you family for the holidays. And just for you, I wish that there will be snow for you to make you happy! Merry Christmas!

  48. blmnml

    Glad you are looking forward to the holidays. What do I do on Christmas? It really depends where I am. I try to spend time with my family where there it lots if cooking and eating and drinking and loving each other. Then I try to get back to NYC to see my friends there. What do you do?

  49. blmnml

    Well my friend - I have been away for a little bit and when I come back it seems that you have been very busy posting lots of GREAT early songs from the Supremes. So many that I have never heard before. Thank you - you are so great!

  50. Steve

    album filler. Motown loved to issue albums with two great songs and 10 filler songs. For some strange reason there was an exception...the Temptations had some early albums loaded with great material...a great value..

  51. Jude Fenwick

    Although the Supremes are my FAVOURITE group ever, and I want to place them about all others, I do have to say in the Beatles defense that they were some trail-blazers too

  52. TheFuckdaddy

    Everybody does not like the same sound in there singing choices. Its silly to keep trying to push your views on others. Luther Vandross had a premier VOICE but if a person like hearing Johnny Cash you can't change their mind and taste. Diana Ross was and is a wonderful singer with an amazing sound and style ...if you like Mary and Flo best go buy their records and play them over and over and quit trying to rewrite history Diana Ross does not care about you!

  53. valda bendle

    Holy Cow...the melody of the song...Hummmmm You really got a hold on me...Yeah! (I love you Wil)

  54. Jermaine

    Agreed. This song doesn't really suit her voice. The best version of this song is the Temptations' IMO. Eddie Kendricks basically had Smokey's voice, but with a more consistent tone.

  55. Rody Jay

    its you really not you've but diana was jammin as well diana would later sing more soulfully but this in the beginning so she wasn't allowed just listen to her later songs with the group "reflections".

  56. Merethe

    cock in my pocket hulla!

  57. edgegreed

    Dianas voice gives me shivers. This is a stunning version :D

  58. bbudacious

    always, having fun

  59. bbudacious

    I'm dancing now. and singing, there's nothing like a hold

  60. bbudacious

    Let's sing.

  61. strandwolf

    And I'm digging the graphics, too. Love at the end where the pics come flashing right along with the beat! That's a cool touch. If I ever get videos up I'll remember that technique.

  62. strandwolf

    STEREO. Nice sound editing of this super soul classic. Thanks.