Supremes, The - If Lyrics

If a picture paints a thousand words
Then why can't I paint you?
The words will never show
The you I've come to know

If a face could launch a thousand ships
Then where am I to go?
There's no one home but you
You're all that's left me too
And when my love for life is running dry
You come and pour yourself on me

If a man could be two places at one time
I'd be with you
Tomorrow and today
Beside you all the way

If the world should stop revolving
Spinning slowly down to die
I'd spend the end with you
And when the world was through
Then one by one the stars would all go out
Then you and I would simply fly away

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  3. Carolyn Mashhood

    Classic,Classic,One of thee baddest Women groups ever, and their style was so fly loved this group.And Ms. Ross you are still The Boss!

  4. Marakie Holliman

    My favorite ladies group.

  5. Tarantulisimo

    Diana Ross -- lead vocals
    Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson -- background vocals
    The Funk Brothers -- all instrumentation
    Mike Terry -- baritone sax

  6. stage7

    NOW, Where EVER This one came from, THIS Is the Mixdown of it that I ""LIKE"!

  7. ZM Prince

    Freaking love bug

  8. EmperorYoshi

    James bass needs turned up

  9. C M Go Hawks!

    Living in Seattle in the early 60's, Motown rocked. l'm over 60 & still love The Supremes.

  10. Traditional Skinhead

    Save my soul!

  11. Kalihi Warhomes

    OMG, this hit brings back SO many fond memories.

  12. Garry G


  13. Mark B Fensler

    This song seems long forgotten by our big corporate oldies radio stations (which I stopped listening to 25 years ago) even though this was a big hit (went to #9 in June 1966) Seems the only ones they play is Baby Love or Where Did Our Love Go. The melody and the awesome sax solo make this song truly awesome!!! Still remember Florence Ballard who to me was the prettiest of the three.

  14. Malc F

    Used to dance to this at the Twisted Wheel.

  15. Angela Zee

    Yasss! Got me dancin'!



  17. Tim Brittain

    Mr ms Wigan casino

  18. cloud reader

    Almost forgot this sweetie, sweetie i remember the luxurious condo of my frustration and gods mamba heaven down the love bug not yet gone down the mamba showtime. The women of power. The Supremes on the list. 0:08 Bwa&&$$

  19. Michael Raymond

    Diana Ross' voice manages to weave its way through that *big* loud band and still be heard above it. Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson groove away so smoothly and effortlessly in the background. The Funk Brothers play Holland~Dozier~Holland's music *so* beautifully, it was a match made in music heaven. I hear this song and it *still* gets me rocking and bopping all these years later. The Supremes' songs were timeless classics that can *never* be replicated. The early Motown sound was absolutely fucking awesome, *nothing* comes even close to comparing to it. 😎

  20. mildred fitts


  21. Aracely Valenzuela

    I was just like 4 or 5 years old and I remember my parents had this LP and I loved it

  22. Daniel Stump

    Holland, Dozier and Holland + Funk Brothers + Diana, Mary, Florence ...
    Was there ever any other music so exciting!?

  23. Louise King

    This is my favor song by the supremes . This song reminds me of when I was in love. I did not know how to deal with the situations that him and I was going through, I felt that the l man, I was in love with, had me in a bond that I could not get out of. It felt like it was a disease. I could not get out of it. My mother or father could not help me. I had to go through the pain. I'm talking about years! Years! Of pain


    What can you NOT do to this tune? Dance, Roller Skate, Chair Dance..?? Great Tune

  24. Armando Aceves

    Love the 80's cover too.

  25. The Movie Universe

    I think I found the origin of Billy Ray Cyrus achy breaky heart

  26. Hermie Bussie

    I love this song. I was about 16 when that song came out.

  27. Karen Goemer

    Love this song by the Supremes

  28. Jaajaa Rogers

    Diana was so ugly back then money 💰 has made her bleach her skin and have real hair extensions, Florence was the real main singer off this famous duet group who where the image and face off that great unforgettable decade 👑💖

  29. William Polk Jr

    The music is awesome and the Supremes nailed the vocals...the driving beat made Diana Ross get some urgency in her vocals, which was too often lacking. There was a little Martha and Velvelette flavor in the vocals. Awesome tune on every level.

  30. Ms. J.

    Greatest Supremes opus, ever...

  31. Zipgun TV

    First heard this walking into the Ruby Room in Oakland, 2006, everything bathed in red light, felt like Goodfellas

  32. Gordon Baney

    Class acts like this is gone..

  33. becky martin

    love bug had
    love bug has bitten me,, didnt mean for him to get me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,woot

  34. richlyne edme


  35. Fernando Garcia

    Best girl group EVER. Period.


    after the MARVELETTES :)

  36. Daniel Rosenfeld

    My favorite Supremes song. And that's saying a lot because they had some of the best songs from the Motown era.

  37. Kenneth Hamlett

    Ms. Ross sang lead on every hit record by the Supremes up until she left the group for solo stardom. Her sound was the sound of the Supremes that sold records to the public and made them the most successful recording group in US history. Some debate the volume of the background vocals, the intentions of this person or that person, to try and diminish the impact of the group and the role Ms. Ross played in the group's success. But, when they denigrate Ms. Ross, they denigrate the group and that success. They also ignore the tireless work that Ms. Ross -- often without the participation of other group members -- did continuously to promote and increase the group's popularity. Some of us are old enough to have watched it happen in real time, to have read the interviews, to have seen the live TV appearances, etc, so we are not swayed by revisionist history, We heard and read the interviews given by Ms. Ballard in which she openly admitted that while she enjoyed singing in the group and was proud if their success, she hated the other things that were essential to achieving and maintaining that success -- traveling and touring, rehearsals, giving interviews, doing costume fittings and photo shoots, etc. -- and she readily admittted to being intentionall late or absent from performances, appearing for work intoxicated, and intentionally sabotaging the rehearsed choreography to throw Ms. Ross and Ms. Wilson off their performances. She even acknowledged that her behavior and attitude were probably her way of ensuring that she would get fired, enabling her to leave behind a schedule and workload she disliked, so she could be at home and start a family. Though I would question her decisions with respect to professionalism, she certainly had a right to decide that being a part of a successful and in-demand group were not for her. I have seen and read interviews with Ms. Wilson in which she poked good natured fun at Ms. Ross for being so focused on the group's success and doing the work to maintain it, rather than relaxing and enjoying the good times associated with the success. I also heard both Ms. Ballard and Ms. Wilson separately say that it was Ms. Ross' voice and sound that sold the Supremes' records.

    Some criticize Berry Gordy for his focus on Diana Ross and his promotion of her. I wonder what they would have done it they had the most successful recording group in the country under contract and one of its members had the sound that the public was buying in record numbers, was terrific in personal appearances and was willing to work day and night to make the group and the records successful, while another group member was lackadaisical in her attitude and always looking to kick back and enjoy fame, and another did not want to do the work, was inconsistent in her attendance and purposely disruptive to the performances. I suspect that they would have done exactly what Mr. Gordy did. If he not done so, we would undoubtedly not be discussing these matters today, because the group's success would have been less spectacular, the solo stardom of Diana Ross might never have had the opportunity to break new barriers for all Black entertainers, and the Supremes would be discussed in Motown history as just another group with some hit recordings back in the 1960s. I am a great fan of the Supremes, and I admire all the members of the group. But, I see no reason to deny the obvious in order to rewrite a story for the group that I would prefer to the one that actually occurred. No one is arguing that Paul McCartney and John Lennon were unfairly spotlighted in the Beatles or that the background vocals of Ringo Starr are responsible for individual songs becoming hits. Background vocals are important, essential-even, but no background vocal ever made a song a hit that would not have been a hit without them or with them supplied by someone else. All these debates, which are of course intended to diminish and question Ms. Ross' success, do not achieve that purpose. Instead, they pit fans one against another, diminish the group's amazing achievements and in a way I find cruel, they call attention to Ms. Ballard's subsequent recording career and its failure to produce recordings that sold well or are of the quality of the Motown work. She deserves better. The group deserves better. Certainly, the entertainer who provided the sound of the group, promoted the group tirelessly and has never spoken negatively about any member of the group deserves better. It is time this absurd debate ended so we can all enjoy the music they group created, the barriers they toppled, the style they set and the impact on the nation they -- and other Motown artists -- have had. Instead of picking apart issues that have little importance, we should be enjoying the music and saluting Ms. Ross and Ms. Wilson (as well as Ms. Birdson, Ms. Terrell, Ms. Ballard, and the others who passed through the group) in their (and our, in some cases) senior years. Ms. Ross continues to be an entertainment force after more than 50 years, and she has produced a beautiful family that is making its own impact on the business. Let's enjoy instead of constantly trying to create or perpetuate acrimony!

  38. Rob Booton

    Motown or northern soul , absolutely top drawer.

  39. Pandapoo310 Q

    Fftvrhduduhdudhegeudgrgurrvr llukati

  40. Love 1980 Music

    I love Motown! This song is awesome and sung very well.

    Ms. J.

    Fantastic! !

  41. Chopper 5

    Someone droppin biscuits on the xylophone

    Ms. J.

    The supremes supreme hit...

  42. 22Bigmoe

    I turned 9 that year. Good thing. If I were 8 or 10 year's older I may not be alive right now. Vietnam!

  43. Tim Thorp

    I gotta say Holland Dozier Holland, along with Lennon McCartney, and Jagger Richards are pretty much the Mt Rushmore of 60's songwriting teams

    Mark B Fensler

    When H-D-H left Motown in 1967 (mostly over royalties) the hits slowed down somewhat. The corporation just got bigger and bigger and eventually all but a very few of their acts left the label over the same reasons. Motown lost it's roots.

  44. Baron Saturday

    My favorite Supremes song.

  45. monica bella

    One of my favs! Nice presentation :-)

  46. Chris Bowerson


  47. Sheri Rix


  48. Tom Engel

    Detroit-# 1 for rockin'jams.Just sayin'

  49. Mark Taylor


  50. Norm Render

    What ya gonna do when this soul gets a hold of you

  51. Steven Baes

    this is quintessential motown

  52. Louis Prudenti

    The baddest sisters

  53. Thomas Schmidt

    why is my youtube refusing to work properly?.....

  54. Micaï. Claude.

    Fantastic Diana Ross.
    The Supremes. Number One.

  55. Tom Yeager

    Holland Dozier Holland was the songwriting team that made Motown the hit factory that it was for so many years.....

  56. Shirley Crooms


  57. patrick ryan

    Record World, Billboard, etc. all had very high expectations for this song along with songs like Barefootin', When a Man Lovea a Woman, Sweet Talkin' Guy -- all major spring/summer 1966 hits. I was surprised that on Billboard it stalled at position 9 only. As some have said, it may have been ahead of its time. 51 years later (12 Sep 2017) it' as timely as it ever should have been. This along w/Nothing But Heartaches -- 2 No. One Songs for sure (that never were).

    Coke Guts

    patrick ryan This song and My World Is Empty Without You are my two *favourite* favourites. 😎

    patrick ryan

    Thanks for the reply; Happy Thanksgiving. 23 Nov 2017

    Coke Guts

    patrick ryan 👍😎

  58. Coke Guts

    The way the band builds up, instrument by instrument. The way Diana Ross weaves her way through that big, loud arrangement. The way Florence and Mary so effortlessly groove along in the background. I love all of their songs but Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart is my *favourite* of all of them. It has that distinctive Funk Brothers, Holland-Dozier-Holland sound from the early days of Motown. It's just such a fuckin *groovy* song. 😎

  59. Cafe` Skype

    Again, lovin mike Terry on baritone sax which made this sound unique. Above is wrong! He played the baritone!!

  60. Quietstorm7 Jenkns

    A good work out song. And a great love song.

  61. Kaiser Sözshye

    This was the true sound of Motown. My first love in music. always makes me smile and lifts my depressed spirit.

  62. Tonya Johnson

    The Supremes kicked ass!

  63. Kent Burrell

    "When ya ill..ya take a pill"..

  64. Michael Reed

    I CAN'T GET ENUG!!!!!!!
    I LUV IT!!!!!!!

  65. Annette Williams


  66. Starla Jones

    The beat sounds like MJ's song "If You Don't Love Me". Also the tune of some of the words sounds like the Jackson 5's "I'm the one you Need".

    Coke Guts

    Starla Jones You mean MJ's song sounds like this, not the other way around.

    Coke Guts

    Starla Jones Michael Jackson idolised Diana Ross. He tried to sound like her, he had plastic surgery to look like her. She was like a second mother to him.

  67. Darlene Miller

    the supremes 50 years you good singers forever usa number 1

  68. Charlie Galliher

    does NOT get better than this. Not possible. This song will be great in a hundred years.

  69. Renee Leati

    What a song! The great legends of MOTOWN!

  70. Terrell Staley

    love it!


    Grew up on this groove as a child in the late 1960s, listening to those Motown 45s on the show & tell player.

  72. taunton613

    Diana Ross =  American legend

    John Jarou

    taunton613 original supremes = american legend.

  73. Matthew Stetson

    Sounds like the prototype for Weller's (Jam/Style Council etc.) Solid Bond In Your Heart.

  74. Mariell Clement

    OOPS! Get the Febreeze out, the Funk Brothers' in the house. The booty-bangin bass and drums, it's about to get stank, for real!

  75. Gary Morris

    Brilliant song in every way.

    Ms. J.

    Supremes at their best!!

    Ms. J.

    A great musical era in America...

  76. Chris Bailey

    The great James Jamerson is on bass duty as well - what a genius, sadly died too young !

    Sunnu Valentine

    The Master ...The trend setter...!!!

    Cockney Red

    Paul McCartney has often said that he loved JJ's bass playing the most and was a huge fan.

  77. James Crow

    My favorite Supremes song ever. The guitar riff, the xylophone, the baritone sax solo. This song rocks n' rolls just right.


    Yes.  I agree that this is one of the best songs under the Supremes' name. However, when you say this is the best Supremes song ever, you only mention the guitar riff, the xylophone and the baritone solo which goes to show you  that it  is the musicians who give this song its incredible driving beat.   The vocals of the Supremes round out the song.    The musicians were not the Supremes but the great Motown in-house musicians.  Too bad the musicians get no credit on the label of the record.  It is the person or persons  laying down the vocals who seem to get all of the credit.  I went to a Supremes' concert in 1968 with my sister and she felt the musicians for the Supremes were so incredible that she thought they should be the Supremes as well.

    Bruce Scott

    James Crow ...That's not a xylophone. It's a vibraphone or vibraharp. In short, vibes.

  78. modman1

    In my humble opinion this track is one of the most exciting dancers of Tamla Motown and has everything to make it one of Tamla Motowns very best recordings. When Ms Ross was a great singer and not a DIVA. Pat Allen The Burnley & Pendle Soul Club.


    As a late 60s mod , have to agree as a dancer was fantastic.

  79. timothyy pearson

    Holland dozier Holland were the best at churning hits

    Rocker Girl

    timothyy pearson they wrote of 200 hits for motown

    timothyy pearson

    +Geri Gillespie the best over 200 i think its over at least 1000 hits

    Coke Guts

    timothyy pearson Martha & The Vandellas sang Holland-Dozier-Holland songs really well too. Nowhere To Run just makes me fuckin rock. 😎

  80. EgyptianMinor

    Steely Dan brought me here.


    How could Steely Dan bring you to the Supremes?

  81. antoni lewandowski


  82. Supreme Ali

    60s were amazing.  Love songs without all that lusting.

  83. raslu04

    love love love the sax and what I believe to be a xylophone throughout the song. Holland and Dozier were genius.

    timothyy pearson

    yes it was xylophone played by Jack ashford

    Michael Raymond

    The Funk Brothers 😎

    Michael Raymond

    Martha & The Vandellas also sung Holland~Dozier~Holland's songs brilliantly. Listen to Third Finger, Left Hand and Nowhere To Run and Love Is Like A Heatwave and Quicksand by Martha & The Vandellas and you can hear that distinct Holland~Dozier~Holland sound. The Funk Brothers were awesome, after Motown got rid of The Funk Brothers and Holland~Dozier~Holland it *all* went to the dogs. The earlier Motown sound was irreplaceable and unbeatable, there will *never* be another sound like it again.

  84. Nan Fagan

    I can't believe that this song is 50 years old. Boy oh boy how time flies And I was in third grade when this song first came out. I just love the Supremes!


    EXCELLENT TRACK from a great Groupe GROOVIE


    That groove brother!!!

  87. acapulco ramon

    wow...its my favourite of all surpremes song.....thanks holland and dozier......and the ladies.

    Chase Jackson

    +acapulco ramon ...i was born after the supremes reign so was unfamiliar with many of their songs......i was watching the divas tribute to diana in 1999 and she sang this when she went into her surpremes medley......i instandly loved the song....but thought the name was luv of my favorite songs.....and listening to it hear....well produced...

  88. Robbert Copper

    What Gordy did with this group, like most of his acts, was shameful. He turned two lead singers into background singers all because he was sleeping with Diana Ross; Yes the Supremes made him lots of money and made Diana Ross a star but at what cost? Listen to Mary Wilson sing "Baby Don't Go" ont the album "Meet the Supremes." You can also hear Florence Ballard singing "Butter Pop Corn" on the same album. And if you have an ear for music you will feel the same way I do... What a shame Gordy wouldn't let Mary and Florence shine.

    Cafe` Skype

    so WHAT??!


    Cafe` Skype Go back and read the first comment in this thread, that's what!

    chris huetteman

    Quite a story Robert. Is it true?

    chris huetteman

    Please, Sam, can you refrain from name calling, O.K.?.......Thanks, Friend.

    monica bella

    First of all: YOU are the one who doesn't understand nothing about music! Second: Berry Gordy, the EAR, chosen Diane and not the others! Period! And last but not least: your comment is simply mentally underrated!

  89. Great Vocal Majority

    When I was about 10 yrs old, the Supremes hit. I had a few older female cousins and I can't tell you how wild they were for the Supremes. So, when I first saw them on television, I was really awestruck. Their music and beat was so damn great. My cousins with me, couldn't sit still. The Supremes made you MOVE! Where did all that talent from MOTOWN GO?? God! There was so much of it. Now, it's almost all gone. Sorry. Rap and hip hop isn't even music. God bless Holland and Dozier! The Lennon and McCartney of Motown! Long Live Motown!


    Today (July 25th, 2016) was my first time hearing this song in YEARS.   And ohhh, how it has brought back for me happy memories of growing up in Motown in the late 1960s.   As far as contemporary rap & hip hop are concerned, I fully share your sentiments.    I miss R&B music as I knew it from the 1960s through the 1980s.

    Steve H

    Great Vocal Majority i 100% agree with you. Motown was the BEST.

    Doxie Mom

    I love it, too! So great! So Fun! Wish Mo-Town was back again like the "old days". Great song, haven't heard it in a loooong time! Woo hoo! "The love bug dun bit me!"


    i'm 17 and i listen music btw 1930-1980's, but i also listen political, critical or feminist rap and i enjoy it... i know that i shouldn't compare music styles bc they are different (the music from those years has quality, rhythm and something that gets deep into your soul, with rap u can just feel identified with the lyrics) but i think reggaeton or trap are worst jjajajajja

    Nan Fagan

    I'm 61 and I grew up listening to this music! I absolutely love it!

  90. Louis Ramos

    +Rose Trone good for you !you seem like a terrific person Happiness to you! always! me I'll still keep getting bitten by the wrong person :-)

  91. Linda Newton

    I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  92. darren elliott

    This is 1 of the best dance songs, my parents used to dance a lot at home on Friday nights at our house, they used to do this dance called the swing. my mom and pops used to be jamming off this record, they could dance, my father would lead her, just brings back lot of memories pops has past away but I will never forget those days back in the early 70 s   and get ready by the temps the beats are great.

  93. andrez03

    My Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim married in 16-ARR-1966. THIS song was the VERY latest "Powerhouse" single from the God-Almighty SUPREMES at that moment! Talk about upcoming 50th anniversary Hit Parade memories! (Next year!) Holeeeee Shit! =)))))

  94. Rose Trone


    Louis Ramos

    +Rose Trone Thanks but have been bitten many times still healing Enjoy your Day!

    Rose Trone

    +Louis Ramos. Love bug bite me twice. But i'm not gonna give up on love!!!

  95. theeasybeats

    I'd forgotten this song, I was 15


    This is one of the best songs by The Supremes. It first appeared on KHJ's Boss 30 Hits 4/20/66 and peaked at #13. I was 12 years old at the time. When I was in the 7th grade the Supremes A Go Go album was very popular.
    I think the first record I ever purchased was Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles in February 1967. If only I had been just a few years older I might have been able to go to some of the most historical concerts in music history.

  96. Craig Davenport

    One of my best songs by them.   Read the comments about Flo singing lead on this song.  I don't see it or hear it...  They struggled to get hits with all of them taking turn on leads and the songs went "nowhere"!  Until HDH decided to change the keys (higher) for a song they though Diana sang better. It worked!!  It was a #1 hit and they, Berry/HDH stayed with the chemistry/choice...  Unfortunate for Flo and Mary "who thought they were gonna change leads like the Temps", their singing lead was done.  Sad and Unfortunate.   But, 12 or more #1 hits says alot.  Just a side note..  D Ross always had that (IT) factor.   The others did not imo.

    Kaiser Sözshye

    Craig Davenport well, like...thats just your opinion, man!

  97. Gene Flores

    One of the best Motown songs ever!

    Coke Guts

    Gene Flores That Holland-Dozier-Holland sound to the max. 👍😎


    Gene Flores
    Now THAT'S what "I'M" Talking about!!!! I have ALWAYS Felt that, bro.!!!! This song BANGS!!!! 💖😆