Supertramp - Shadow Song Lyrics

Did your shadow ever speak to you?
And did he say that something's wrong?
Huddle figure on a lamp-let wall
Never realized he cared at all
Did he stop you going on?

Guess my shadow spoke to me to night
And made me throw my dreams away
Told a story of a twisted man
Who is playing with some foolish plan
'Bout a girl who haft away

Sometimes shadows are near
I see things very clear
My life unwires
Somewhere I make my stay
Blue ?ground and? yesterday
And change my mind

Now your shadow isn't always there
In the light of cloudy day
Or in circles where you had ?from view?
All the doubts that ever bothered you
And where people loose your name

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Supertramp Shadow Song Comments
  1. p.... ....

    In this soft version prog. 😂 reminds me a little bit a song of Led Zeppelin when they played the same tune or just sang exactly (in that case, Robert P.)😵❤🌸

  2. F.... B....

    all LSD songs were made by Hodges i Think, but yes hodges voice is just the chorus

    F.... B....

    Hodgson !!

    F.... B....

    It's actually Davies singing. He recently gave an interview and said that at the time he was still searching for his own voice. This is one of the songs I always had doubts about who sang! But all this time I was more inclined to say it was Roger's voice.

  3. F.... G....

    Rick Davies singing ?

    F.... G....

    Yes, Richard Palmer and Roger Hodgson confirmed that. And finally Rick confirmed that last year in an interview.

    F.... G....

    @Jakub Kopecky I believe that the lead voice is Richard Palmer and the second voice Roger Hodgson

    F.... G....

    @ANDRÉ L it was confirmed by Hodgson, Palmer and Davies, it is Davies singing. can hear it is Davies singing. I can't understand someone can believe it is Palmer, he has such a different voice.