Supertramp - Rosie Had Everything Planned Lyrics

Acting upon information received
Rosie had everything planned
Stood in a garden with a shotgun in hand
What a woman

Whilst entertaining the headlines next day
Rosie would not be released
If it was found that her man was deceased
Silly woman

Oh but Rosie, a girl with a strange kind of humor
Stupidly took it a roomer
Making her think that she'd lost
Double-crossed by a man who still

Stood in the garden and shaking her head
Rosie could not understand
Wiping her eyes with the back of her hand
Sad, sad woman

Oh but Rosie, how could a few words have made her
Certain that he had betrayed her
Making her think that she'd lost
Double-crossed by a man who still very near to her

Row upon row of angel-hair
Rosie had everything planned
Sure that the people would not understand
Sad, sad woman

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Supertramp Rosie Had Everything Planned Comments
  1. Cesar Sanchez

    Vaya mujer Rosie, gran canción.

  2. Stephen Lord

    Interesting fact about this lovely song....the only Supertramp song that Rick Davies receives no song writing credit.

  3. Maria Falcone

    Non posso iinoltrare la canzone Youtube me la bloccata perché dice che ho violato il rispetto Standard della comunity sulla nudità della canzone Rosie dei Supertramp ma dai

  4. Maria Falcone

    Meravigliosa, lo anche tradotta in italiano parla di una donna Rosie e di suo marito morto

  5. Ricardo Roy

    Rick Davies – piano
    Roger Hodgson – acoustic guitar, lead vocal
    Dave Winthrop – accordion
    Frank Farrell – bass guitar
    Kevin Currie – drums

    Maria Falcone

    La prima formazione dei Supertramp


    Maria Falcone La seconda

  6. Sergey Halford

    Сила! Школьные воспоминания , но без сисек конечно. Тогда об этом не думали.

  7. avomg_07 08

    Great song that brings me back memories of my youth

  8. danny sullivan

    cool song.

  9. mgepcll

    amazing video!! what a great and melancholic song

  10. Miguel Angel Sosa Ibarra

    Beautiful song!

  11. Sampy Khe

    Vaya puta mierda de traducción xD

    Mattas 26

    Que onda bro

  12. Nadia Dekkari

    💋 🇫🇷