Superchick - Sunshine Lyrics

Every day is Christmas
When every day is Thanksgiving
I can find the sunshine
If I count my blessings
I got love
And a brand new day

I don't have the best, but I make the best of what I've got
I can see I'm blessed if I don't obsess on what I'm not
Knocked down to the bottom, but I'll start it all over again
You can steal my songs, but you can't take away my pen

I've got nothing but love and a brand new day
I'm living a brand new way

If I miss, I don't cry - I change it up and try again
Every day I'm shooting, every day a chance to win
Easy to be hard, hard to let the light shine in
I love like a child, I never let the critics win

I got lint in my pockets
I got everything I need
Radio's broke so Imma make my own break beats
I get up when I get down
I never draw the perfect line
I got 99 problems
I knock 'em down one at a time

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Superchick Sunshine Comments
  1. Willow R


  2. William Dalituicama

    Oh my... love this band!!! Goodbye my childhood :'(

  3. James Fisherkeller

    I miss Superchick. Hearing “It’s On” once on the radio is how I discovered them back in like 2005 I think and I fell in love.

  4. mr beast's cookie poster

    i hate these mainstream songs filling the church with people of the world and not of god

  5. Tukey

    I still miss you guys :)

  6. Nightcore STATIC

    It wouldn't be a true Superchick video without a megaphone.

  7. Niji Sama

    This video is so great and i really love how positive and optimistic this whole song was, thank you for making such great music and i cant wait to hear whatever you guys make up next ^-^

  8. egglot12

    so, give thanks and praise to the lord and I will feel alright.

  9. Couple Goals_2020

    "A dream is a wish your heart makes." This is my dream as a young woman who wills a life as a self made success with a wish and will to create a community based dining experience located in central Westchester County, NY for all to visit and enjoy. I want screenwriters whom find their own notch on the pole of success in Hollywood to remember they wrote their logline at a desk in my establishment. I want a homeless teen to remember the pb&j handed to him when he was in need. I want for so much but I can’t do it with all of you!

  10. Sarah Sparrow

    If I were human, I'd say it's Christmas! (And yes, that was Doctor Who.)

  11. Jessie Stucker

    Awesome song with a encouraging reminder of the silver lining behind the clouds.

  12. Prior2Popular

    Miss the rock, but still support y'all! You swag! 👍

  13. I Is ZMusic


  14. Observer675

    Every time they say every day is Christmas all I think of is wizard's 'I wish it could be Christmas everyday'.

  15. Rachael Stevens

    Diana Flores: These are the lyrics in Spanish according to Google translate. Hope this helps! :)

    Todos los días es Navidad
    Cuando cada día es Acción de Gracias
    No puedo encontrar la luz del sol
    Si cuento mis bendiciones
    Tengo amor
    Y un nuevo día

    Yo no tengo la mejor , pero hago lo mejor de lo que tengo
    Puedo ver que estoy bendecido si no me obsesiono en lo que no soy
    Eliminé hasta el fondo , pero voy a empezar todo de nuevo
    Puede robar mis canciones , pero no se puede quitar mi pluma

    No tengo nada más que amor y un nuevo día
    Estoy viviendo una nueva forma de marca

    Si yo echo de menos, yo no lloro - lo cambio y tratar de nuevo
    Cada día estoy filmando , todos los días la oportunidad de ganar
    Fácil de ser duro , difícil de dejar que la luz brille en
    Me encanta como a un niño , nunca dejo que los críticos ganan

    Tengo pelusa en los bolsillos
    Tengo todo lo que necesito
    Radio rompió así Imma hacer mis propias break beats
    Me levanto cuando me pongo
    Nunca trazo la línea perfecta
    Tengo noventa y nueve problemas
    Me llamo ' em hacia abajo una a la vez

  16. Rachael Stevens

    I love this song SO much! It is so encouraging. :) Thank you for being awesome Superchick!

  17. Dn Tq

    Hi! someone can tell me the spanish lyrics please! ):

  18. anna fiona

    This was their  last song? Or did they switch channels?

    D.J. Clift

    Yep, this was their last song.  They're no longer a band.

    Alex Keegan

    They're no longer a band :( :(

  19. Amelie Sask

    Hope this get more views
    They are awesome as always

  20. Hannah K

    It's like the entire band decided to overdose on happy pills all at once. What the fuck is this nonsense? I loved everything this band made from Karaoke Superstars to Regeneration, and now they're disbanding and as their "sendoff" they produce an album full of the same crap as every lame upstart the hipsters listen to. At least the individual members are still active, guess I'll go find out what they're doing nowadays as far as music.

  21. Emma Anderson

    Listening to this song just makes me happy. c:

  22. Bethany Mills

    I still can't get enough of this song :) 

  23. Andi Rose

    Goodbye Superchick! You guys will be forever be missed!!! We love you!

  24. Smiley Face10

    this is my favroite song now

  25. RedSolly Sam

    Waooooo, a new Superchick. Lavya guys; all of you are genial!!

  26. The Digital Turtle

    This should of been called, "Count My Blessings." But I love this SONG! >-<

  27. Vanessa Renée Stofflet

    I like how the girl with the brown hair has tattoos :)

    PAI YU

    Her name is Melissa, Tricia's older sister for your information.

  28. D.J. Clift

    I'm gonna miss Superchick.  They were an amazing band.  Some of my favorite songs by them are "Stand in the Rain"; "We Live"; "Cross the Line"; I even like classics like "Barlow Girls" back when they were Superchic[k].

    Understandable why they have to disband, with the lead guitarist in 2 other bands, the lead singer doing a solo project, and the drummer dead (notice there wasn't a drummer in this video).  Still though, they were awesome!


    i got an autographed picture by them from church

    PAI YU

    Doesn't anybody know that they are reunited again?????

    I know, great, no, AWESOME. Right!! 😀😀😀😀😀😸😸😸😸😸😸😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😻😻😻😻😻 Love them!!!

    Also note that they got a different drummer.


    Why do I always discover the good music to late

  29. AGgymnasticsepic


  30. Hannah Frost


  31. TheDrtruth

    Kinda hard to bop to such a great song when 'thanksgiving' has absolutely no meaning outside the USA. You guys need to remember you are WELL listened to outside the US.. Australia for one )

  32. Katelyn Tunnell

    I think I broke the replay button.. Superchick always writes some great stuff!

    PAI YU

    Very meaningful

  33. Susan Drake

    This is another song that just makes me happy......the beat is SO fun and message is so uplifting

  34. Rebecca McLaren

    Cant...get...enough!!!  *insert lunch break dance party*

  35. RockermomMSM

    Love the song and seeing you guys together again. I miss my Superchick friends!!! Blessings

  36. Brandon Olsen

    MD is back!!!!

    Time to dig out the old CD's!!!!!

  37. Deyvid Henrrique


  38. Deyvid Henrrique

    happy!!! :D

  39. Xeria Santos

    So happy that you guys released a new album

  40. FasterthaMyou

    Love seeing you all SMILE!! Great song!! I look forward to seeing what the former members of Superchic[k] do next!

  41. violetmoonie

    Gosh this song has been stuck on my mind for days... Even though it's different than their old work, it's great to hear new songs from Superchick... My have of recollection so far!=))

  42. ktma21blogger

    Awesome!!! =D... Perfectly brings the song to life. I think I actually like the song More now ;D. Thank you guys for blessing us with more music. Prayers for God's direction in your lives.

  43. Jade K. McElroy

    I love Superchick but please don't change your style. PLEASE!!!

  44. João Vitor Araújo

    muito massaa!!!!!! #Brazil

  45. stillglowx

    still love this band all these years later

  46. yee

    omg this is actually a good song. I love the lyrics and you deserve more viewers :)

  47. artofworship4jc

    goGoons, Guess you haven't been following Superchick over the last few months. Chase, the drummer passed away from Cancer, in May. :(

  48. testingmywings

    Also, I LOVE that you incorporated the megaphone. :)

  49. testingmywings

    Love it! :).

  50. Vanessa S.

    It's nice... But this is not the superchick I remember...

  51. goGoons

    Wowe! wher's the drummer?

  52. luke112426

    Thank you!!! Jesus Christ,King of Kings,Lord of Lords!!!

  53. Tjalara Draper

    LOVE Superchick! LOVE the new song! Totally buying the new album!

  54. Levi H

    You've changed, Superchick... :/

  55. Alex Montañez

    This is so grrrreat

  56. Stressica

    This is a really great song!!!!!! Love the video too!!!

  57. ItsAGirlThang

    Awwwwww I've missed you guys! (: Mel. Tricia. Max .Matt and is that Dave I see?! Yay! Buying album ASAP!

  58. steph diaz