Superchick - So Beautiful Lyrics

We are a thousand voices strong
We are each girl who sings this song
We are a beauty that's our own
and we are, and we are
So Beautiful

We are light, we were born beautiful
We were meant to be more than these shadows of girls
They cut us down to size, afraid we'll change the world
But we'll fight for your right to be beautiful girls
If every girl could see her beauty, we would be an army

We are a thousand voices strong
We are each girl who sings this song
We are a beauty that's our own
and we are, and we are
So Beautiful

and we are, and we are
So Beautiful [x2]

We have dreams we were born to fulfill
We were meant to be more than just fairytale girls
We are colors so bright, each a beautiful girl
We are stars in the night, and we're changing the world
When every girl can see her beauty, we will be an army

We are thousand voices strong
We are each girl who sings this song
We are a beauty that's our own
and we are, and we are
So Beautiful
So Beautiful
So Beautiful

We are a thousand voices strong [repeat]
We are each girl who sings this song [repeat]
We are a beauty that's our own
and we are, and we are
So Beautiful

So Beautiful [x2]

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Superchick So Beautiful Comments
  1. Tamara vonBiedenfeld

    When I was in elementary school, I thought being confident would fight the bad guys, especially if we banded together. Confidence is slow, but she is coming.

  2. Jade Walker

    I swear, this song is empowering and what I need is power over my life at this moment because I'm sick of people making assumptions about me

  3. Rebecca anderson

    well we just won dumb ass :) men like you are dumb fucks and need a life so now no one loves u or likes ur fat ass

  4. I'm Sarah

    So... you want us to go into the kitchen.... where all of the knives are??? K.

  5. cam9cats

    woman are in almost every way equal to men. Its sad that so many people think different

  6. Eric Mariscal

    Hey umm the guys that are saying sexist comments are a disgrace to all the guys, Girls are more smarter and more flexable while us guys are stronger and less fragiel so we are all equal just different, and honestly im suprised girls can take our bullshit like we take theirs, now ummm Enjoy the music!!!! im a guy and im in love with this band!!! :D

  7. WoW Girl

    Fuck off.

  8. WoW Girl

    You know what? I think that you are a little insecure 12 year old boy, sitting in your room hating everything that's not in your favor. So why don't you just get back to your little society "bubble" for the fact that you are a boy. Women are much STRONGER than men are. We take your BULLSHIT and you know what? WE HAVE A VOICE AND WE CAN AND WILL USE IT. Your right though, women and men aren't equal. Women are so much better.

  9. MDeV

    Your opinion doesn't matter. God's opinion is what matters, and God sees both as equal. Even though some countries still treat women as 'second rate' women still have more rights then they did hundreds-thousands of years ago.

  10. cam9cats


  11. skateboarder501

    autotune sucks this sounds like COUGH katy perry ew

  12. scarlet6060

    Umm.. I thought women were equal to men? Just like African Americans are equal to Caucasians... Why do men have to be better than women? Well they're not! And why are we bringing sexest coments onto a song that is talking about women (and our beauty) ?

  13. shiverinjohnny


  14. ishallroxursox

    @bry93an You have a wish to be castrated don't you? And if not then you don't get a choice in the matter, you will soon be one of us. Fufufu...

  15. Christina Aviles


  16. AnonymousGirl1347

    why is everyone fighting about whether girls are better than guys or vice versa?? God loves everyone; everyone has a purpose. let's just enjoy the song :)

  17. Sara McCoy

    This is the anthem for my small group that i have w/ my best friends! i <3 it sooo much

  18. Ace Awesomenezz

    @bry93an quite being an ass and shut the fuck up you sexist, women are equal no matter what you say

  19. Dusty Boyer

    @TygraDancerBBG Men are the head of the household though stated in the Bible but thats not really a bad thing for girls we just have more say and pull STATED BY GOD not just me

  20. TygraDancerBBG

    Your hole purpose in life is to find that special women/girl in your life that's yours and make her believe that out of all the other men in the world your the one that will protect her, stand by her and give her unconditional love ... for ever ... and that you can financially be stable and be there for her or your children. It takes 2 in this world to make love ... technically speaking we are equal to a certain extent .. but women do rule the world ... without us you have nothing to live for :)

  21. TygraDancerBBG

    we aren't equal to you we are becoming more and more above you, women give birth to men like you.. we take your bullshit, we make babies for you and give you pleasure, we tolerate you tearing are hearts apart.... we continue to bring life into this world because with out us, you wouldn't have any pleasure, no love and no reason to live. Women are suppose to look to you as are other half are mate, are man are reason for being,your suppose to uplift us and support us, God created you for a reason

  22. Crystal Tilford

    @sonyastacy i so agree. even the models aren't good enufh
    . they air brush them now!

  23. Crystal Tilford

    @thalia268 hell yhaa!

  24. SheenieLove


  25. sonyastacy

    We dont have to wear dresses and high-heels, or faces full of make up, to be beautiful. We ARE beautiful when we are ourselves. We can be princesses in jeans & flannel shirts. We don't have to take this crap that society pushes on us, ( trying to look & act older then we are. We are beautiful, when we are us. We can be princesses in glasses, & arms full of books. We are women, not little toys. We have a right, a voice, & we WILL use it. Recognize your beauty, & what you are worth. Show them now

  26. Tamás Bartos

    @huntressThaliaGrace couldn't agree more :) Superchick finds its way to my heart just as ACDC, the Twisted Sisters or the Guns 'n' Roses does it

  27. Morgan Whowhat

    Saw them live yesterday. Pretty sick. :3

  28. majetteduncan

    @CottontailOfChrist Ah. Thank you! :) Maybe that's why I didn't remember youth pastor stopped the movie when the credits came on.

  29. majetteduncan

    @CottontailOfChrist Where on the movie was that? I know I was reminded of the song when I watched it, but I hadn't realized that it was actually in the movie...

  30. Jesoh Crum

    its so electro :/ i liked their old songs better

  31. nez

    everyone must see this! read/share/passiton!
    this is the truth:

  32. Taylor Fensury

    DUDE!!! SUPERCHICK ROCKS!!! OMGOMGOMG!!! lol we sang Stand in the Rain in chapel @ school a couple weeks ago. lol!

  33. Hannah Nijkamp

    i love it!

  34. Katie Stucker

    so, today was the first day taht I have listened to this band. I have heard about 10 or 11 songs and Im hooked. All the songs either describe my life perfectly or give me power. ya know?

  35. Yanna Harris

    found this band last week and im in love!

  36. itunemusic986

    when i first saw this, i thought it sounded self-centered. but now i am in love with this band, 'so beautiful' makes me feel powerful and pumped up. I love it!

  37. JasmineDuthie


  38. Emanuel Meza

    @huntressThaliaGrace guilty XD

  39. Hayley Smith

    Where are the comments...? Aw well. I LOVE SUPERCHICK and the SONG!!
    It doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl this song is great, even guys will like it!

  40. Foouhomeyg

    I'm a guy and I really like this band. lol

  41. Alaina Flewelling

    How is there only 3 other comments? O.o

  42. Catrien E.

    I found this band today, and I am COMPLETELY in love.

    This song makes me empowered.

  43. PinkRoboto

    Someone has to comment sooner or later. I like it when there's more more comments...where is everyone?
    Love this band :D