Superchick - Barlow Girls Lyrics

We met these sisters Barlow's their last name
Ordinary girls they don't live in the fast lane
They don't rate with the guys that score
Cause they don't flaunt what the boys want more

They don't date they won't date
They wanna see how they're gonna grow up
Who they're gonna be
But in the meantime they might feel unloved
When all the girls around them are hooking up
But I know for sure it's never popular to be pure
And while some guys might be passing them by
I think they've caught someone's eye

All the boys in the band want a valentine from a Barlow Girl
Boys think they're the bomb
Cause they remind them of their mom [Repeat]

Everyone needs to be loved
Everyone needs their own teenage fan club
Any attention can feel like a good thing
Dress to impress can be oh so tempting
You can get noticed with your body
Sexual hypnosis by being hottie
You might feel like public property
You might you might you shouldn't be

No girl should feel she has to trade
Her body for love or be an old maid
And yes there are guys who are willing to wait
Ask a Barlow girl on her wedding day

All the boys in the band want a valentine from a Barlow Girl
Boys think they're the bomb
Cause they remind them of their mom [Repeat]

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Superchick Barlow Girls Comments
  1. Sephirothxxxxxxxxxxx

    This video is so awkward but man I loved this song when I was little. This used to come on TVU a lot.

  2. Highice007

    Melissa Brock circa 2001 in pigtails makes y heart flutter. But how short is she? She's the older sister. Superchick is still my favorite band, and i'm still an athiest.

  3. Deacon June

    This song sucks.

  4. stony420420

    Id still bang 2019

  5. Cool Patience

    Superchick was based

  6. KuiperDesu

    All the boys in the Greek tragedy want a valentine
    from a Barlow girl
    Kings of Thebes think they're the bomb
    'cause they remind them of their mom

  7. marlon martinez

    Iconic moment in music ⭐️

  8. Naneli G

    Tbh I was kind of hoping this was throwing shade xD liiiittle disappointed that it wasn't

  9. Penvellyn

    Kevin T Porter sent me here

  10. SkaMasta097

    2001 was a great year for Christian rock music

    marlon martinez

    SkaMasta097 fresh out the 90’s and it still had a punk feel to it. Yass

  11. Vic Otazo

    Superhick- Barstow girls lol

  12. dirbrody

    Remember my youth pastor Hating this song back in 2002, I was 16, good times...

  13. USSxRequin

    Under the title of the song, the artist reads as "Superchic" unless this song is more chic than the other songs, the band name should be labeled as "Superchick" (:

    Andy Rêveu

    Quin USS Requin the band used to be called superchic but changed it to superchick while after this song, so it's technically correct. I understand your confusion though

  14. brittany ritenour

    I remember I use to love this song when I was little haha. I like practically memorized it haha.

  15. Torre Castle

    why am I just now finding out superchic wrote a song about the Barlow girls lol

    marlon martinez

    Torre Castle this is soooooo underrated

  16. JT STAR

    is this like 98?


    JT STAR 2001.

  17. easytoread07

    a simple rhetorical question here. 'why is she wearing shiny pants?" my personal opinion, she is truly contradicting herself here. l8tr!

    CYB079 D701D

    shiny pvc pants was part of alternative/punk scene just clothes be different she was using her bellybutton like back then girls used to show their belly button

  18. Rebecca Chaloux

    love the BarlowGirls and as well as superchick... i miss both arists 😓

  19. Carter Nast

    Im a family friend of the Barlows and they are great people, they used to babysit me when i was little and have always been a second family to me

  20. Jen S.

    "They remind them of their mom." Lol.

  21. Donna Barlow

    This is so cool ;-)

  22. Annie Hall

    Reminds me of when I would argue with my friends for hours about who actually sang this song! <3 Good memories. :)

  23. Shipping713

    Wonderful :D

  24. PoeticSpice

    Superchick is amazing. God uses their music in my life!! I wish the band made more music videos!

  25. ssrrapper

    A great year for Christian music.

  26. Brooke Smoke

    Wow Skamaster arent you smart!
    This song makes me laugh!

  27. Obsessive Hope

    When I first heard this song I didn't know much about Superchick or BarlowGirl, so I was always so confused as to who was who! :P haha

  28. Obsessive Hope

    They aren't making fun of BarlowGirl. They're praising their stand against dating. They've been friends for over 10 years and when Superchick wrote this song they wrote it as a gift for the Barlow girls, asking if they could use it on their album.

    I understand how you misunderstand the meaning of the song though! So, no worries! :)

  29. SevenLeagues

    they aren't making fun of them, when Superchick met the Barlow girls, they thought that what they stood for was great and they decided to write a song about it.

  30. Lestrange

    I dont understand why superchic did this to the Barlow girls?? I mean, to me this is not a good song to represent the barlow's not-dating politic

  31. Deyvid Henrrique


  32. SkaMasta097

    @cookincoffee It could mean two things: that they are moral like their mom in saving sex for marriage. The other is more general as in boys wanting to marry a woman that's like their mother. A boy's first female relationship is with his mother, and all the rest of a man's relationships in his life follow suit. This is basic Freudian psychology. Just like girls can have "daddy issues", boys can have mommy issues if they had a bad relationship with their mother.

  33. SkaMasta097

    I fell in love this song, as well others on the Festival Con Dios 2001 Sampler CD. Whoever said this band sounds like a Christian female 311, is right. This song has a similar groove to 311's "Come Original", with chunky guitars and reggae-like vocals. This band rocks! Beauty + Talent = Superchick

  34. Jacob Hughes

    @cookincoffee There is actually several scientific studies that have been done that show correlation between the defining physical and mental traits of women men marry and they women they grew up with. IE Mother, Mother Figure, Sisters, etc...

  35. WorkInpr0gress

    I absolutely love this song. I like how they actually acknowledge that some guys are willing to wait.

  36. volkswagendaddy

    @purplenails21 NOT THEIR BEST SONG?! This song ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! You're trippin!

  37. Taryn Possible

    omg memories!!

  38. theninjaapocalypse hewes

    they r so cool

  39. Maryana Jones

    they did this as a gift for the barlow girls :)


    this was my favorite song when I was 6. I thought they were talking about valentine's day and bowel movements XD

  41. SnowDrop38

    @afrikorean your right its not the best its the 5th best :)

  42. Karman McClung

    memories. from like middle school.

  43. trustfund82

    @cookincoffee I don't think that was the point they were trying to put across. Think of it this way... there are some girls I would NEVER introduce to my mom. And on one hand the girls I've always introduced to my mom in a lot of ways have somewhat similar traits to her...not exactly looks lol

  44. sarah shockley

    i love this song!!! the first time i heard it i fell in love with the ba. now they re mixed it

  45. sarah shockley

    i love this song!!! the first time i heard it i fell in love with the band

  46. mapjap001

    It's usually said that men will look for girls that remind them of their mom, and girls look for guys that remind them of their dad.

  47. ruth batista

    muito legal esta musica!

  48. n Ja

    I'm looking at the diff. between the music clip and that crappy ad of lady gaga on vevo.

  49. Maria-Leora Creed

    I love the refrain 9 if that's the spelling - still learning :-))

  50. randomprincessj316

    And that part is about how the guys in the band like that the Barlow Girls are mature and not throwing themselves at every guy that comes around

  51. Laura Ellen

    @chillyfaceaaron Yes, this is their real song off Karaoke Superstars" from 2002 :)

  52. Maverick Hunter

    i feel like this band is two moms trying to get their kids to not date lol

  53. Caroline Hyde

    I want his hat.

    LOL I love Superchick.

  54. Jesusfreak7X77

    @ShellBelle92 ummmm read what I said and you will see it needs no correction. I have followed both bands from there begining. I know where there from and have seen them at willow a couple times. I know there from there dads church but they did go to willow and super church.(barlow girls that is. ) When they were little girls. BOTH CHICAGO "AREA" BANDS I SAID.

  55. Kristiana kopchick

    @ShellBelle92 im sorry i havee had alot of stress and i have been cutting myself and idk i guess i just need help with things idk im just lost and alone and frightend

  56. Kristiana kopchick

    @ShellBelle92 then why does it sound like it does???? im sorry i just get people makeing fun of me for likeing that band and i dont like when people make fun of people im idk

  57. Eamonn MacCrossan

    They are a pretty good band but their arrogance during different legs of the ShoutFest 07 tour left a bitter taste with various promoters. Here's hoping they have crossed the line into maturity, oh, and pay for their own tour masseuses instead of costing the small churches who participated, a small fortune.

  58. Kristiana kopchick

    @crazygun3 OK WELL to me it souds like they make fun of i just dont like people who make fun of they most amaazing band ever the barlow girls to me cuze i have been a fan of them for like 7 years so ya

  59. crazygun3

    @kitkat565611 there really not they met them at a music gatering before the barlows starting making music and had it not been for superchick i dont think the barlows whould have been as big as they are today, any way they talked to them and they were so impressed with how they live there lives so they made this song and then helped promote them when they came into the music scene and they remain very close to this day

  60. Kristiana kopchick

    ok i hate this song it makes fun of the barlow girls i think i hate this song!!!!!

  61. XpenANDpaperX

    Whats wrong??? where is the band!? those are not the ones that played guitar! :O

  62. Chris Vaughan

    I've seen the Barlow Girls before and I can't imagine my mom rockin' like they do.

  63. miss_samantha_lee


  64. PetrePann

    I refused to like this song. I thought it was just WAY too cheezy--they remind them of their mom, are you kidding me? And I couldn't take the very mass-produced riffs...but something happened. It's hypnotic in its cuteness and parody of high school life. It's just...taking over my head with awesome. So...I surrender. I favorited it.

  65. Jesusfreak7X77

    Chicago area rocks for great Christian Bands Both this band and the one there singing about

  66. Harajuku4Jesus

    Seeing this MV gives me the giggles because I watched it so long ago x3.

  67. Lauren Vestal

    everytime i hear this song it makes me smile!!!

  68. Booyeah10

    WOW se ve que no conoces la historia de las Barlow girls. Read more about them! and then u'll understand the song. geez.

  69. Marlon

    Superchick... more like "Supershit"


  70. Lineas de Orgullo tattoo

    chale!! nop se que tenga que ver con las barlow girls pero amm la cancion esta buena pero las chavas no tienen nada que ver!!

  71. Bri K

    is the superchick or barlow girl singing this?