Super Furry Animals - Run-Away Lyrics

(This song is based on a true story
Which would be fine if it wasn't autobiographical)

I could have told you why
It would have made me cry a little
I could have told you lies
It would have made me die a little
I could have told you anything
Except the truth which burns my middle

Run away, that's what I did today
Run away, there's nothing I could have said

You found another love
Someone to wipe away your tears
I left it all behind of me
Never to turn and face my fears
We may have fought with teeth and nails
I still recall your banking details

Run away, that's what I did today
Run away, there's nothing
I could have said

But cry a little
Lie a little
Die, just a little

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Super Furry Animals Run-Away Comments
  1. Al3x M3rc3r


  2. Restive Leech

    Directed by Richard Ayoade, starring Matt Berry. Proof God exists

  3. Robbie Maddison

    Who plays Maria?

  4. Catherine Riley

    I am madly in love with this man. Edit: this man being Matt Berry. Nobody does it quite like he does.

  5. Baseborn Manjack

    Fucking good song

  6. mayflyforyou


  7. Andrew Mulrooney


  8. Steven Shockley

    Nobody commenting on the song?  This is a fucking perfectly crafted pop song.  It's like Jimmy Webb had sex with another songwriter and this song is their baby.

  9. steve

    "I still recall your banking details" - genius

    derek Smith

    We may have fought with teeth and nails

  10. Sglod ap Tatwn

    Almost like a North Walian Buddy Holly!

  11. soakedbootcuts

    Matt Berry <3

  12. rokeano

    Any significance to the steering wheels being on different sides of the cars?

    Geraint Lewis

    She's American, he's British. OK?

  13. BILLY D

    this reminds me of Roy Orbison's Cry

    Geraint Lewis

    I get what you're saying, Yea.


    Glad someone agrees

    Geraint Lewis

    The best band of a generation?


    Not sure I'd say that but yeah they are awesome

    derek Smith

    i would 10 lps of welsh psychedelic rock

  14. Ramona Kjerstine

    This song pretty much sums up my reaction to the Trolley Problem™

  15. urbanbushing

    Knowing his luck she's probably space broccoli.


    urbanbushing gotta boil her. It's the only way.


    @Sharpe1502 You could...... steam her?

  16. Pete Alien


  17. The Team Players




    Roots Rock

    +LostInDreams1990 whiskeeeeeey

  18. yPhil

    This song rules, and the video too. Gruff and Richard, and their friends, are (quite simply) the true audio-visual geniuses of the 00s (and no one cares but it's OK)

    P JM

    thankyou you are so right! Richard is such an underated director! and matt berry is fabulous :)

  19. Gordon Borland

    I ran the only way I knew how. By placing one leg in front of the other in quick succession.

    Geraint Lewis

    Gordon Borland Tit.

  20. jpvdog

    Matt Berry and SFA. Pure gold haha :)

  21. Ethan Challenger

    Dixon Bainbridge

  22. Ethan Challenger

    Dickson Bambridge

  23. Ethan Challenger

    Dickson Bambridge

  24. Flora Gosling

    Ah, Matt Berry, no one does fake running like you.

  25. centurión marian

    This song is based on a true story, which wud be fine if...

  26. Billy Bonds

    Stephen bloody Toast.

  27. Angelinterceptor78

    Man crush alert "thought it was gold but it was bronze"

  28. michael mathieson

    Great video Toast!

  29. david james


  30. pykkervots

    Who's Matt Berry?

  31. Darcie Shepherd

    MATT BERRY! Wasn't expecting that :)

  32. clownnookie

    Richard Ayoade's directing is even more spectacular in his masterpiece, Submarine.

    Ian Galley

    @clownnookie Indeed, I wasn't expecting anything and was blown away. Makes it look like he had been making films for years.


    @Ian Galley Yeah!  Nicely put!!

  33. Starry&Bohemian

    kinda funny ... and their beach boys near obsession goes on... even though there is  a power pop heaviness in the guitars

  34. John Lancaster

    Love it

  35. Kate

    Thank you Call Center Supervisor for firing Matt Berry for eating a Double Decker at his cubicle.

  36. Woolly Boolly

    The actor was in portlandia. Classic.

  37. Karma Black

    Matt Barry makes me laugh my ass off even when he's just sitting there its the seriousness of his expressions

  38. corginitrate

    Dat acting.

  39. Mazzie Seven

    I wish I was as flawless as Matt Berry when I ran

  40. libomann

    What a PERFECT song!!

  41. Manly Stump

    Electric SEX pants thank you very much!

  42. Melanie Pal

    I feel like a bit of a noob for saying this... but somehow, I feel that from 0:00 - 1:27, much of it was somewhat reminiscent to that of Serge Gainsbourg's 'Melody' music video.

  43. Helen Beemon

    There’s something interesting about music videos that take a song so literal. Literally people running away from something, leading them into situations that make them run away from something else.

  44. David Barnes

    Could this be? That the DNA of THE BEATLES,THE CARS,AND even BUDDY HOLLY,were injected into THE SUPER FURRY ANIMALS? Science mishap..I think not.

  45. BstrangerUK

    I'm a straight male but god damn Matt Berry is a sexy beast

  46. SirKendalMintcake

    Hey! Don't punch Matt Berry!

  47. MeowMekenzie

    everytime i see him i think of the IT crowd and his electric pants

  48. hippo459


  49. cbmcclintock

    @Gosth74 To hell, you say!

  50. widman_x

    lately I came to realize that Super Furry Animals are my favorite band. I got Pitchfork, Spin and NME backing me up. the only thing I need to decide on which album is the best.

  51. az0r22

    Can't tell if serious , or just unbelievably funny .

  52. Gemeral dis

    run away to the blue skinned people ..azurra pelle azul piel azraq jiliin

  53. Tw0Dents

    Matt fucking Berry.


  54. ebgbs77

    What a great song. Not sure about the key change though.

  55. ProductsFromTheBrain

    @kamarrabaksh nah mate it was hilarious, made me chuckle :D

  56. Stefanie White

    @ProductsFromTheBrain hahahhaaahahahahaha! I know my commenting didnt add much but i just had to.

  57. neil4god

    Matt is too adorable! Love in the tongue in cheek spin Richard puts on the song - it totally rocked! Thanks for the upload x x x

  58. ProductsFromTheBrain

    the best from wales since inbreeding HA!

  59. sunsofguns

    I hear "Crying" by Roy Orbison and maybe a pinch of "The Way" by Fastball : )

  60. bordeauxbebe3

    This is awesome.

  61. The Atari Man Child

    douglass from it crowd!

  62. cody soileau

    LOVE this song. It hasn't gotten old yet.


    @MEGAINDIEROCK one of the greatest bands ever full stop dude

  64. Daniel Rivera

    he's like the british version of John C. Reilly

  65. XOptimusJiveX

    SFA AND Matt Berry, you could you ask for anymore than that?

  66. Neon Messiah

    @Corbitothekid of course its not serious..Ayoade's and Berry are not known for their "dramatic" work

  67. BilisNegra

    @yazzman13 Yes indeed, and some other SFA songs sound quite much like ELO (Rings Around the World...) Lynne must be proud, hahaha

  68. tracehazarrrrd

    awesome song/ awesome don't see that too often (:

  69. tracehazarrrrd

    sweet song, love the harmony, man

  70. TheTofuGod


  71. Corbin Brown

    i can't tell if this video is serious....noo this can't be serious

  72. Corbin Brown

    i can't tell if this video is serious....

  73. JKDste

    39 dislikes? I believe these people have no souls

  74. Ed Capos

    So What Happened Between You And This Renwick Character?...

  75. twominutepenalty

    I think that first chick was from Iran. Oh well, it takes all kinds of people.

  76. Eva C


  77. Neon Messiah

    sounds very phil spector

  78. Atricea

    Matt Berry... *sighs and swoons* <3

  79. rl1712

    I was expecting at 1:51 when he got hit by the husband he would have said

    "geez you've been in the gym" (Darkplace reference)

  80. Roxanne .Kateri

    Matt Berry is drop-dead gorgeous, and this video is awesome

  81. zKa0sz

    @flawedforever Dont know. I dont watch that shit programme.

  82. AAARGH

    Is wrong that I have a big old crush on Matt Berry even though he's old enough to be my dad?

  83. timbo031170

    SFA are the only of my favourite bands that I havent seen live yet, I had a chance to see the Smiths years back but didnt go.........

  84. kiefer sutherland


  85. K Iorgakiev

    hahahahahahahaha the running scene

  86. organaphus

    SFA is one of my favourite bands, the IT Crowd is one of my favourite comedies-coincidence?

  87. rarararangaro

    I love Richard Ayoade's use of Matt Berry's hair. Whenever he directs Matt in something he has him doing some major gratuitous hair porn

  88. Ally Andrews

    @totalstranga yeah,he's on Garth!! I just started watching that on Adult Swim it's great :D

  89. Nathan Sprinkle

    Matt Berry of darkplace, the mighty boosh, snuff box, AD/BC a rock opera, is the star of it yes. It also directed by richard ayoade who played dean learner on darkplace, as well as Maurice Moss on the IT crowd, AND saboo in the mighty boosh.

  90. totalstranga

    @chumshot1 Sanchez from Garth Meringhi's Darkplace right? I love that show

  91. Themoredeluded

    *facepalm* can't be serious

  92. Ally Andrews

    LOL It's also SANCHEZ!

  93. asbear

    Thanks a lot - I love Richard Ayoade Videos as well as his talent as an actor and comedian, he is so brilliant!

  94. 7thrx

    Dark Place

  95. mikestermike

    I keep looking for Elvis Costello.

  96. WelfareChrist

    I think its sort of sarcastic, which might help if you really think its bad. I like it.

  97. grant may

    if I accidentaly ran over Matt berry and got him in the car seat ...sdfksginrgiergirehNakedfgsgOilggrththth

    ....mumbles incoherently

  98. Mimi Dee


  99. injektilo24

    yip, matt berry - see also snuff box and garth merenghi's darkplace. he's ace.