Super Furry Animals - Liberty Belle Lyrics

Liberty belle is ringing out
Across the sea
And everyone sings along
Though she's singing way out of key
From the shores of Gallilie
To the runways of Anglesea

You know we're digging to hell
Right past your own well
As the magpies fly from Tallahasee
To the sky

Memory lane forgot her way
After all this time
And she never learned her mistakes
And all the crime
That caused the gulf of misery
That separated you from me

You know we're digging to hell
Drowning in our oil wells
As the seagulls from Abu Dhabi
To the sky

The birds still sing their melodies
Their songs of love and food and trees
Oh my how they fly
So little do they know yet their days are numbered so
Alarms are ringing in the trees

You know you've been to hell
Drowning in your oil wells
As the ashes fly from New York City
Past the grimy clouds above New Jersey
Past the kids who like to smoke like chimneys
To the sky

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Super Furry Animals Liberty Belle Comments
  1. Barry Power

    Scary there's so few views, maybe its just me!

  2. Geraint Lewis

    A top 5 sfa song, for me.

    Noah LoLer

    Absolutely top 5!