Super Furry Animals - If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You Lyrics

If you don't want me to destroy you
Take a leaf out of my book
Turn it round and have a look
Because I don't want you to destroy me
I'll commit myself to be
In and out of every tree

You just hold me down so quietly
You just pull me back

When the insects fly all around you
Do you reach and aim a hit
Or do you lie around a bit?
And when the animals gather round you
Do you ask them for the time
Or do you run away and whine?

You just hold me down so quietly
You just pull me back...

You just hold me down so quietly
You just pull me down to earth
Let me grow into the depths of your infinity
I can sense your presence in the vicinity...

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Super Furry Animals If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You Comments
  1. Otto Sump

    One of the best understated bands of the nineties, much better than the blur /oasis shite .

  2. Master Dan



    A classic 90's tune, 100% perfection 😎👍

  4. Sac

    Gravity , you just hold me down so quietly

  5. Random Scottish Bloke


  6. Cat 777

    I want those sunglasses ,so cool . Awesome song ,

  7. David Mason

    ‘I can sense your presence in the vicinity...’

  8. msvioletta100

    This band has not recieved enough credit. They are bloody brilliant.

    Random Scottish Bloke

    They're one of the most consistently brilliant bands, these isles have produced.
    Proper greats.

  9. lar har

    here's another song that isn't demons...

  10. The Pickled Onions

    these boys are the business

  11. Sarah Fischle

    Por qué será que no puedo olvidarte...

  12. Katy Fowler

    Super Furries: masters of the outro.

    Poo Choo

    Heh Heh, very true that. 😁

  13. D Ad

    I'd love to meet Griff for a chat, this is an anthemic tune and I'm from Ammanford where the streets ain't tree lined!!

  14. xxx jasmine barker xxx

    and here voices are so weird and bad and i thought i was a bad singer

  15. xxx jasmine barker xxx

    my friends version was wayyyyyyyyyyy better than this!!!!!

  16. pipeandslippersman

    subtle nods to the video for 'strawberry fields' throughout. quite right too. the sfa are up there with the royalty of british psych bands! i for one am rather glad they didn't reach the same commercial heights as the stereophonics or mxxxxx sxxxxx pxxxxxxxx coz it makes then feel more precious somehow....

  17. Lethal Crane

    Li la li,Li la li,sha la la la li.perfect.

  18. Slackr

    As good as it gets. Stunning tune :)

  19. Ally Bradley

    This song is great!!!! Oh by the way at 0:44 look at slightly above the insect and you'll see a wire... Sorry I just had to... Great song though

    Adam East

    Ally Bradley they definitely weren’t trying to hide the wire.

  20. pykkervots

    "..hello mam"

  21. Ally Bradley

    super furry animals never get old

  22. natty boyo

    you have rock/indie/alt/britpop/whatever bands and then there's SFA

  23. swampdodger

    a mere hill amongst mountains (people)

  24. toxic



    Love the gravity bit

  25. destroythebody

    Oasis meets worl's apart :-pppp great band though

    Sarah Sutherland

    Oasis aint fit to lace Gruff's boots


    +Sarah Sutherland donf worry, was talking about the clip, not the song ;-) such a shame they have never had any radio audience in my country (France)


    destroythebody What's the clip got to do with Oasis?

  26. Original indie chick

    Amazing tune, reaches places other songs fail to reach! :)

  27. Pete Alien


  28. Simon Irwin

    what a song. loved it at the time, love it now.

    Original indie chick

    It hasn't dated one bit!

  29. Dande lioness

    I can't get this song out my head at the moment, love it!

  30. Fletcher Wilkinson

    The greatest band of the Britpop era (even though they were never Britpop).

    xxx jasmine barker xxx

    Fletcher Wilkinson not really

    Stuart Carswell

    I agree.. Fuckin phenomenal song writing and a great voice

    Hot Womble

    Definetly. Them and Teenage Fanclub.

  31. david devlin

    Almost 20 yrs old. Scary! Beautify song,

  32. Andrea Osiander

    100% Syd Barrett's style

  33. lamuella

    I'll make careful notes. I'd rather Gruf didn't destroy me.

  34. modsheff1

    At last..!