Super Furry Animals - Golden Retriever Lyrics

"Hey!" said the devil
When I met her at the roundabout
She's got powers magnetic
Devours you of everything you've got

She's a golden retriever
Retrieves your oldest coin
Leads you blindly down every dark alley
And then she'll cream you dry


"Stop!" said the puppy
When I met him at the zebra cross
Said "you'll need protection from every direction
But she'll get you anyhow"

'Cause she's a golden retriever
Retrieves your oldest coin
Leads you blindly down every dark alley
And then she'll cream you dry


She's a golden retriever

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Super Furry Animals Golden Retriever Comments
  1. Ângela Cunha

    BR aqui curtindo Super Furry Animals🤘🎸

  2. Mr Steel

    great band

  3. Evelyne Maurandy

    I did a presentation about Dogs I class and at one point l talked about golden retriever ( my favourite dog breed EVER!!!!!) and he showed us this after....

    Joseph Dolman

    Greatest teacher ever.

  4. Mikk Lüftumie

    And a golden shower to finish 💦 nice.

  5. Zoned 247

    I want that drum kit! What is it???!!!!

  6. Bartosz Głowacki

    one of my favourite videos ever, keep on going guys!


    Interesting - need to download SFA back catalogue

  8. taff_G1


  9. Mr1979flapjack

    As much as I like the Stereophonic’s, the Super Furry Animals are a far superior band.

    Mikk Lüftumie

    Mr1979flapjack if SFA saw more airplay it would be a happier more productive workplace

  10. Hannah Groom

    Saw some dude in a restaurant today wearing a SFA shirt and it reminded me of how much I love this band! It was quite surprising actually, because I'm from a fairly small Australian town which is about as far away from Wales as you can possibly get.

  11. windy miller

    Like The Super Furrys, I'm also Welsh. So suppose I should be embarrassed to say that I've just heard this song for the very first time on the Janis Long radio show earlier this evening. Great song! Like the video too...funny as flip!

  12. Vladimir Kool-Aid

    I used to sing this to my golden retriever, used to confuse the hell out of her.

  13. Anthony Monaghan

    The greatness of SFA will never truly be appreciated. I was there at the beginning and I knew they were different to every other shit band of the time. I love everything they have ever done, I have seen them live more than any other band of that era and the film that Gruff mad is pure genius. The Welsh....we really don't give them enough god dAMN CREDIT. I'm an Irishman, but we are all celts. YEAH....

    Richard Whitehead

    I'm English and i'm a Gypsy, Inuit, Jewish , Arab, Celt. Voodoo practitioner.. Family name is Jamieson..We get around.. Seafarers, Ships of Fools, Love this song..

    Random Scottish Bloke

    Are you me?

    Paulo Tomas

    Anthony Monaghan best of the 90s could do it all

  14. Sy Anturio Evans

    PLUS we have ALL the behind the scenes FOOTAGE hehehehehehe

  15. Sy Anturio Evans

    hey G
    check this shit out

    Nos Da [to IT]
    GOT IT

  16. Wingman22101 Live

    You call that music? OMG too much chav! Welsh music rely gone tits up since tom Jones! With wales putting out crap like this I can only conclude that it must rely be a Shithole up there!


    Retarded comment here

    derek Smith

    Trolloll i think your thinkin of shaking stevens

    Mikk Lüftumie

    derek a christmas knit

  17. Creative Multimedia Music System


  18. derek Smith

    saw them a month ago doing their first two lps fuzzy logic and radiator back to back welsh psychadelic rock music at its finest their vinyl now fetches the highest price of any band from that time and SFA are not brit pop.

  19. Jerzy Dziś

    How stupid is this?

    derek Smith

    that's Welsh psychedelic rock music

    Wingman22101 Live

    The green green grass of home by tom jones is the greatest song to ever come out of Wales! This is shit!

    derek Smith

    LMFAO get back to the voice

  20. scootdog mcginty

    SFA were Kasabian a decade before Kasabian! thats how ahead of their time they were.

    Andy Bar

    and now you write posts

    Random Scottish Bloke

    Kasabian are dirgy shite-mongers.

    Mikk Lüftumie

    Kasabian ain’t the worst but try to hard to be rock stars.

  21. Jonathan Davies

    I want God to be a golden retriever

  22. Jonathan Davies

    Want that suit so much


    drums in the shape of dog paws is a nice touch :P real nice touch


    coolest song ever about a dog :) that fucking mutt is shithot man!

  25. Laj Peepem

    gold on the ceiling???????

  26. scott mckay

    long live SFA.

    Andy Bar

    short live scott mckay

  27. Matthew Glancy

    Anybody else watching live wondering who the hell these people are?

    Joseph James

    +Slonderman They were big chart successes in the 90's, but have kind of faded into obscurity nowadays for some reason. I strongly suggest checking out their records, Radiator and Guerrilla are two of my favourite albums ever made.

    Elementary Bass

    @James Humphries I was in standing right on the barrier, it was mad

    James Humphries

    sounds great mate!!, i was in block 3, near block 2.. Great seats! did you go to any of his gigs in his first leg when black rivers supported him?

    Elementary Bass

    +James Humphries Nice! I need to go and experience it again next time he's in Brum

    Mikk Lüftumie

    Don’t know their names on an individual basis but super furry animals has fairly gotten around

  28. I Q

    She's got a golden retriever lol.

  29. михаил соломатин


  30. Jimmy

    But them drums, with the ...woahh ...thats gonna project the sound ..seriously....bollocks.

  31. Leo Taylor Welsh patriot

    he got such a strong north walian acent

    Andy Bar

    yeah, sounds like american, australien, english, canadian acent.. i don't know why

  32. Mauricio Guimaraes

    Tony da Gatorra me trouxe aqui.

    Rodrigo Benatto

    Mauricio Guimaraes Super furry animais me levou ao Tony.

  33. jolbags

    stop, said the puppy

  34. Isabella Wattam

    been listening to this since i was a baby and still love it! Thanks dad

    Andy Bar

    yeah your dad is really cool.. der hat dich wohl jedesmal bei der Taufe länger als nötig unter Wasser gedrückt, wenn du geschrien hast, du kleines Opfer.


    Andy Bar speak English or Welsh you damn tool.

    Mikk Lüftumie

    My dad liked elvis 🕺🏻 looove me tenderrrrrr love me trueeee

    Mary Morrish

    o same!

  35. Monkeys knee

    Its great to see there touring again

  36. Kieran Dacey

    arrrgggh sounds so fresh each time! happy to have met this guy at chapter most days at work :)


    @Kieran Dacey at 'chapter', the place in Cardiff?

    Kieran Dacey


  37. Givingitashot.

    One of the greatest songs ever!!!

  38. Rantomon

    You can learn a lot from dogs.

  39. colinraycyrus68

    great band ,,but what happened,,were did they go,,,there 2 year break has been nearly 9 years I must be

  40. daniel eastwood

    This one is for you Hector.... safe journey friend....

    daniel eastwood

    Stop! Said the puppy
    When I met him at the zebra cross
    She said "You need protection
    From every direction
    But she'll get you anyhow...
        RIP... Hector old boy...

    Tribe Of Fable TV

    Lol Big upz man

  41. mtvlies

    Pawel Korsun/Warsaw: the overrated (black keys) copies this song hooks in "Gold on the ceiling"


    @Oscaroonee neenee and u need 2 expand your comprehension on how a copycat mind works. I pinned down the source track (melody + gold-lyric/title in), u didn't point nothin' but "it was played b4 by somebody else". not denyin' of course that super furry animals had  taken the motive too (track it down then Mr Alfa/Omega), however, if they had, the fact that wack keys ate up already regurgitated notes doesn't render the band any better. quite the reverse. so ?  +all of their songs r ripped. no talent.just contacts


    rather Owned (u r)

    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    not really, my original point stands

    Mikk Lüftumie

    Saw ‘black keys’ plastered all over everything for a couple of months and then it stopped. What was that all about?!

  42. rmccaw7

    What a video. Average song, but brilliant video.

  43. David White

    Totally banana's !! Great stuff..

  44. The Autumn Tourists

    Have a listen to 'Hailstones' by Autumn Tourists

  45. ZINCOVIX8754.

    Just fabulous.

  46. peter john

    for years I thought this was a dream of sorts

  47. heebyjeebus

    ...spread your love like a fever...

    ...go-oo-olden retriever...

    Same song.

  48. Ciggs Coch

    such a wicked tune, it's a shame they havn't received more recognition for their genius really

  49. Samuel O'Reilly

    This album was my childhood.

  50. Fergus Hall

    One of the best bands of recent times, right from the mid-90s through to Gruff's solo albums and collaborations. Consistently amazing

  51. Barry Smith

    Absolutely bonkers!

  52. EnglishDazz

    Totally Fucking bonkers...........I love it.