Sundara Karma - Ulfilas' Alphabet Lyrics

It's in the letters that he made
It's in the January rain
In casinos and the shops
How many people do you know?
How many friends will you outgrow?
Who are you anyway?
You bought the sin around the same
The wolf, the man, the things you hate
I have become that ferocious loser
It's in the darkest of your thoughts
It's in the Paris on the shores
It's in the mirror

A flash of colour
People watch from the shoreline
Sacred colours moving across the sky

It's on the tip of every tongue
In luck for gold and happy young
At the bottom of a drink
You've killed a thousand times or more
Soldiers, a biker, every whore
You're the most honest thing
'Cause living inside a simulator
Giving [?] her creator brings you warmth
It's not as simple as they say
It's hard enough to run from spring
You've to run all the things you can

A flash of colour
People watch from the shoreline
Sacred colours moving across the sky

Face the weeks and hearts will never break
You see some ties and casually leave them there
Always will understand survival of the mind
The clear is where the head needs to be, to be
All together, welcome every land
It's clear to all, it's endless to make amends

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Sundara Karma Ulfilas' Alphabet Comments
  1. Liff sito

    I was working on the visigodos and the Roman Empire. I saw a name that I didn't know "Ulfilas" and I ended up here. Wow. I didn't expect that ahaha.

  2. Manol Glishev

    Ulfilas' Alphabet? A great title. I'm a historical reenactor and am on a quest of reconstructing a certain AD 4th c. Gothic Arian bishop, so you understand the hype ☺Besides, the song is good! As a nerd and a boyfriend of a hippie girl I totally relate to the lyrics.

  3. Karen 27

    Su voz es tan fabulosa que no necesita de ningún efecto, me encanta esta banda y aprecio mejor la calidad en vivo, cuando tocan en vivo es ¡WAO!

  4. koval

    too good honestly

  5. C A

    This is the dogs nuts I love it 🤪

  6. kiingv

    The best song from the album

  7. dannyK2005

    I don't get why these guys aren't blowing up all over? Am I missing something?


    Nope, you just get it

  8. Rory Jackson

    An incredibly beautiful song

  9. ray here

    Letters of the Little Wolf

  10. Augusto

    So grateful to have heard this record :D

  11. InstruMental

    This deserves more views..

  12. broderick kurtz

    Released the whole album for free on YouTube.

    Now I feel compelled to buy it, thanks.

  13. Adventures with Jade

    Can’t wait to see you live again next month 💕

  14. stargirlwonders

    Absolutely love

  15. Chloe Oliver


  16. Marius


  17. merlyn-willow jenner

    sundara be at it again making me cry😭😭😭

  18. Cainã Morellato de Almeida

    Reminds me of Venice Queen

    Shaun Nash

    Cainã Morellato de Almeida what a tune, I ain’t listened to RHCP in years, thanks for making me get the old CD’s out

  19. iOShkovic

    Masterpiece !

  20. Silfur

    I love you guys

  21. Optim

    Album of the year, thank you geniuses.