Sundara Karma - Little Smart Houses Lyrics

Village waiting
Nice and easy, gently does it now
But rest is never allowed
'Cause the kingsmen, they wanna know
How much gold's enough to reach God
But God won't speak till the land is dead
So capital is on our heads

Don't wake Hatsune
She fell asleep and she dreams of war
Miku sleep with you

And as the day turns over
When in our evening slumber
In a half-lit squander
We'll stay inside
Because we're torn and dumb
Kept warm in little smart houses
Little smart houses

Pleasant forest
Long forgotten, distant memories
Herbal tea remedies
Are ridiculous, only believe
In what the human eye can see
But free yourself and you will conceive
A life beyond your wildest dreams

People flee to stars
Far away stars

And as the day turns over
When in our evening slumber
In a half-lit squander
We'll stay inside
Because we're torn and dumb
Kept warm in little smart houses
Little smart houses
Little smart houses
Little smart houses

And as the day turns over
When in our evening slumber
In a half-lit squander
We'll stay inside
Because we're torn and dumb
Kept warm in little smart houses
Little smart houses
Little smart houses
Little smart houses

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Sundara Karma Little Smart Houses Comments
  1. Maliwan Cheng-Guy

    you know your song is in the Spotify playlist of Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn's favorite songs

  2. Loviise

    Wow your newer stuff is so different! I can tell you’ve grown a lot as a band! 💕

  3. Ruechuwin Jaemfa


  4. lewan gillard

    Have you noticed that all the kids dancing in this are all fucking rich kids who's lives are fucking easy

  5. Ruqqaiya moomin


  6. Eric Coupland

    Underrated song

  7. Charlie Hanlon

    There music sound like the mighty Bosh

  8. Kris Marsh

    Everyone is having fun in the video, I love it :')

  9. Jamie Bentley

    A bit of step down from the youth is only ever fun in retrospect album but still decent

  10. nadie nada

    OMG it's meee!!!

  11. F. Sofía

    Me encantó.

  12. Davy Pizza

    I'm really really proud to be part of this! This is definitely one of the amazing achievements that i ever got in my life! Thank you so much Sundara Karma (': (long haired guy with "little smart houses" sign here on 2:12 ).

    Fariz Athief

    spotted indo's face at 2:11 lol

  13. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Little Smart Houses" debuted at #15 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!

  14. Mary Kate M

    does anyone know the girls @ at 0:59... She looks just like my friend it's kind of scary

  15. amelia zollner

    that's me at the beginning!

  16. RockaBilly Rhino

    Added to the general rotation 👌

  17. Eve August


  18. Eve

    This video is so wholesome T_T I wish I had friends that were into Sundara Karma ❤️

  19. Andrew Knight

    My two daughters are In this , only reason I watched !!!!!

  20. eli c

    i swear the girl at 0:33 used to have the insta @sundarakorma and now i cant find her im so confused

    Mary Kate M

    eli c ahhh yes I remember her I think it's @jessiehazel_ now

  21. Melody Moon

    Omg loveeeeee :)

  22. Chris Rangel

    I don't get it

  23. the seasons of us

    Sundara karma bring me back to life

  24. Tom Salinger

    such an honor to be in this video. very exciting. every person here is amazing! thank you, sundara karma!

  25. Midnight Cat

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I can't handle this, omg so cute

  26. Akram Abbad

    I love these kinds of videos, similar to High Tyde's 'Do What You Want To.' It really gives a peek to the people who are into these indie bands, which is nice to know considering the genre's (if you consider indie a genre) bands and artists don't usually have that big of a following but these videos makes it feel otherwise.

  27. OhVamp

    Ohmygodd soo sofftt everyone in this video is so beautiful wow

  28. dillpickl55

    I'm glad I laid out in the snow, during a blizzard, for this fame

  29. stubborn89

    а есть телефон той бабули?
    друг попросил..

  30. Widya Ayu

    i could be in this video if i wasn't too shy and anxious

  31. SilveredSilhouettes

    wasnt expecting a hatsune miku reference but aight. Love this one's chorus!

  32. Sam Kelly

    3:00 It's ya boy

  33. Blondedmess

    Did anyone else proper want to be in it but just pure forgot to do it😂

    Ben Francis

    Blondedmess yeah I didn’t even know they was doing this

  34. saskia estlea

    This is too cute

  35. Linda Vaickus

    Aw I didn't get a chance to film as I was ill but well done everyone! Looks amazing! 😁👍

  36. The Unity Dev

    Why didnt i know about this

  37. Mr Krabs

    3:25 fuck off ahahahahha

  38. sphbkr

    THERE’S ME N MY BRIGHT YELLOW JACKET AT THE END!!! (It was so cold and wet that I got sick for a week after lmao)

    M0ntecarl0 Kid

    sphbkr you were adorable in it omg ahhhh


    @M0ntecarl0 Kid awh thankyouuuu

    letícia ;

    u look so cute

  39. bloodylion 21


    Júlia Ferreira

    fiquei muito bolada q n sabia q podia mandar video

    letícia ;

    @Júlia Ferreira eles avisaram no twitter

    Júlia Ferreira

    N tenho twitter :/

    winter bear

    chocada que brasileiros conhecem sundara karma


    4 fans de sk no brasil, safe

  40. Paola Andrade

    This is great, i would love to be there. ♥️♥️

  41. Amanda Forrest

    Chuffed to bits to be in this video, never too old to Rock 'n' Roll

  42. Victor Léon D'

    in the beginning Oscar’s voice sounds like Noel Fielding and I’m here for it

  43. rainbow. room.

    That’s my sister 😂😂😂 0:56

  44. Blonde Ambition

    Dancing to Sundara Karma is the best form of self care change my mind

    I want to be friends with everyone in this video omg

  45. Rosie Knight

    there I am then oooooo

    Erin Edmonds


    Rosie Knight

    Erin Edmonds erin !!!!!!

    Kieran Knight

    Rosie you absolute nonce

  46. Isa Bella

    wow I wish I could shoot as well as the girl on the left at 0:49

  47. M0ntecarl0 Kid



    Megan Theobald MONGAN

    M0ntecarl0 Kid


  48. moushin sikder

    That girl at 2:30 though. Damn

  49. genevieve xx

    Wow I’m so happy I’m in this lol

  50. Lucas Greyo

    This sounds different for Sundara. Spicy

  51. Rachel Purdie

    Omggg!! I love it 🤩

  52. jess x

    this is so cute omg

  53. Cheerry Martinez

    Sundara Karma is love
    Sundara Karma is life❤️

  54. Larisa

    We can change the word if we stop getting high.......

    broderick kurtz

    Just focus on changing yourself and your life. The community and world will follow suit. But if you focus on changing the world. You’ll only end up changing it for the worse.


    @broderick kurtz It's a lyric from Vivienne, but yes. If you want to change the world, start with yourself.

  55. why isaac

    yeah man this is good

  56. Carolina Tulia


    Blonde Ambition

    Carolina Tulia this is all made of fans??? Omfg love

    Carolina Tulia

    Blonde Ambition yes!! they sent us the song a few weeks ago and we had to record ourselves “performing” it

    Blonde Ambition

    Carolina Tulia oh my gosh I’m so jealous I would’ve loved to participate. This is the cutest thing ever

  57. ke lein

    it looks like an ad that something you'd see on tv

  58. Manuel Bogado


  59. Karma! At the Crybaby Disco


  60. karma main

    Who's waiting and exited for this