Sumney, Moses - Man On The Moon Lyrics

If your body should ever leave your soul
Remember that in me you have an example
I lay my head upon a bed of stone
Tugging on the tide so I'm not on my own

Man on the moon
Man on the moon
Man on the moon
Man on the moon

I used to say I love to stay alone
Now the lights are never bright when I get home
A soul cannot be whole if only rogue
Can a vagrant body be celestial?

Man on the moon
Man on the moon
Man on the moon
Man on the moon
Man on the moon
Man on the moon
Man on the moon

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Sumney, Moses Man On The Moon Comments
  1. SoUtH MeMpHiS

    Reminds me of PBS mornings in the early 80s

  2. TatiAnaMercedes

    I just got put on! Thank you for existing!!!

  3. CRXSH

    This is the music that makes you fall in love, there's magic here 👁🌿🌜

  4. Tom Whaley

    Been humming this constantly for a week straight

  5. Samos12

    Very nice! Clever stop motion and great sound.

  6. Thomas Wilborn Jr

    How can so much beauty be trapped in one song?


    Honestly, I'm lost.

  7. Jehlaz Harvestmoon

    beautifully strange

  8. Jess Dowdy

    Just saw him live with James Blake. If you love him here, he's 100000000000000 times better live

    Buhlebenkosi Chinhara

    Same! Saw him in Vancouver and nearly cried at how beautiful it was!

    The Fakey Cake Maker

    Oh wow! That must have been a good concert.


    I sooo agree Jess: ))) I'll add a few more "0" s to yours!

  9. ayon carmelle

    un pure bonbon pour les oreilles!😋

  10. Precious Daigh

    beauty and anguish all wrapped in love.

  11. Rafael Mansur

    I almost cried. That melody is so perfect...

  12. doubletake314

    Honda brought me here! :D

  13. doubletake314

    Honda brought me here! :D

  14. Lego Head

    What a pretty song. Thank you Sumney!

  15. fetusbuddha



    wow can i use ur music in my vlogs please let me know

  17. Sechaba Ramphele


  18. Pinkdustland

    What's this band's contact info? e-mail..

  19. em sa

    beautiful & bewildering, thanks for spreading the magic!!!!

  20. Lorin Jackson

    I cannot stop listening to this song. The melodies are SO enchanting. Please never stop making music. These are soundtracks for life.

  21. Doctor Garbonzo

    Jason Bentley & KCRW Brought me here (:

  22. Aleya

    This. Is. So. Lovely!!

  23. freetobea

    :) i thought you said:
    if your body should ever leave your soul
    remember that in me you had an HMO


  24. Symone Campbell

    My favorite goodnight song

  25. philly baby

    a lullaby

  26. Shan G

    I'm so enchanted with this. It's unreal.

  27. Nina513

    This is so special....

  28. Violet B.

    So absolutely in love with this song. <3

  29. davis oloughlin

    that was gorgeous

  30. mr. singleton

    I'm so sorry for comparing you to another artist, but this music video reminds me of Salomon Faye's Quest so much it's not even laughable.

  31. YoungBotchHeads

    that last note....

  32. Brighteyesguitargirl18 _

    This is awesome..Trying to see what the bands are going to be like like at the Way Over Yonder festival because I want to see Jackson Browne, you are my favorite other artist so far!

  33. stachiano

    omg you deserve recognition in abundance

  34. Meghan S

    Between him and Jesse Boykins I'm just thrilled about music

  35. KillaBlackSheep

    keep it up mon

  36. William

    Love it. Almost reminds me of Bibio's album Ambivalence Avenue

    Rafael Mansur

    William Grabb I love you but not in a sexual way. I didint know Bibio and thanks to you now i do

  37. James Harper

    All of the chills. The animation fits this aesthetic SO well. Tasteful contributions from all involved :)

  38. launderground

    we love moses sumney.