Summer Walker - Session 32 Lyrics

Threw away your love letters
I thought it'd made me feel better
I finally got you out my bed
But I still can't get you out my head
I'm sending you one text at a time
I know your by your phone
So boy pick up your line
And I ain't too proud to beg
So what's been said has been said
And I need you to know
You don't know what love is
And I need you to know, you don't know
And you don't know what love is
If you don't put up a fight
You don't know what love is
If you don't stay up all night
Boy and you don't know what love is
If you're too good to call a million times
And you say you know what love is
But I swear you never seen it in your life
I swear you never seen it in your life
I swear you never seen it in your life

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Summer Walker Session 32 Comments
  1. NiNi W

    Hey go check out my cover to this song on my channel ☺️☺️

  2. Dwight Smith

    who found this from a sample on an instrumental?


    So in my feelings, so inspired 🏁

  4. Monique Lyons

    sorry niggas sent me here😂


    Trash afq

  6. Austin Williams

    Imma nigga and Ik she gotta beautiful voice I fw it ❌🧢

  7. That’s So Nevaeh

    summer walker + Kaash Paige ?????

  8. Adrian pinkins

    Why am I just getting hip to this 😩 but I’ve been here I luvvvv this song

  9. Roxanne Nicole

    Love Is So Bittersweet 💞

  10. Kaelin Muldrew

    Voice carefully prossed by God's and blessed it to one of my creators of Earth #cherish

  11. Terry Summerville

    Here from the tiny desk concert

  12. Afif Fiqron

    I need 3 minute more

  13. Suad Hagood

    Song is too good, and too short.

  14. Tinka Trap Rice

  15. Kween Jasz

    2020 ? 😍😍

  16. Shell E.

    Fkn fave

  17. Jacqueline Davis

    i love him soooo much. But i know he doesn’t love me the same. it hurts because i would do anything for him. I’m so good to him. i just don’t understand why can’t he just love me like i love him. is it that hard? ☹️

  18. Bri 706

    Y would u thumbs down this 😩

  19. Rizu's Best!


  20. Karabo Mamabolo

    We need Teyana Taylor in this song.

  21. Ashley Renee

    I hate him😭😩

  22. HOA Bossman

    okay, this song made me a fan

  23. Joy Cast


  24. Fabio Abboud

    butraomelocotonalialibi como si fuera feromelaninardadioactiva # spirulinoi xetex gobo odon valenciarsenal # jeebopa obeg good bonne analisegnemoukka # visaparardacaliente # stupmefiant # postrainbeni # analicanolli # stakcasei futuristic

  25. FBI

    Anyone come from chamgoy?

  26. Aaliyah L

    “You don’t know what love is, if you’re too good to call a billion times.” Dang, that hits on a whole new level.

  27. Sizwe Nconca

    Baby I'll always love your shit

  28. Kenisha Raven

    I really wish it was longer

  29. cmoe _1

    I like this song
    sub to my piture

  30. Briana Jackson

    Current situation. Thanks for this song Summer❤

  31. Sizzle.K

    Summer I Love You! You’ve Got Me Through So Much! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🎼

  32. Ashai Lee

    I love artist like her because they natural from the heart and I fw that. 👏🏽💕

  33. Angelique Nibizi

    On repeat 🌴

  34. breemichelle kelly

    RIP kobe Bryant gi gi .

  35. Moe Ash

    And I need you to know YOU DONT KNOW WHAT LOVE IS . I felt this part in my soul ♥️

  36. Claudia Komperda

    The worst is loving someone who doesn’t love you the same way back and there’s nothing you can do about it

  37. SooperMikey

    Literally have to run it back every time

  38. kiarra smith

    this song to good for it to only be 1:39

  39. itsbiancaa


  40. Carolyn Woods

    I cry every time I listen to this song cus a lot ppl don’t know what love is it’s hard loving someone that doesn’t know what love is 💔

  41. Aalyssa Castaneda

    IN MY FEEEELSS... this song makes me wonder if this boy rlly love me

  42. India D. Simmons

    Wishing that this song was longer ❤

  43. Queen Beauty KametraG.

    [email protected]

  44. Queen Beauty KametraG.


  45. Evony Evans

    We need longer songs summer !!!

  46. DREEZy Drake


  47. Ebony Jones

    Who is kylie

  48. Kawaii Vlogs

    This song is so good😭💕

  49. _girlslove Ju

    🖤😢 why I can’t find the right girl that I want

  50. stephanie Carpenter

    This song mmmm

  51. Recall

    The guitar is so bad and doesn’t even match to her voice

  52. DoNa JaNe

    Reading ya'll comments just made me realise that Iv not being paying enough attention to my bf🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😔😔!!

  53. The Sax Life of Mike

    Covered this on my channel 🙏🏾 would appreciate if you could check it out ❤️

  54. Winy Mary

    2020 🥺🥺

  55. leo santiago

    Im a man it this song makes me really think damn wtf is love why do the things i do man wen i have a great woman🤦🏽‍♂️always fucking up

  56. Blake Balathunis

    I wish this was longer. I love this song!

  57. Intuitive Empath

    This shit sucks to remember


    Real talk


    Real talk

  59. A Joint Joint

    I play this multiple times just so it's longer.

    Stephfia Moore

    A Joint Joint same here I’m so in love with this song

  60. Prince Latif

    Temptations - Aint too proud

  61. Prince Latif

    I hope you alright because your music is beautiful

  62. Shaniesha Sias

    You don't know what love is if you don't put up a fight.

  63. Wilma Trementosa

    Love Love 💕😍

  64. saul contreras

    i’m here cause i promised my girl ima listen to summer walker

  65. Kind Stem

    Woke up with this song on my mind & im not even going thru a breakup, summer just a whole vibe 😩

  66. QuietCalii

    aye sang that shit!!!!!

  67. Cece Hilliard

    This hits hard😩🥵

  68. Tristan Marshall

    Mood: sipping and thinking
    Thank you Summer

  69. k i m t a e h y u n g

    I’m here cuz my sister did a cover on insta-

  70. Calvin Morales

    i just loop this all day long....facts

  71. Dariano

    i made a cover of this, male version

  72. ryker5412

    Listen to this at 0.75x speed

  73. Nicole Arrendell

    Asshole Gee

  74. Shnibble Tron

    Too good to be 1:39 seconds long😭

  75. Tyrone Edwards

    Love the song Needs a Mans version there is still good Man out here Too

  76. Destiny Siggers

    2019 folks wya?! Cause im still listening to this and its almost 2020 and mannnn I wish this was wayy longer .... and this still gets me where the heart is

  77. Andsu

    Brandy vibes ❤️

  78. Ronald Witherspoon

    Im 43. Am I too old to be digging this song so deeply?

  79. peachy.

    funny thing is she didnt swear once in this song.....

    Samurai Ocean

    peachy. Sometimes you don’t need to swear to express your feelings


    @Samurai Ocean th- that was the point

    Samurai Ocean

    peachy. Yeah I know.

  80. One Love

    Love this song 😭

  81. Kendra Williamson

    If people would focus on HOW TALENTED summer is y’all wouldn’t b focus on her PERSONAL health issues 🆗

  82. Lil. R&B

    I'm singing this for the talent show at my school it's literally in a day🤦🏾‍♀️ y'all wish me luck😂

    Amery Berroa

    Lil. R&B how was it?

    Lynda Brown

    How was ittt

    Lil. R&B

    @Amery Berroa well the video is on my channel so I'll let you be the judge of that

  83. Keambris Mcshan

    Shes the best 😍😍 u dont know what love is if u dont stay up allnight 😭😭

  84. Kyra Gibbs

    This song FOUND ME at the right time in my life. This one minute is beautiful fucking ART.

  85. Jada Washington

    Love this song need it to be longer

  86. Brí Akílah


  87. Gacha Pika

    We need more of this just a musician and their guitar and no autotune

  88. Chiquita Thornton

    If you hit the arrow button you'll see the lyrics love this intro

  89. Nikko Toney

    Somebody else got this same flow but idk the song somebody please tell me

  90. Whitney Wilmington

    I like this summer walker . Not the new songs

  91. Winter Rain

    I’m getting tired of these short songs cause she really talented and I want more!!!!

  92. ykneicy

    Wish this was longer