Summer Walker - I Need Sum Money Lyrics

I need some money, nigga
The fuck Imma do with 200?!
What's not clickin' Steven?
Cashapp me right now
Hurry up

[Summer Walker:]
I need 20's, 50's, 100 bills
Steppin' out my Benz in my Louboutin heels
Take me to roof Chris I like a full course meal, and you know I ain't gon' pay
Dumbass nigga, you know the drill
Stupid, ahh haha

And I ain't never had to pay and my rent ain't never been late
Bitch why? Cause you know my titties and my ass fake

He's like he love me, he want me, but I just want his money
His money, I spend it
His car, I whip it
My diamonds, they drippin'
These bitches real mad
Why? 'Cause I'm drivin' foreign I just pulled up in a Jag
Toes white (White)
You know this pussy tight (Tight)
I fuck scamming-ass-niggas who did 10 years for life (Hahaha)
80/85 so you know he 'bout to die

But it's okay, sis
'Cause I swiped his card last night (Urgh, hahaha)

Anyway, I'm pregnant! And the baby is yoooo's
Cause my pretty pussy is the best pussy
Fuck you talkin' 'bout
Shake that ass in the club hoe fuck you talkin' 'bout
(Ahhhhhhaaaaa, aaaahhhaaaaa
You bitches mad, you bitches mad)

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