Summer Walker - Body Lyrics

(We got London on the track)

I've been all in my phone, I got options
And I don't wanna tell you to drop it
But I don't wanna play unfair, yeah

Something that makes me look at you too often
Oh, baby, you can give us something
Baby, I could ride all the time

Baby, I'm talkin' crazy, I
Need you right in my space, for now
Need it, baby, I'm late but I
Still can check in with you
I know that I need my friend, but I
Wouldn't want to leave, you know I
Wouldn't wanna plead
But my heart, my mind and my body sayin' (say, say it)

My mind, my mind and my body
My body is sayin' (say, say it)
My mind, my mind and my heart
My body is sayin'

I don't know what it is
I can't tell you what it is
But you got me goin' crazy
Sex with you is so amazing
Oh, how long can you go, baby?
Better last till my body's sore, is it crazy?

Baby, I'm talkin' crazy, I
Need you right in my space, for now
Need it, baby, I'm late but I
Still can check in with you
I know that I need my friend but I
Wouldn't want to leave, you know I
Wouldn't wanna plead
But my heart, my mind and my body sayin' (say, say it)

My mind, my mind and my body
My body is sayin' (say, say it)
My mind, my mind and my heart
My body is sayin'

I know why
I know why
I know it, we ain't gotta talk, alright
I know you ain't gotta talk, alright
Baby, I just wanna talk to you
(I just wanna talk to you)

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Summer Walker Body Comments
  1. The ICON Donte


  2. Aricka G

    This groove, though!!!! LONDONONDATRACK DID THAT!

  3. abdu alkhaliq

    We got London on da Track

  4. Nasty Palms

    this is a wasted beat smh

  5. Anthony Griffin

    Baaaby gurl🤘🏾💯💋🧘🏾‍♂️😲🤷🏾‍♂️ this shit knock!!!!

  6. Nikki Nicole

    I just want to talk to you ........

  7. DIVINESound

    The best song on the album tbh

  8. Tiffany Williams

    Summer baby I need a music video to this ASAP!!! Cause this my shit shit 💯🔥

  9. The Philly Good Girlz

    My fucking song ❤️👌🔥🔥 baby i need my space

  10. Sparkle Willis

    #ONREPEAT ❤💯

  11. oochiepoochi

    the sample is “get it together” by 702.

  12. Britazshia Harper

    Me and bae tonight

  13. S. Ray


  14. Christopher Dotson

    Check out my new music

  15. Uhh. layaa

    My new favorite songggg✋🏽💀

  16. witch

    This autotune sounds kind of weird

  17. RESE Freemind

    That 702 sample🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. Dre Williams

    This song is great, but from reading some people's comments. If the song is making you act differently you need to get checked out by a counselor. A song ain't supposed to make you act differently.

  19. Aniya Frost

    *Can’t go a day without listening to this song* 😂😂😂

  20. damonica Hampton


  21. Besties Forever

    This song makes my mind wonder all over the place 😍😍😍😍

  22. Jaynese Mcfarland

    Yesssss biychhhh

  23. Blak Girls

    Missing a ghost 👻
    it’s sad 😢

  24. Nita Taylor

    This is the type of song that will cause a baby boom of 2020!!!!!

  25. Mikey R

    Started bumping this music with my homies in the whip, now they bumping. I got the 90'$ back!

  26. WayyTooPeachy_Tv

    If yo girl ain’t like this you doing something wrong😭

  27. Gena Blazee

    0:55 is when it got real 😂😂

  28. jasmine white

    Ughhhh she fucking snappped on this shit!!!

  29. インディゴの子供Quis

    the ladies just gone have to share this one 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  30. Jaylen Vigilant


  31. Mimi Dee

    I’m in love 😍

  32. Nyya Johnson

    💯💯💯 I play this on repeat

  33. Shaudae Drennon

    Army? RM said Summer Walker

  34. Promise Johnson

    I got yall 0:00 welcome 🦋😌
    DIY replay button

  35. Nicole aka Aprilbeauty

    You got that grown woman singin going on. Salute Thank you for that🌞💜❤❣💕😘💝💓💗

  36. Jsalcedo23

    So we not gonna mention the “get it together” sample? London is a genius for this one!

  37. KY S.

    Thank god for my younger sister because I wouldn’t know anything about Summer. Lol This is my favorite song

  38. ROMUR

  39. Dantavious Johnson

    I love this!!

  40. miniae48


  41. Janie Corbitt

    The whole album is fire, but this song right here got me like... 🥰

  42. Aliyah Blackmon

    Everybody be calling her messy how when she got money yall broke bitches need to stp and yall be dsin fa other bitches fk it I love her she boogie asf no capp and I love her style.

  43. Christine Richardson

    Someone put me on Summer Walker... I listened to her all the way to Virginia Beach.... all her songs are the shit

  44. BriAri Action

    I thought jaquees was in dih

  45. Good Measure

    My god that 702 sample goes the fuck off

  46. Taj Frazier

    This sounds so much better slowed down

  47. mary rain

    This song is an addiction like-💕💕💕💕💕🥴🥴🥴❤️❤️❤️❤️

  48. Kenechi Nnamani

    This song a whole vibe 😚💨

  49. Hype World

    This is a song that the flamboyant gay males or the loud black girls in high school who got hot cheetos in the morning would listen to.

  50. Courtney Harris

    “Wouldn’t wanna leeeaaavveee...” mmhmm mm mm my gas

  51. Hasniyyah Kearney

    She went the fuck in OKAY!!


    When I first listens to this song,at 1:04 it kinda sounded like jaquees a little bit

  53. omer ban

    Love. Super dope.... she and London make a great combo... hope they can keep what they got going..

  54. C O

    Come see summer walker LIVE on my YouTube channel with special guest aboogie !!! Subscribe if you want to see more concerts livee!!!!!

  55. LalaBaby

    I’ll still go to her concert lol

  56. Suckafree FREE

    Somebody to subcribe.....👀👀👀 them numbers


    I love this song honest but I like the slowed reverb version it just hit different if you wanna listen got on a channel called tabi

  58. Sizolwethu Nkutha

    She's famous now😪I'm selfish ,sorry😂


    OVER IT!

  60. Quita Quita

    Summerwalk I like your songs very much everybody hated on you but me

  61. Nasima Ali

    this song wheww!!! could be a number 1 single

  62. yanick kevin akmel

    I love this song omg

  63. Joenetta Frierson

    Over it

  64. Duhntay

    90s vibes💕

  65. Yulissa So boujee

    This song got me making scenarios in my head that I know DAMN well ain’t gonna happen😭

    yanick kevin akmel

    Yulissa So boujee me too

    mary rain

    Yulissa So boujee fucking felt



  66. susie ‘

    let me put y’all on ! listen to this in .75 speed 😍

  67. Luis Silva

    This woman sound like Bryson tiller in many ways but in a girl version

  68. Beyonka Oubre

    I love this whole album

  69. Asher Lewis

    Addictive af

  70. Leashaa Díor

    Best song on the album don’t @ me

  71. Albertina Mays Gottschalk

    Her voice ! Her mind is crazy ]

  72. Vivyanna Tran

    702 get it together 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏻

  73. Ebby rene

    We are blessed to have you summer. Pure talent and bringing that good ol R&B back!

  74. Oceana Vasquez

    i wish london didn't autotune summers voice so much. She has such a beautiful voice and i know its a style but on every song? I think its a little much and distracts from her talent.

    MelaninGoddess Jewels

    Oceana Vasquez it doesn’t it’s called creativity that’s what music ‘ is all about it’s a art , we already know what her gentle voice sounds like on Last day of summer

    Oceana Vasquez

    @MelaninGoddess Jewels okay well we know what her autotuned voice sounds like now too so based on that logic we should try something else don't you think?

    MelaninGoddess Jewels

    Oceana Vasquez that’s not logic that’s a suggestion she’s an artist your the fan wait on it more heat coming SOON 🔥 💕 relax

  75. Adrianna Halfen


  76. Ismael Jimenez

    Everyone doing a sample on 702💞

  77. Brienna's Thoughts

    How can you give this a thumbs down, best song on the album lol then come thru and fun girl

  78. Queing Smith


  79. Nick Waterhose

    This NEEDS a video

  80. Baddie Gi

    I play this shit at least 25 times a day 😍😍😩

  81. Kiah Brown

    I wanna hear her voice without auto tune like fr

  82. Rachelle S.

    All furnishings have adequately been given a lap dance 🤦🏽‍♀️

  83. EnxoBazzel -Beats

    ahhhh yes

  84. Marquie Currie

    Repeattt I start it over after a minute 😭😭 I listen to this album everyday my sis really did det 💕

    Shashufiq Ruth

    Marquie Currie periodT

  85. DIVINESound

    London On Tha tracc Chord mad, and Summer Walker is so Talented

  86. Tweet DaOne

    Love it

  87. Samhita Hadagali

    Girl whattttt

  88. Gzhazell Hilliard

    I'm so in love 🥰 with this song!

  89. Denzel Valentine

    Summer did her thing with this one 🔥🤧

  90. Quila Quila

    Ok loving the 702 sample 💕💕💕

  91. Patience Green

    My shit

  92. the peaceful flower queen

    I love 💕 summer Walker fuck the negative comments about her. She chill,honest, not shallow