Summer Set, The - Rescue Lyrics

When the drinks come marchin' in, guess we blew the resolution
The evidence of last night's, scattered on the floor
We caffeinate our blood, talk religion and our families,
Graduate then separate, throw our caps into the air

Now it's 3 o'clock in the morning,
And you're cryin' on the curb.
If you never scrape your knees,
How're 'ya ever gonna learn?
Never said that life was easy,
But we're gonna make it work.

When you'll need me I'll be there,
A friend in the eye of the storm.
And when all the lights burn out
I'll carry you out of the dark,
I'll come to your rescue

You remember when we used to swing from street lights.
Chasing New York minutes on pacific time
And if I didn't believe in you, why the hell am I still here?
Like an hourglass, but we lasted, even after all these years.

When you need me I'll be there,
A friend in the eye of the storm.
And when all the lights burn out
I'll carry you out of the dark,
I'll come to your rescue

When your ups and downs spin you round and round again,
If you're dizzy now,
And your world is caving in
I'll come to your rescue
Come to your rescue.

When you need me I'll be there,
A friend in the eye of the storm.
And when all the lights burn out
I'll carry you out of the dark,
I'll come to your rescue

And one day the skies will clear,
Nothing to worry no fear,
I'll come to your rescue.

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Summer Set, The Rescue Comments
  1. GTR Gaming22

    Damn, this song literally makes me feel nothing but happiness.

  2. Stealthtail

    *Fairy Tail vibes*

    Yu Poo Man

    why tho

  3. Joe Stephens

    haha...this reminds me of brother bear for some reason

    Erin Peterson


  4. Str8 Facts

    I love the summer set, I've been listening to them since 9th grade ^.^

  5. EemaanxXxJoubert

    Love this song the beat reminds me of home ......
    South africa #lovingsummerset

    Taylor Collins

    yes ! South African fan as well

  6. cheer4evr29

    Graduation? .....

  7. Cam Nguyen

    I absolutely love this song! First time i heard it, I didn't like it, but I downloaded the entire album because I really liked the other songs. I don't know what I was thinking, this song is one of the best on the album! Only took me seeing them perform it in concert to realize hoe amazing this song is XD

  8. troy poppin

    When I heard the intro I thought it was Dirty little secrets by All American Rejects

    Mr. Blue

    Move Along!

    Freek de Wolf

    @Cusquenha yeah lol that's such a catchy intro

  9. Areej Alqahtani


  10. Amy Mills

    i have been trying to think of what it reminded me of! thank you!

  11. DianAvocado

    Oh my gosh, this band is perfection.

  12. DianAvocado

    I love The Summer Set <3

  13. EL Lansner

    Bi. I. Bbi

  14. mecore rededo

    i like this song ^_^ hahahahahahahahhaha the summer set is the best

  15. Hector Avina

    Best song ever

  16. Diana Stephanie

    Almost xD

  17. Emmanuel Posesano

    yeah.. that's what I thought

  18. Catrina Nuncio


  19. Kevkill3

    My school brought me here

  20. Niamh Boydell

    Can't wait to see them tonight so excited !!!!!!!

  21. axlit99

    He has the voice like owl city just a little bit more high

  22. xxmuniba

    absolutely adore TSS!!

  23. xXxjaytubenationsxXx

    wonderful :)

  24. jeffreeadams

    This album is great.

  25. ameliy

    fuck you over and maybe tonight are the best songse on this album! :)

  26. Linsay I

    Makes me happy :3

  27. DemnicAvenger

    it kinda does omg haha

  28. warriorgirl126

    OMG I totally thought that!!!

  29. Renee

    I love this song so much! It's so sweet and catchy (:

  30. Katrina Martinez

    I love how this song could be from a Disney movie but it isn't too kid-like. The beat and the percussion just make me want to dance! I also like the part about having nothing to fear one day because that's a really important message that I think people forget about. I love this band.

  31. Ashley Rice

    Sweet sound on this.

  32. SkullsandRedb0ws

    Sounds like Fun.

  33. fkn ayy

    .w. Its' not my type, but talented! c:

  34. Cody Smith

    114 likes and no dislikes hahah, keep it up <3

  35. J.D. Croak

    this song makes me think of F.U.N. but i still love it!!!

  36. R. D.M

    Bien vu! Mais c'est trop approximatif pour dire que c'est le beggining sounds like move along :)

  37. Rheanna LaCasse

    During the listening party Brian said this song has a 'Tarzan' feel too it, but I think it's more 'Lion King'. Absolutely love this song! It's so catchy and I love how positive it is.

  38. RecklessGeorge

    Reminds me of The Lion King..

  39. Vanessa roman

    This song just screams disney to me. I love it so much!!! Everything about it just makes me so happy!!!! My god TSS you can stop being so perfect now.

  40. Katie Quackenbush

    This is one of my favorite songs from the album! It just makes me really happy :D

  41. Melissa Anne

    Belongs in a Disney movie!

  42. Anna Thomas

    Jess Bowen <3

  43. pristinegalaxies

    The beginning sounds like Move Along by All American Rejects....

  44. Grace Yu

    It sounds like the song from Tarzan :o

  45. Kayti Swoveland

    I think I want to get up and dance. Oh what the heck, I'm already dancing!! Love them!!

  46. Emma Taylor

    This song honestly made me cry. I can't even put into words how much the band means to me. This song is more than amazing.

  47. Molly Russell

    this is such a feel good song after a crappy day! <3 loving the whole album xoxo

  48. Meghan Johnson

    I love this song! It sounds like a song out of a Disney movie!


    this one is a nice one