Summer, Donna - The Hostage Lyrics

[Lady:] Hallo

Lady we've just kidnapped your husband
Have $800,000 ready by tomorrow night
And lady no police
Or you'll never see your husband alive again

[Lady:] Hallo

I remember standing there so petrified
My hand frozen to the phone
As a stranger's words that caught in my ears
And chilled me to the bone
Some dark tragedy had come right home to me
They'd kidnapped my man and his life was in their hands

He was a hostage, a hostage
His life was at the mercy of their hands
He was a hostage, a hostage
His life depending on their gold demands

[Lady:] Hallo

Lady, here's your husband through
To warn not to play any games

Hi Honey listen I'm okay
Just make sure you do whatever they tell you
And whatever you do don't go to the police!

Well I couldn't raise that kinda money fast
So I was left no other choice
So I called the police and they came in fast
Saying "leave it up to us
Just do as they told
The ransom's in this bag
We'll watch over you
And we'll have your husband back too"

He was a hostage, a hostage
His life was at the mercy of their hands
He was a hostage, a hostage
His life depending on their gold demands

[Lady:] Hallo

Listen very carefully lady
Drive out to the abandoned shack on Highway 16
Throw the package of money out the window and keep driving
And remember lady no police!

Well my heart was heavy as I made that drive
I was sure something was wrong
I soon found the shack
I threw out the bag and I just kept driving on
Then the shots rang out and turned my car about
On the ground one lay but the other had gotten away

He was a hostage, a hostage
His life was at the mercy of their hands
He was a hostage, a hostage
His life depending on their gold demands

Well they found my husband a few days later
Yes, the funeral's tomorrow

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Summer, Donna The Hostage Comments
  1. 369

    Marie - L'Otage

  2. Jason Anderson

    This was when music was music

  3. melike

    arkadaslar kopyasi bile olsa türkce versiyonu daha bi güzel just saying

  4. Batuhan Tuğrul

    Yaa öyle dalyarak gibi polise gitmicektin

    Kaan Tekin

    Lan sghjsıoahgsoaıjgjsg hocam nasıl bi göndermedir bu gsagjksagjgkjskaşg

  5. Sordidlives1973


  6. Meral TUZA
    Sibel Egemen Şimdi Ne Yapsam (Fidye)
    Türkçe versiyonu :)

  7. Xavier Brino

    j’espère qu'elle grille en enfer.

  8. Koen De Vroede

    Really awesome !

  9. Ephrem Bearjean

    génial: déjà une grande star avec cet enregistrement. Merci à Donna Sommer et tous ceux qui ont participé à l'élaboration de ce merveilleux enregistrement (même si c'est si cela est profondément dramatique). Un must de l'enregistrement

  10. Gary Richard Collins II

    Donna sang the song as it was pure Bostonese, which was why she was from Boston.


    This song was remade from the french song l'otage by marie. Bostonese he says lmao.


    L'Otage by Marie is supposedly a cover of Donna Summer's version: Her next singles, the covers of "The Hostage" by Donna Summer... (Source: )

  11. Joe Barcelona

    1970's DUTCH!!! T.V., yeah...

    MC Tristan

    Joe Barcelona Dutch*

    Joe Barcelona

    Oh, ik bedoelde het Nederlands te zeggen. Vergeef me. Het spijt me dat ;-)

    MC Tristan

    Joe Barcelona Ik vergeef het je haha

    arthur verbraak

    sjef en barend manmanman

  12. Ana di Lupis

    I have always liked this song very much, much more than "Hard For The Money" which sounds so similar. And I am happy to find it here
    BUT I am convinced that the "director" of the video got fired after that...Did they actually know, what the lyrics are about, I wonder? is so old, yet I never saw it...maybe it wasn't aired because it's so bad?
    Worst acting-performance evva  ;)

    Steven Wilson

    This was taken from 'van Oekels Discohoek', a Dutch tv programme that was quite famous in the early '70-ies, here in Holland. The 'fun' of it was, that a pop-music-programme was presented by some elderly men wearing ties and so on. Depends on your sense of humour whether you like it or not, I guess...


    +Steven Wilson
    The full video of the show is on YT and you can get the real fun out of it, like when the guy picks up the phone at the beginning and Donna says: "it's my call". In fact the sound had been dubbed and this makes you miss a lot of the situation.

    Ana di Lupis

    @jerste ah okay..I'd like to see the complete thing ...  I will go into the vast of the WWW and look for it. Or do you have a link to a mediatheque or something?

    Ana di Lupis

    I just looked at it and yes, in that context it is kinda funny, yet the script of the show ... the song is thus completely losing its meaning according to the lyrics and becomes just..some song. 

  13. daftlad

    Love the last few seconds - Donna fluffs her lines and looks like she's holding in a laugh! Brilliant :)

  14. Daniella de groote

    @youtube everthing is here! thanks, bedankt; merci, spaciba

  15. Sjaak Kazenbroot

    Meesterlijk,met dat Haagse hoppie uit Den haag die hebben altijd blof,maar wel eerlijk,top!Vooral het toneelspel van Sjef van Oekel,Helaas,ook al overleden,chips!

  16. Ret Warwick

    beautiful voice and soooo hot

  17. evilelvis333

    sounds like Breaking The Law by JUDAS PRIEST!

    Karim Bennett

    evilelvis333, Yes. And it also sounds like "I Wanna Be Sedated" by The Ramones.

    Dor Ben Baruch

    evilelvis333 and continuing like sabbath bloody sabbath


    evilelvis333 yeah the first couple of notes sounds like breaking the law by judas priest but then on its different, but realy sounds like it, but what ever, priest rules 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻


    @NGWSoNnY the vocal melody during the verse too! I would not be surprised if Halford nipped this.

  18. Thierry Schnegg

    top, souvenir de mes 19 ans.....

  19. TheSolnabo

    Her first hit in Germany?

  20. ekcopyephilips

    Love it. Please release it on a Donna all time diva album

  21. Bas Kotterink

    Stunning in every way. True art.

  22. Cowboy Jojo’s Adventures

    Never heard this song before, wow!

  23. alfense60

    Met evert v dr pik en dolf brouwers lachen

  24. juanitobastos

    Amazing! I never thought I would see her perform this song on you tube!, Thank you so much for posting it! And the music.... 320 kpbs...!!! ERG GOED! ERG BEDANKT!

    arthur verbraak

    echt zit nog in je hoofd he hilarisch