Sullivan, Jazmine - Famous Lyrics

I used to dream about cars and things.
Bout being a star and things.
I thought that I would outgrow this feening.
My dream won't go away.

It's more like a nightmare.
Keepin me up all night,
Like a nightmare.
It's taking over my mind.
My desire burns inside like a flame
And it can't and it won't be contained.

Cause I gotta be famous
I need to be somebody

No one wants to be invisible
Everyone just wants to be seen.
I know one thing is so irresistible
Cause we all need a reason to be.
So I wanna matter.
To the world.
To a girl.
Watching me on tv.
Watching me and I want her to wanna be me.
To be me and I wanna be her dream.
Be hear dream.

So I gotta be famous.
I gotta be somebody.
So I gotta be famous.
I gotta be somebody.

And I'll do anything to get where you are.
I'll do anything to reach the stars.
You don't want what you have,
But I want it so bad.
You say it ain't fair but what ain't fair is no one cares if you ain't famous.
You ain't famous.
Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh. Oh oh oh.

So I gotta be famous.
I gotta be somebody.
Cause I gotta be famous.
I need to be somebody.

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Sullivan, Jazmine Famous Comments
  1. kali drew

    2020, are you still here?

  2. Dornfelder Trocken

    money boy sonebody?

  3. 08091976

    ....dis shyt mek mi feel sum type of way

  4. Nate Brown

    Who's here in 2019!?

    Niya Bobola


    Kenny p


  5. Yvonne Jackson

    My calm down song when I'm mad!! Still hittin

  6. Tim Reaves

    3:46 A Angel sung too me

  7. Amber Gabel

    Like it

  8. Eric Croxton

    My girl out of Philly Jasmine Sullivan.

  9. RakimVelez ;


  10. Drippy DreadHead

    This song is facts

  11. Sunel Molina

    fuck this makes me cry! I feel this so hard! :(

  12. Kelsey Searcy

    Still my favorite ❤️

  13. Jolly BeGood

    i thought this song belongs to coolidge kid rapper. he does it so good.

  14. Chelsea Marie

    I love you Jazmin Sullivan she helped me get through hard times

  15. Chelsea Marie

    This is and always will be a classic

  16. a clout token

    Can someone PLEASE make an instrumental of this 😭😩

  17. Chris McCall

    I heard this song in Wendy's while eating a amazing Dave's Hot and Juicy burger. Almost dropped the burger because I was trying to hurry and use the Shazam app to find out who was singing this song. Didn't know it was Jazmine Sullivan. I truly fell in love with this song first time I listened to it. At that moment I was hooked by her vocals, especially towards the end of the song with the guitars. 10/10. ❤️❤️

  18. chrisduncan15

    Jasmine is a pure talent who needs just a good management team or self promote her self cause it's no damn reason she doesn't have Grammys or some people don't know who she is cause she can SING and vocals are🙌🏿

    Lonna Bunny

    chrisduncan15 sadly just being a GREAT singer/songwriter isn't enough these days. It's more about image than anything now, they search for a certain look over raw, pure talent and feel like the rest can be taught. Smh

    Nistalgia Nabors

    chrisduncan15 truth

    Alexis Harris

    Say that!

  19. Megan smith

    favorite song by her!

  20. GodsChosenElect xx

    still sound lit 6 years later

  21. Raijin Lightnin'

    my theme song

  22. Josh Thomas

    New favorite song

  23. Janiya L.

    still here

  24. paige symone

    thr best song

  25. Tyree Mikes

    I love it so so much from the beginning to the top

  26. Mud Kip1

    Nappy I remember this song!!! I loved hearing it in your Blaze Black Nuzlocke.

  27. Rashanda Grier

    A great song.

  28. anjellytoast

    I must see her in concert this year!

  29. cul2cat


    Andrew Smilie

    u look sexy af

  30. Super_Negra

    I hear this song once a day at work. It always plays on satellite radio


    Super_Negra me too at Home Depot the radio plays it

  31. Jackie M

    I agree with this song so much...

  32. Giovanna

    Love this song

  33. Fiskgyrl2

    That guitar riff at the end was sick along with her vocals!

    Shelby Alex

    Look up anna mae by clarke same music


    Fiskgyrl2 yaaaaaaas !!

    Jasmine Michelle

    🎸🎶 🔥

  34. Sierra Covington

    Beautiful 😍😍😢😢

  35. ashely preval

     love this song

  36. Monica Shepherd

    love this song still in 2013

  37. Shirleah Smith

    My desire burns inside like a flame & It cant & wont be contained . ♥♥♥♥♥

  38. charb


  39. Ella BlaQ

    Been listening to this song all night...Very inspiring...Luv the lyrics...

  40. Ty'Ohnna Miller

    Wow...Amazing Lyrics.

  41. nyjah cooper

    Gud song

  42. brianna jackson

    Mii encouraging song(:!!

  43. Corey Andra

    I so love this Girl!!!! She is so slept on


    Corey Andra 5 years ago 😝

  44. Sakeenah Jay

    Love track