Sugarhill Gang, The - The Down Beat Lyrics

The down beat
Get on the down beat
The down beat

False alarm, there is no fire
The smoke you're seeing, comes from my
Astonishing rhythm combined with the beat
My voice is the smoke, my rhymes are the heat
Correlated MC quench ready to burst
With flavor, a party saver, but first
Note; my rhymes are pouring ready to combust
Flammable to biters, so my advice is just

To play
The down beat

If you wanna be down, you gotta get a down beat
But if the beat ain't funky, then the rap is obsolete
In order to be complete, or solid as concrete
You gotta pumpin' and pumpin', with a funky funky down beat

It's the down beat

When the bass is kicking, and the hi-hat's ticking
You're on a natural high, because the beat is fly
Captivating, stimulating and other [?]
And for the fresh beat lovers, we're granting your wish
And for the biters, there' s a brand new dish
So come on, eat it up, I know you're hungry
And if you want a funky beat, bon appetit

'Cause it's the down beat
The down beat

When the bass is pumping, and the snare is thumping
Rhythm takes its toll, you're out of control
You're in a trance, gotta dance
When you hear the funky drum roll
That's the cue, for you to do
What you want to do. Continue,
To clap your hands, and stomp your feet
'Cause you can't help rocking when you hear a funky drum beat
The formula is simple, but I'm not the docs
Don't worry about the rappers, it's the beat that rocks
And if you're thinking contrary, that this ain't the truth
Look at the rappers today, they are the proof
So if you wanna get hot and feel the heat
You gotta go with the flow and change with the beat
You got to get up on a brand new sound
But remember when you get up, the beat is down

'Cause it's the down beat
The funky down beat
Break, come on, get down!

My name is Kory-O, and I'm down with the Gang
The new addition to the crew, the master of slang
I get stupid fresh, crazy, flyboy
Ultra smoking nitro, all
Just call me on, and gimme a pound
High five, 'cause I'm live, and you know I'm down
And I got a down beat that I know will
Make all the other weak beats chill

When the bass is thumping
And the claps are jumping
The music's scratching and cutting
And it won't mean nothing
But a bass like that, that's pumping
You like the way I kick it, 'cause I kick it right
'Cause I can get loose while my raps are tight
And if you came here to party, before you go
It's gonna rock the show

And it's the down beat
Get on the down beat
Hey y'all, the funky-funky-funky down beat
Come on, 'cause it's the down beat

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