Sugarhill Gang, The - Sugarhill Groove Lyrics

Yeah! Welcome to the party
Yeah! Welcome to the party
Yeah! (To the biggity-bang-bang the boogie) Welcome to the party
Yeah! Welcome to the party

Well, I'm Wonder Mike and I'm ready
Yeah, I mean ready to rock the house
And I'm Big Bank Hank and I'm ready, baby doll
And I'm ready to shock the house
And of course it's me, the Master Gee
I said ladies you know I'm ready

Twidlee diddly do and you do that rock
I said you do that rock, now
Then you hear the guitar and then the bass
Then hit that chord that'll shake this place

S-U-G-A-R-H-I-double L
We go by the name of The Sugarhill Gang and that's how it's spelled!
(Check it out!) Just freak it to the rhythm and don't stop
Just freak it to the rhythm and don't quit
Just freak it to the rhythm and don't move
'Cause this is known to be the Sugarhill Groove, get down!

Come on, and get down
To the boogie to the boogie the up jump the boogie to the
Now sugar, let me have a little bit of your time
Sugarhill say you need to relax your mind
Let your spirit go, and your body be free
All we're here to do is make you party!
Till you're going down with the help of the Gang
So get off, and do your own kinda thing
I say don't be scared to let down your hair
'Cause this is the Sugarhill Gang affair
We say you rock and you don't stop
You go on and you do the rock

So you feel the bass and then feel the highs
We're better, comin' at you, than salt and french fries
Turn the boogie around, you got franks and beans
Check it out everyone, as we start to sing:
You can't get enough of that Sugarhill, Sugarhill, Sugarhill
You can't get enough of that Sugarhill, that makes you do the freak!

Hey Mike, do you see that girl over there?
Who, the one with the long black pretty hair?
I don't know about you but I'm going to see
Maybe she might do the bad and do it with me
Now no one else is with her, and I'm telling you no lie
That there's beams of light sparkling in her hair, and a flicker in her eye
So let's change the beat to make her move her feet
So if you lower that allergy [?]
And let's kick up the band with a wave of a hand, and a simple 1, 2, 3

Twidlee diddly do it, do that rock
Now there's a reason why I rock all the season with a little a touch of savoir faire
'Cause I am down with the Sugarhill Gang and we rock with pin-point flair

First you hip the hop and then hop the hip
And then you hippit the hop and don't quit
Then you hip the hop and then you hop the hip
And then you hippit the hop and don't stop
Just on and on and on, on, on and on
Like hot butter the pop, the pop, the pop
Hippie-dibby, pop-a-the-pop-pop
You do that rock and get right on down and give me what you got

Before it gets too hot now

Now, why in the world did you do that for?
Everybody in this spot was begging for more
Now, both of you know we have to hit the streets
And you just start rapping to the beat
So come on

(Wait a minute)

First things first, first high then low
We think we're coming to someone's stereo
And if you're thinking what I'm thinking someone's around
To check us out when we throw down!
Young ladies, young ladies, young ladies drive me crazy!
We go back and forth, and forth and back
We're The Sugarhill Gang, we take no smack
We don't wear diamond rings and drive big cars
But the people just treat us like movie stars
We're just three young rappers who want to be known
As professional magicians of the microphone
Well I'm Big Bank, rhymes are my game
And soon I'll be elected to the hall of fame
Like a lime to a lemon, a cherry to a plum
We won't stop rappin' till we all get some!

Wonder Mike, it's on you
You're the freak of the night, so what you wanna do?

Just give me the mic in the middle of the night
And I'll show you how to rock real tight
When I was young I ate my Wheaties every single day
But it wasn't the Wheaties that helped me jerk
But groovin' the things I say
It's the rhythm of WBGL that helped me sing my song
So you can rock with such finesse to the devil beat all night long

If you do the mad dance and you get on the floor
And you decide to put the boogie to shame
Well, the Baby bubbah, don't you fret because you'll come back
To that the other boogie, people'll do the same

Twidlee diddly do it, do that rock
Well I counted to a hundred and now I'm through
Bet you know who's rappin' to the groove
It's Wonder Mike and I'm ready, young brother
Gonna give you a hip and hug you a hop
I'll take the hop and with the help of a pop
You know I'm coming to the top alley bop
Leavin' you a tip that turns into a hip
And and then you stomp it to a freaking scholarship

Twidlee diddly do it, do that rock
I'm the Master Gee, a man you know
A man who rocks in stereo
I said hey diddle-diddle, the cat and the fiddle
We let in a bat and a dog and a middle
I'm gonna rock this mic to who knows when
Get up in the morning and do it again
I'm gonna hit you with rhymes you've never heard before
And direct them to the lady that I adore
'Cause I'm on the go, I'm on your mind
All I'm here to do is shake your behind to the beat
You don't stop
Rock the rhythm that'll make your body rock
Break it on down!

(Come on, party angel) [?]

Well, he's featured on the drums and he came to stay
And he goes by the name of Tito Puente!

To the beat that makes you want to
A-to the beat that makes you want to
A-to the beat that makes you want to dance
A-come on, young ladies let's take a chance

Twidlee diddly do it, do that rock
To the beat that makes you want to
To the beat that makes you want to
I'm like a double stack mac at twelve o'clock
We're like Big Bang but with the gangsta rock
To the boogie to the boogie be up jump the boogie to the...
Hippity-ba-hoppas who so-so socialize
Won't you open up your ears and open up your eyes?
To find out whether you're qualified, and one more thing, we're all the way live
Like a lime to lemon, a lemon to a lime
You can give me your number 'cause I got a dime
Like a tick to a tock, a drip to a drop, like snap, crackle to the pop
When I'm rappin' to the rhythm of a funky beat, I rap and tell no lies
'Cause the way I spell relief you know it's P-A-R-T-Y!
Like a lemon to a lime, a lime to a lemon
Got a black book filled with all the fly women
Tweedle-di-dee or Tweedle-di-dum
Hear the tight pitter-patter of a big bass drum
Baby stand on the rhythm of the big top beat
While I snap my fingers and tap my feet

To the beat that makes you want to... sugar sugar sugar!...

To the beat that makes you wanna dance, sugar sugar sugar!

To the beat that makes you want to... sugar sugar sugar!...

To the beat that makes you wanna rock, sugar sugar sugar!
To the beat that makes you rock the beat, sugar sugar sugar!

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Sugarhill Gang, The Sugarhill Groove Comments
  1. Lamonte Hale

    This joint is waaaaay betta than Rappers Delight.

  2. D Spence

    Straight Up Classic!!!

  3. Garret Jones

    Me and my boy use to crank this up!

    Mark 'Tree' Allred

    Garret Jones
    Same here and still do 😎

  4. Shelly Larue

    Shuga Shuga Shuga!!!

  5. Bridgewater Melvin

    Good Memories Of Parties. The Sugarhill Gang And Grand Master Flash Were The Records Played The Most

  6. Shedon Chambliss

    DJ mighty master cee is on vacation in he is one of his home's in Jarret Virginia may 5 2018 in its so good to relax

  7. Rick Jason

    Toto Puente stills the at 6:20.

  8. Bryan Payton

    Back during this time period, this was my joint. We even did a lip synch to this joint, in Jr. High School! This track is funky, and creative. True rap/hip-hop!

  9. efree345

    I've always loved this song!

  10. Dana Blake

    Real instruments with handclaps and all that!

  11. Abraham Mitchell


  12. Trent Younger sr.

    So underrated jam

  13. D'Artenya Granger

    Sugarhill Gang - Sugarhill Groove 1980's

  14. Anton Jefferson

    The good old days

  15. Marcus Kurtz

    i have this song on vinyl the other side is 8th wonder

  16. Timothy Wright

    the man's  back

  17. Timothy Wright

    still my jam

  18. Timothy Wright

    jam jam jam

  19. Timothy Wright

    3000 watts of instant git down

  20. Timothy Wright

    back again..come on

  21. Timothy Wright

    chris and me used to ride out in this car by in 79

  22. TiMatitYah YsrayL

    I alwayz thought this wuz their best trak! This iz strayt mean FUNK with party rappin' over it, & sum nasty percussion! Been lookin' 4 the instrumental 4ever 2 remix... throw sum addz on & hook up 4 a nice MC who actually haz sumN of significance 2 say. like on this playlist : Now i gotz work 2 do. gotta extract the bitz & piecez manually. OK...bizy time. Shalom Tru Hip Hopperz. interested in hidden truths? peep & these playlists: All Things Ysraylites of YAH N-M-EEZ Xpozed & Earth Biology/Geology Njoy Ur new found wisdom & YAH bless.

  23. Timothy Wright

    The is what my best man chris hooked me up on...Back in to mind blower days

  24. Shedon Chambliss

    I just love it

  25. Laverne

    Lol they need to stop with the biba dee bob a dee boo lyrics on this one

  26. Shedon Chambliss

    this was rough

  27. d.blake808stateofmind

    "to the boogie a bang bang a boogie" classic material!

  28. Max Seven

    the best of the best Sugar hill gang finest track.

  29. Paris Roller

    To Da Beat That Makes You Wanna..

  30. jesse silva

    denilson recife de 1980 a 1983 so pop music montagems cecom cecop festas etc senpre tocava esta musica carro chef com eco feise.......recife em 21/10/2016......tica......jesse

  31. fofifof1


  32. William Blake

    "We're a better combination than salt n french fries" Classic party rap!!

  33. Timothy Wright

    sounded on point bad in the day with those mind blower speakers in ya car

  34. transmatman

    Shee-zit. Even the Beastie's popped this into "Shake Your Rump!!"

  35. vellyvell33

    house party days

  36. Larry Davis

    This was when music & Hip Hop was real !!!! Miss those days and music so much !!!

  37. tony L

    The Good Old Days

  38. Doriann Dawkins

    Dag, I remember this from back in the day.. Took me back to 1979.. Smiles!

  39. bsmaa45

    Pumpkin and friends....

    Abd Al-Haqq

    You better know it!

  40. ToniA5555

    I don't remember this, but I certainly remember Rapper's Delight. I do think that certain artists and/or groups are often popular more in one section of the country. I have recently heard of artists who were huge in D.C. and I don't think I ever heard of them here in Oakland, CA.


    The song that made me fall in love with hip hop !

    Bridgewater Melvin

    ToniA5555 There Music Was In House Of Music And T'Z Wauzi In Eastmont Mall

    Bridgewater Melvin

    ToniA5555 Also You Had A T'Z Wauzi In M.B. Mall Across From The Old Kaiser On Broadway

  41. Gary Anderson

    I thought I was the only person that remembered this song.

    Doriann Dawkins

    +MrGlanderson Nope.. I used to play this joint back in the day!


    LOL NO SIR! I got your back!


    Hell to the nizzaw. Real OGs know about this.

    Damian Christopher

    Ohhh no cousin!!! This will always be one of the dopest Sugar Hill Gang cuts

  42. Shedon Chambliss

    I played this last week at a party thanx for posting this classic

  43. Shedon Chambliss

    this was hard to find thanx for posting this I played this last week at a party in they loved it in mary land

  44. dblthmpn

    RIP Big Bank Hank!!!

  45. Holip Sism

    Warren Burns...THANK YOU!

  46. Dave Owens

    goof nerd here. never owned nwa tupac nas but i owned this.  one of my first purchases.  i haven't heard this since 79-80. I still have the vinyl. 

  47. Mark 'Tree' Allred

    I remember this track from childhood and it's still hot as hell. I only wish hip hop was still this well composed, today's rappers should take note and yes, I'm the track is straight badass with its hypnotic kick drum and bassline 😎💯

  48. michael johnson

    Left handed bass player.Damn!

    the promise man

    michael johnson how you know that is there a video for this song

  49. antonio johnson

    This was the cadence for the Rancho Rams Marching Band, North Las Vegas, Nevada, 1980. They even had a guy playing the bass guitar.

  50. Buckeyecat2002

    I use to DJ and use this cut to pack up the dance floor.

  51. D Spence

    This straight up Floorida A&M University... in the Grand Ballroom... in 1979!!!!

  52. Buckeyecat2002

    The party groove is always welcome in my ear holes especially from Sugar Hill.

  53. 211bill

    Old School hip hop