Sugarhill Gang, The - Showdown Lyrics

Ha ha
Whoo hoo

Do you wanna have a party?
Yeah yeah!
Do you wanna have a ball?
Yeah yeah!
Do you wanna make a scene?
Yeah yeah!
Then scream!

[Sugarhill Gang]
A showdown, it's all the way live
Between The Sugarhill Gang and the Furious Five
Take your partner by the hand, get out'cha seat
We're gonna tickle your funk bone with our beat
I got the ride, I got the face
You got the time, we've got the place
So stop, look, check out the name
Sugarhill's goin' down in the Hall of Fame
Got the voice that stops you in your tracks
Put the wiggles up and down your back
We're the prize in your cracker jack
Sugarhill with the funk attack
We got style, finesse, and savior faire
All the ladies think that we're debonair
We don't take no jive, we don't take no mess
We're The Sugarhill Gang and we're the best!

So this is it...
Hey hey to the rhythm of the

[Furious Five]
Party people, just gather around
'Cause The Five's gettin' ready, to have a showdown
So pick your weapons, whatever you choose
We don't need none, huh, 'cause we can't lose
We got the, huh, beat beat, for the big bang bang
Gonna fight all night, with The Sugarhill Gang
And you know who's gonna survive?
Yeah, the Furious one, two, three, four, five
Hey we're bad, straight from the Bronx
We gonna prove to the world that we got spunk
We gotta rhythm with a twist, that ya can't resist
We got the lips that the ladies, just love to kiss
We got the class, pizazz, razzmatazz
We got the uh, Grandmaster, DJ Flash
So if you wanna hear the best in this here town
Say showdown! (Showdown!)


[Sugarhill Gang]
We gotcha, don't try to hide
We caught everybody movin', with a groovy glide
Don't dare stop rockin', if ya do we'll know
'Cause we're looking right through, your radio
Young ladies, swing forth and back
You know you look good, 'cause you got it like that
Let's shift this party into overdrive
We're The Sugarhill Gang, here's the furious five

[Furious Five]
Hey we're bonafide and qualified, to hypnotize, tranquilize
Transacted, double-backin', keep the whack ones off the track
Pulsating, inflating, crime-making, show-stoppin'
24 hour rockin' and shockin'
We're The Furious Five
And we're the best!
If you wanna get down
Just help me shout
Sing turn it out! (turn it out!)


[Furious Five]
Rock for a while, to prove we have style
Grace, class, debonair, and a vicious profile
And there ain't no doubt that it's all about
Melle Mel, Mr. Ness, Rahiem, Creole, Cowboy
Rockin' the house, y'all
Got a rhythm to make ya want to, keep on rockin'
Keep on rockin', keep on rockin', keep on rockin'!

[Sugarhill Gang]
Now all the girls agree
There's no one sweeter than a Master Gee
From the north to the south, the east and west
Big Bank, baby doll, I am the best
I got a smile, that'll warm ya like the morning light
And I go by the name of Wonder Mike
So forget about your problems, throw away ya bills
Cause you're being possessed by the sounds of
Ah ah
Ah ah


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Sugarhill Gang, The Showdown Comments
  1. Rod Rich

    Take me back to high school

  2. Oldschool

    🎤Thanks for all of the love, guys! Make sure to subscribe, I'll be uploading more funky old school music soon! 🎤

  3. Greg Ines

    I got ''Wonder Mike''s autograph on the sleeve of this album ""Showdown''. Man, what a time back then...

  4. D'Artenya Granger

    Sugarhill Gang - Showdown

  5. I am KING PLUTO

    I was here

  6. Michael Ivory, Sr.

    The birth of hip hop came through them nationally when it was really hip hop without the cussing and dissing. Clean and old fashion on the beat box on every corner in the late 70s during my teenager years. Life was a little simpler to live by. Man I those days.

  7. Jackie Calhoun

    damn!! rockin the old days!! sugar hill!!

    happy guy

    it was better back in the day

  8. jaemsyt

    Showdown baby!
    Sugarhill wins, Sugarhill wins.......

  9. CAB4SHO