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Sugarhill Gang, The Passion Play Comments
  1. Emin R

    WONDERFULL bass intro..

  2. Clay Pleasant

    Who is signing? Cause I know it ain't them

  3. Malka Family

    the best 🤟🏼🤟🏼

  4. Kleine Raupe

    that baseline damn

  5. Mohamed Chkili

    I've heard a version of it on mushroom jazz 5 - mark farina at minute 13. But I can't find it :( here's the link
    Écouter Mushroom Jazz 5 - Mixtape - 03/12/93 par Mark Farina #np sur #SoundCloud

  6. Darren McKay

    Always liked this since it came out back in the day ,reminds me of my first sons mother

  7. SolsticeShabaZZ

    The best sample I heard of this song is by a guy named suga bear back in 2000

  8. Also Known As

    Wow. This is SICK. Can't believe I've never heard of this joint before!!

  9. Terence Liburd

    This is the best tune the Sugarhill Gang ever made. In my opinion.

  10. HIRO


  11. Parker Draegert-Buffalo

    Mf Doom-devils shoestring

  12. Nicolas

    That bass !!

  13. D'Artenya Granger

    Classic Of The Sugarhill Gang - Passion Play

  14. smoothjazzaxe

    at 1st I thought this was Roy Ayers


    smoothjazzaxe Thats what me and some of my relatives were saying the other day

  15. Travis Mayhew

    pharell and jay-z sampled this song


    What is the song called



    Taku Te Puke

    nah its not sampled it just has a similar bassline

    Lazaro Clarke II

    @Taku Te Puke-Pharell did use a portion of this song for "Frontin" but he didn't sample it! he did whats known in musical terms as an "Interpolation" where a musician and/or producer replays a portion or portions of a musical work that they're not the original creator of. But, i can assure you he had permission from the original creators/producers of this song. they didn't receive any writers credits though but they were compensated! Otherwise, Pharell could've been sued fro copyright infringement according to the "Fair Use" of a Copyright Act!

  16. Travis Mayhew

    this is positive force


    ... and that's their original version

  17. Alya Theresa Shah

    excellent rare groove rythme.funky

  18. Gia FUNK


  19. tmat 2019

    Doug Wimbish on the bass!

  20. Adeeb Shabazz

    Finally someone who shares my ear for this song! Yes it sounds like Pharrell sampled this and altered the sample as he often does. Large Professor samples this in "Havin' Fun" too. 

    roniy scottt

    Do you know the name of the song pharell made with this song sample?

    Adeeb Shabazz

    @roniy scottt he sampled it in Frontin' featuring Jay Z

    roniy scottt

    @Adeeb Shabazz woooooow that is crazy.. .whats so wild is that i love that song as well

    Adeeb Shabazz

    You and me both!

    Lazaro Clarke II

    Adeeb Shabazz-Actually, Pharrell didn't sample a portion of this song, but he replayed the portion of this song he used for the bridge of his song "Frontin" feat. Jay-Z! Pharrell initially did the song as a tribute of sorts to the late Prince, on of Pharell's many musical influences! he sent/submitted the song to Prince as well, but Prince, although his Purple badness liked the way Pharell produced the song, he ultimately passed on performing the song, most likely because Prince recognized that it was a replayed sample. and a musician like Prince wouldn't have the need to sample anything when he could replay it himself! just an FYI

  21. chocolatebeauty40

    right because i had this album the song was on it

  22. kleiner peña

    El hip hop es lo mejor del mundo!

  23. TheSuperlativeMind

    MF DOOM brought me here

  24. MuzikJunkyAES

    Large Professor sampled it in his track “Havin’ Fun.” Peace.

  25. GATSS UK

    Large Pro has also sampled this.

  26. wearestellar

    The group that payed this instrumental and sang all the vocals on and all the other vocal tracks on the first Sugarhill Gang lp were the New Jersey funk band Positive Force who had a huge hit of their own with We Got The Funk.


    Thanks for that info. Interesting. So where do the Sugar Hill Gang come in?

  27. mankie99

    It may be Roy Ayers singing on this track but it is still found on the Sugarhill Gang debut album released in 1978/79

    Mozart Winston

    1st time i heard it i thought it was Roy's song...

  28. huitzil07

    the best sampling of this song is Queen Latifah on her Order in the Court album

    Lazaro Clarke II

    huitzil07- You're correct in that the song that producer DJ Clark Kent sampled this song for was Queen Latifah's song "No/Yes" from her Order In The Court project! and Yes, it absolutely was the best sampling of this song, which producer DJ Clark Kent also used the drum loop at the beginning of the song "All Night Long" by The Mary Jane Girls!

    Lazaro Clarke II

    @huitzil07- Produced by DJ Clark Kent! The Old School group Treacherous Three also sampled this song as well !

  29. Michael MICKMAN Gourdine

    Richie, This is the missing link. The rappers are singing. This was the point in time where the jump from singing to rapping happened.......Ya Dig.

  30. veuvecliquot

    mfdoom had a piece of 3:15