Sugar, Rebecca - What Can I Do (For You)? Lyrics

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What can I do for you?
What can I do that no one else can do?
What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?

Human man
You are so much fun
I hadn't planned
On finding you quite this entertaining
I like your band (Whoo!)
And I like your song
I like the way
Human beings play
I like playin' along

What can I do for you?
What can I do that no one else can do?
What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?

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Sugar, Rebecca What Can I Do (For You)? Comments
  1. Mochi [Sage]

    ah yes now i can make this gay

  2. Jimes

    *Jasper and 49 others disliked this.

  3. BETO4KA

    Водки найду фор ю ;)

  4. Haru Chan

    "Human man you are so much fun"

  5. Zero Dragonbourn

    I'm gonna play the drums to this omg

  6. Chelsey Dela Cruz

    Every dislike is pearl being salty and peridot saying clods

  7. fernanda leyton

    Rose! no me espere que en realidad fueras diamante rosa :,(

  8. pedroBR games

    That momment i realize how much Double means this music have, now i can't stop watching

  9. mal-mal


  10. Totoro totorito

    I LOVE IT !
    When Rebbeca Sugar sing ! :)

  11. Calinina X

    so perfect

  12. [name this channel]

    her voice is so relaxing

  13. Alaina Tolliver

    I love this song soooo much!!!~

  14. legend

    This has some serious sexual connotation, and I fucking love it.

  15. Animated Archives

    when she said "human beings play" my soul left my body


    Don't worry about it, batty.


    +batty Relationships, basically. Rose sees humans as kinda like pets, in a sense.

    Ricky Nathan Kingan

    Animated Archives she had a kid with her pet

    pedroBR games

    MinecraftPro15 suuuure, very "entertaining" pets (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)😂😂😂


    @pedroBR games exactly 😏

  16. Diego Avila

    I always thought it said i like playing you wrong instead of i like playing along

  17. Brittneyxxb

    I've been singing this song wrong the whole time. I thought she said " you humans you are so much fun" and I thought she said " I like your face and I like your song" 😂😂😂 I couldn't understand her when she said those parts.


    i thought she said "i like your hand" instead of band *facepalm*

    caroline anderson

    Your not the only one 😂👍

    girrafe gillman molly

    where did you get face from band lmao

  18. kedamoyes

    pearl made 7 accounts to dislike this video.

    Brace Face

    48 *holy hecc*

    Omar Tamer

    Pearl made 48 accounts lol


    208 sheesh pearl

  19. Vlogospel TV

    Algum Brasileiro aqui???

    Hira Kyuune

    falo br, TO AKI! kkkkk

    pedroBR games

    Vlogospel TV é nois

  20. Ḟϕṟɛšȶ™

    Wow- I didn't even know she sang this.


    She doesn't sing it in the show, this is just the demo.


    Nice to know thank you.

  21. ༺【Anime Dork】༻

    "Human man. You are so much fun. I hadn't planned on finding you quite this entertaining-" oooooooooo ((uada yada yada))
    *"I like the way human beings play. I like playing along"*

    Martin Chavez


  22. julian puerta roman

    "what can i do for you that no one else can do" <3

  23. Ivan Belinario

    Hearing the first notes of this song, I thought it's fourfiveseconds lol

  24. John Wayne Brady

    I get a very QOTSA vibe off of this song, and I LOVE IT.

  25. Nothaut




    Stop thinking dirty wtf


    in the clip from the show, she twisted her finger around a mic cord, and smiled, and greg dropped his jaw like he gonna get some XD (which i suppose he did)

  26. Nikkimeme X

    4 dislikes; Peridot, Jasper, Yellow diamond and Blue diamond.

    Dogede Dog

    +Allie Dreemurr all the rubies


    blue is dead


    and pearl

    Haru Chan

    Not Peridot

  27. Aoi Onodera

    To think that she alone is the ceator behind Steven Universe

  28. Samuel Flórez

    I love you rebecca jajajaj I love your songs

  29. sativarosee

    In love with this song cus of steven universe

  30. aiden miller

    wow Robeca never seizes to amaze

  31. Noah Morris


  32. Janae Horn

    So were did this song come from???

    Elo Warrink

    steven universe


    Darude - Sandstorm

  33. henrrique Ricardo Ricardo

    cool! !!!!!!!!! awesome

  34. hazel sturley

    awww <3

  35. 얌 Booboo The Fool

    i love this song so much, i wish it was longer and that thirst didn't ruin it and drop the mic

  36. BrenQuartz :p

    Muito melhor as musicas cantadas pela Rebecca ❤

  37. Gilbert Garcia

    now everyone has a song Steven and cookie cat pearl and strong in the real way amethyst and on the run garnet and stronger than Greg and let me drive my van into your heart Connie and do it for her/him and rose and what can I do for you every main character has a song

    I'm not A professional

    Gilbert Garcia,
    Pearl: it's over isn't it
    Amethyst : tower of mistakes
    Now Greg could be let me drive my van into your heart or maybe whaling stone

    Strawberry Grapefruit

    Gilbert Garcia Commas,Man

    Julio I.

    Gilbert Garcia now Lapis and Peri, waiting for Bismuth and Jasper

  38. Thien Uncage

    Who the f**k dislike this song ???? ಠ_ಠ

    Cristopher Herrera chi

    Thien Uncage 1948 pearls


    Pearl did.

    Dorkly 5

    Thien Uncage Pearl

  39. Cħeяяч Qυαятz

    5th suckers

  40. Cloudy_Dolphin

    4rd jaja :3

    Sherri ._.


  41. Gerardo Enrique Lopez Herandez

    2nd 🙌

  42. Brian Cruz Pineda

    First comment.OMG i did it


    @Brian Cruz Pineda nope