Sugar, Rebecca - Wailing Stone Lyrics

I could have tamed you, I could have shown
That I could depose you from your loud throne
But in the end, I wasn't good enough
I just showed the gems that I ain't got the stuff

Oh-oh, Wailing Stone!
I tried so hard to fly, but I was thrown
Oh-oh, Wailing Stone!
I gotta tell the gems cause they should know

Have a little, have a little, have a little faith in me!
I just wanted to help. You know, I
Have a little, have a little, have a little expertise!
I know it's not much

But if it could come in handy, I'd wanna be there
I think so highly of you, it just isn't fair
That you have so little faith

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Sugar, Rebecca Wailing Stone Comments
  1. Amd 1090t

    anybody else notice news of the world in gregs album collection?

    vanilla coke

    Styx ? It's been awhile. But I noticed it.

  2. India Horn

    I love this!


    @India Horn Just like your mom.

    India Horn

    @scatlauncher ...huh?


    @India Horn huehuehue

    vanilla coke

    +scatlauncher xD